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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 2: Downtime

Oh, okay. Yeah, I was mainly just curious. I suppose it was the mannerisms of it all. Was just curious about how that stuff plays out behind the scenes. Some groups do “social contracts” beforehand as I’ve read. Thanks for the response.

Ah, I see. Yeah, I was just thinking it was a good opportunity for them. Being assassins with police actually helping you somehow would be quite the amusing feat.

I suspect it would be extremely, extremely difficult to get the bluecoats to +3. If they did, however, I imagine it would be amazing for the crew and the show.

And yes, as you said, would be very amusing (can you imagine Carriless and Aldo having a ‘nice conversation’ with the head of the bluecoats).


The Bluecoats are not good people. It would not be beyond the shadier higher ups of theirs to have them kill political rivals, or even other criminals they want to take in but can’t pin a crime to.

It would be a heck of an undertaking though. Having an assassin squad pull off several favors for the Bluecoats to get their relationship up would be some fun form of dissonance.

Great Episode! Loved the exploration of downtime and that the crew was up for it! I’ve definitely seen some “hesitation” before w/ players trying to get through it quickly so they can “move on” but this group seemed to understand it pretty quick!

I was actually intrigued w/ how the entanglement went and how it can be “postponed” for a while. Previously I had used it almost like a “enter town phase” roll from Torchbearer where dealing w/ the Entanglement happens before downtime… However, I can see it being a lot more subtle how it was used in this episode - so thanks for showing a great example of it!

I’m looking forward to seeing what this group chooses for their upgrades (and their additional coin :wink: ) before [possibly] heading out into the Deathlands for a jaunt!

I edited the summary to reset the Bluecoats clock. I’m still learning the system and haven’t dug into the part on factions yet. Appreciate the feedback.

Is Quellyn the same as oskars/ the bloodletters friend? Also I’m trying to work out the links between the games if there is any and am wondering if this is maybe a prequel? (thugh I don’t expect a straight answer to that particular question.)

Yes. Both shows are operating in the mainstream Blades universe presented in the rulebook and since its also the same GM, he lets certain events bleed through from time to time. Sort of like how the Dark Side and Light Side shows of Balance of Power worked.

Wow, just wow. The RP in this episode was really good! One of the best episode to watch for RP that I have seen in Rollplay for some time. Good job to all of the cast and to @OneSevenDesign of course!

So to my question, is the plan to let downtime take this long in the future? As I have understood from the rules you are suppose to be able to do maybe one downtime and one score in a session.

Don’t take this as critique, as I said I loved the episodes and this downtime was a great way to introduce the PC’s but I wanted to ask what the plan was for the different parts of the game going forward?

Well that was surprisingly good fun considering everyone was RPing a ‘relaxing’ Friday night. I can definitely see some times when the downtime gets as (or more) interesting than some jobs.

And, hey, Anne can do a passable English accent! Who knew?

One interesting thing I’m getting from this though is that there’s a lot of the players making what might be seen as GM calls in the game - is that the system, this group of players or just @OneSevenDesign 's style (or all 3)?

depending on your players the “democratization of narrative control” inherent in blades and dungeon world style games can be a strength or weakness - the rollplay crew certainly seems to be more comfortable with the traditional top down model it seems to me - which I find a little sad, but doesnt come unexpected

also funny voices are great and a reasonable way to promote immersion, but generally I find them far less important then a well fleshed out background, personality and motivations for the characters

@AnneMunition great job adding in the accent this round. I think it definitely helps the vibe!

@OneSevenDesign when @djWHEAT is partaking in his vice…is it ever possible for him to accrue more coins? would that take a crit?

Now that they’ve learned the system, it might go faster in the future, but it’s really up to the players, case by case. Sometimes we’ll want to skim through it; sometimes we’ll want to play out longer scenes in downtime.

It’s my GMing style, yeah, but it’s also encoded into the game system of Blades. There are lots of judgment calls (like every RPG) and the distribution of authority on those calls is more group-based than GM-centric, by the rules.

In the future, we’ll probably gloss over his wins and losses at the table – it’s the thrill of gambling that satisfies his vice. But I might offer him a true gamble now and then if he wants to. Put up an ante and roll a die to see if he loses, wins, or pushes.


What is the significance of pointing out that Quellyn does not have tattoos?

Someone who has watched my YouTube Blades series asked that. The RollPlay show and that one take place in the same world (Quellyn is in both).


Thank you! I was very nervous about trying it but I think the payoff was worth it and I agree that it adds to it even for me as an RPer. :slight_smile:


Where can we buy a rulebook for this game.

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@OneSevenDesign How often are we going to spend time with Cariless Firm’s vice with similar or more graphic detail? Mutilation is a personal nope for me, so I just want to have an idea of how often to expect it.

(And this isn’t a criticism of Geoff’s RP or anything, just a personal preference.)

It will come up every time Firm has downtime and indulges his vice, but I can’t say how graphic it will be in the future. We might gloss over it; we might not.

Frequency of downtime is hard to predict. Maybe every other episode? It can vary a lot.