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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 2: Downtime

Ask me questions about episode two!


Hot damn this show is great!

@OneSevenDesign what is the worst thing that could have happened to @AnneMunition if she didn’t absolutely kill the rolls?

@OneSevenDesign What are some of the Crew upgrades that are available to the players right now and possibly further down the line?

HEY @OneSevenDesign Great work! spending so much time on down time was really helpful especially since my play group is just about to start up a blades campaign my question for this week:

if you were going to join the Roll Play Crew as a character which playbook would you choose? and also was there a vignette from the down time that surprised you in how it went? (besides Geoff’s though that may have not surprised you)

I’m absolutely loving watching these characters grow.

Episode 2 Roll Results

[details=Rune “checks the ward on the room”]

  • Attune 2d6
  • controlled
  • risky
  • 5, 5
  • partial success (5)
  • drained (2 harm)[/details]

[details=Carriless “studies Rune’s reaction”]

  • Fortune 1d6
  • 3
  • bad (3)[/details]

[details=Aldo “studies the art in the room”]

  • Study 2d6
  • controlled
  • standard
  • 6, 3
  • success (6)[/details]

[details=Carriless “asks for a bigger payment”]

  • Sway 1d6 +1 help, +1 (takes 2 stress)
  • desperate
  • great
  • 2, 4, 4
  • partial success (4)
  • adds 3/4 on “Iramina’s trust” clock (3/4 total)[/details]

[details=Aldo “deduces the state of Iramina”]

  • Study 2d6 +1 help
  • controlled
  • great
  • 4, 2, 1
  • partial success (4)[/details]

[details=Carriless “reduces heat”]

  • Command 2d6 +1 help, +1 (takes 2 stress)
  • desperate
  • great
  • 5, 4, 2, 4 (accidentally rolled 2 extra dice)
  • partial success (5)
  • reduces heat by 2 (down to 5)
  • adds 1/4 on “Bluecoat” clock on the way from -1 to -2 (1/4 total)[/details]

[details=Carriless “tends to his dark, cruel vice”]

  • Vice 2d6
  • 4, 3 (zero dice, take the lowest)
  • reduce 3 stress (down to 3)[/details]

[details=Vana “tends to her gambling vice”]

  • Vice 1d6
  • 6
  • reduce 6 stress (down to 0)[/details]

[details=GM “rolls Vana’s fortune”]

  • Fortune 2d6
  • 4, 2
  • partial success (4)
  • small winnings at gambling table[/details]

[details=Vana “gets insight from Lannik”]

  • Sway 2d6
  • risky
  • standard
  • 4, 6
  • success (6)[/details]

[details=Aldo “reduces heat”]

  • Command 1d6
  • risky
  • standard
  • 6
  • success (6)
  • reduces heat by 3 (down to 2)[/details]

[details=Rune “tends to her druggy vice”]

  • Vice 2d6
  • declines help from Kellen
  • 4, 4
  • reduce 4 stress (down to 1)[/details]

[details=Holtz “needs Rune’s help”]

  • Fortune d6
  • 3, 6, 6
  • crit (6)[/details]

[details=Rune “attunes for Holtz”]

  • Attune 2d6 +1 bonus, +1 (takes 2 stress)
  • risky
  • standard
  • 1, 4, 6, 6
  • crit (6)
  • reduces heat by 2 (down to 0)
  • resets “Bluecoat” clock back to 0[/details]

[details=Summary of rolls (crit/success/partial/bad)]

  • Geoff/Carriless - (0/0/2/1)
  • Zeke/Aldo - (0/2/1/0)
  • Anne/Rune - (1/1/1/0)
  • Wheat/Vana - (0/1/0/0)[/details]


  • Iramina’s trust - (3/4) decreasing…
  • Bluecoat faction - reset (0)[/details]


  • fixed Bluecoat faction clock

Good lord I did not think that episode 2 could stand up to episode 1. Absolutely fantastic job! Loving the system as well.

Speaking of the system, @OneSevenDesign, the setting seems to be a pretty fleshed out world. Do you think this game could be played with Doskvol in the middle of a revolution without major hacks to the game? If not, without going into too much detail, what hacks do you think the game may need? I have a screenplay I wrote in university that feels like it would adapt perfectly to this world.

We saw the bluecoat faction status come into the show today…What are the other faction statuses the crew has?

Wonderful show! I’m excited to see what everyone takes as their advancements for the crew and characters both, I love how easy it is to make characters that function uniquely with the Veteran advancement and things like that. Something I noticed in the middle of the show is that if he chooses so, Geoff could take a move from the spider playbook to magically empower his handshakes! With his ties to the weirder religious side of BitD and Geoff’s out of the park roleplaying I can imagine more than a few awesome scenes showing up from stuff like that. Time to excitedly wait for next week.

Awesome show tonight! Thanks for walking the crew and chat through downtime activities. I picked up a copy of Blades in the Dark from last weekend. The rule for crits isn’t clear. Page 5 of the pdf says “If you roll multiple 6s, it’s a critical success.” Is it more precise to say “If you roll more than one 6, it’s a critical success”? I was confused when I originally read it; whether it meant all dice rolled have to be 6s or it meant at least 2 dice rolled are 6s.

From the play tonight, I think this is how to interpret the rule. Is this right?

  • 1d6 - critical success isn’t possible
  • 2d6 - critical only if both dice are 6s
  • 3d6 - critical if 2 or more 6s are rolled
  • 4d6, etc - same as 3d6

@OneSevenDesign about Heat. When it rises and the authorities (maybe other persons too?) notice the crew, but when the heat goes down it does not mean the crew goes back to being unknown correct? I was thinking that they are just a priority anymore or just left alone?

and Clips from the show:

Aldo: “I don’t like your tone”
Ripping arms of for friendship
Aldo just wanted to be treated better
Carriless Technique of button pushing
Geoff made a clock for GM John Harper
Murder is ok, drugs though…


From what I can tell, Rep is what people know about the crew. Heat is how much people are looking into the crew’s activities. You can have a rep as the nastiest killers this side of Crow’s foot but if you’ve left not a wisp of proof then you’ll have 0 heat – no one’s looking for anything because they’ve got nowhere to start.

The thing with heat is you can have absolutely no rep and no one knows who your crew is but still have a bunch of heat and wanted levels because you did something stupid and crazy and drew attention.

That’s how I distinguish the two. I’d still like to see John’s thoughts.


I am curious as to the inspirations for all the characters.

I know Zeke said that Aldo was inspired by the look/build of Dick the Bruiser.
I am curious them all and in particular their personalities.

I would love to know if Carriless is based upon Mr. Croup (Neverwhere) as that is who he brings to mind.

She would have suffered serious consequences and harm. Probably a serious beating (level 2 harm), plus, with a severe complication (3 ticks), that Bluecoats clock would have filled up and they would have dropped to -2 status.

(Anne could have chosen to resist one or both of those with resistance rolls, though.)


You can take a look at the Assassin’s crew sheet here:

I’d play a Lurk, probably. But with dots in Skirmish. :slight_smile:

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Yes! The Unity War (or the war of Skovlan Independence) just ended in the setting only 2 years ago. Basically, Skovlan didn’t want to join the Empire, and the Empire insisted. Skovlan lost. You could definitely play Blades during that time period.

The Unseen (+1) Tier IV.
The Fog Hounds (+1) Tier I.
The Lost (+1) Tier I.

Lord Scurlock (-1. With Anne specifically, it’s -3) Tier III.
City Council (-1) Tier V.
The Bluecoats (0) Tier IV.

Yes, that’s correct. 2 or more sixes count as a critical success.

Yep, that’s right. They aren’t a high priority for the Bluecoats when their Heat is low.

@TwoToneTerran: Yep, you have it right about heat and rep.


I think Rune’s “attunes for Holtz” roll didn’t only remove 1/4th from the Bluecoat clock, it actually moved their status with the Bluecoats from -1 to 0. I’m not sure whether @OneSevenDesign plans on keeping up with the kind of granularity the clock offers now that they’re back to 0.

@OneSevenDesign It’s an interesting question, actually: Do you plan on keeping up with the Bluecoat clock now that they’re back to 0. My impression was that level of granularity is in some ways more threatening. Instead of needing a major transgression that moves you from 0 to -1 all at once, you can accrue more minor ones that add up to a -1.

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So given that they raised their score with the Bluecoats from -1 to 0. Does that mean its possible for them to eventually get the Bluecoats on their payroll if they start going above 0?

Also, you seemed a little uncomfortable with the scene involving Carriless’ “religious activities” so to speak. Was that something you guys hadn’t discussed previously or is it something you try to avoid in your games? Awesome show regardless, I just was curious.

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As far as I am aware Etherealizer - having factions in the +, even up to +3 doesnt put them ‘on your payroll’.

Instead they are willing to help the crew as friends/allies, even if it is at their detriment. They also expect the reverse to happen. This to me seems even stronger than being on the payroll as they are really strong allies.

Saying that, John might have another idea on it since he created it :slight_smile:


Oh, no… I wasn’t uncomfortable. I was probably making a face, but I tend to do that in a theatrical way, not a serious way. Like, “You don’t… cut out his tongue, do you?” Geoff and I (and the rest of the group) had talked about it before we played to make sure we all wanted that kind of content.