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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 2: Downtime


(Gert_julius) #41

Loved the episode! You're creating a really fascinating narrative with this game:D Thinking about names, what about TinkerToys. Since the crew manipulates circumstances, like cogs in a rube goldberg machine.

(Woadwise) #42

@OneSevenDesign Is it possible to travel to the other lands in this game, and if so, is it possible for a campaign to entirely shift to a new land if something catastrophic happens to Doskvol or if the campaign has been going on long enough to warrant a scenery change? I assume if it is possible within the existing game mechanics, it would be at its best in other capitals or major cities.

(OneSevenDesign) #43

Yes, it's possible. The game book covers Doskvol in detail, but there will be supplements for other cities and lands in the setting later on.