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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 5: Lord Sukur, part one


(AnneMunition) #21

It's still developing, but Rune isn't adverse to Myth accepting instruction from people in the crew.

(GreyGryphon) #22

I asked a similar question but switched, 'Was John going too easy', and John said nope and proceeded to describe how absolutely horrible an idea it is to channel the powergrid through your body, and how strong the badass first mate was fighting Aldo (who proceeded to dismantle him in 1 shot), and then the fight with Lady Clave...

This is about as dangerous as that. Maybe a bit more? At least that's how I see it.

edit: clarifying, not a horrible idea... but highly dangerous one. Great idea as it cleared like 3 bad clocks!

(Madkipz) #23

I just want to hug Rune. There's always so much going on in the game, and I just keep going back to the situation with the generator. You had an excellent opportunity to reverse the polarity of the generator with your attune and basically make it a giant compel beacon for all that goodly desperate for great effect action that this game generates.

You have the most imaginative and free class in the game with the best flashbacks and the coolest equipment. Go wild girl. The world is your oyster.

(OneSevenDesign) #24

Nope. I actually hate GMing like that. Carefully-tuned encounters that are set according to PC level are usually super boring to run.

The "challenge level" in Blades is set according to what ought to be there in the fiction. I don't modulate it based on the PCs capabilities. They could have tried to take out Lord Sukur as their first target, before they had their ghost-handling abilities. It's up to them.

(Scvideoking) #25

Hey John could you clarify why the ghosts were such difficult targets even though Rune had the compel ability? The only thing I can thing of is that they were so "Real" they were on the more human than ghostly side but I still feel that explanation somewhat lacks along the dynamic. And I'm asking more about the position and affect rather than the outcome. Thanks!

(OneSevenDesign) #26

It would be spoilery to say. I think I made it clear that those three are not normal ghosts.

And, technically, they're not more difficult targets (she is using her full skill against them), they're just more dangerous targets (the consequences are worse). Rune has the same chance to compel them as she usually does. If she'd hit a 4/5 or 6 on any of her rolls, she could have controlled it, with limited effect. And she can push for full effect on them if she wants.

(Scvideoking) #27

Thanks Boss! I'll find out next week.

(OneSevenDesign) #28

Probably won't get answers next week. :slight_smile: This crew seems content to murder what's in front of them, no questions asked. I wouldn't expect any discoveries in the short term.

(banned) #29

Has Rune said what her spirit mask looks like? @AnneMunition

(AnneMunition) #30

Geers drew Rune's mask in the character art: (hanging on her hip)

(banned) #31

Ahh missed it, thanks.

(BulldogCFC) #32

Great episode, I really love everything about this show, the GM & the players, the characters, game mechanichs, setting, the overlays.

(disusedgenius) #33

It definitely feels like the show is starting to get going after the normal few 'everyone gets up to speed' episodes. This is my first introduction to Blades as a game system and I'm really liking what I'm seeing when it comes to allowing players to execute a job whilst seeming somewhat competent (1s not withstanding).

Other 'obvious but notable' features:

  • Gothic Steam Punk Fantasy is the shit, and gets more the shit with every new weird feature that comes up.
  • I can watch Geoff and Zeek passive-aggressivly snipe at each other for as long as they care to do it.
  • I'm definitely invested in seeing where some of these group dynamics go, which got me thinking: how lethal is Blades, generally? Is there a pretty good chance that I'm not going to get my Carriless/Aldo or Carriless/Rune/Myth resolution now that Geoff is Terminatoring his way towards a crowd of people with gay abandon?

(Ragged_ron) #34

If I remember right there was mention of bodies suspended in vats of electro-plasma?

My guess is that the ghosts allied to Sukur are having their power augmented by the ghosts of the people in the vats. The souls/ghosts in the vats are kinda like batteries to them. Sukur's experiments mean that the allied ghosts can consume that power making them stronger and maintaining their intelligence. The ghosts then go off on errands for Sukur - if they don't he'll cut them off from the supply and they'll soon degenerate into the savage ghosts.

(OneSevenDesign) #35

Not very. PCs tend to suffer stress and trauma rather than merely dying.

(banned) #36

A game after @AdamKoebel's own heart.