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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 18: Dunvil's Reckoning

Ask us questions about Episode 18!


Is there anyway we can get hints as to what the stone heart artifact would have done to our resident demon?


Can someone explain what was happening? Why were they there? Who is Dunvil and what are the artifacts? Watched the whole series but somehow lost.

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Sort of praise with a question: Can this group and show possibly get any more awesome!?!

Also, where does Anne get the inspiration for such ways for people to die?


Awesome episode!!!

Thanks again for making this episode happen even with all the technucal dificulties. Though I kind of feel like I jinksed everyone the last time I gave of the thanks.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I understand why but I do miss the post show patreon videos. Next time hopefully?

Everyone Take Care!

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That is all.

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Sorry for offing the Topic :itmejps:

Great show, everyone :itmejpcute::itmejpgg:

I’m gonna guess it’s because she’s metal af

was dunvil et al spirit leaving the body the consequence of Anne’s failed vice roll in the beginning or will that be addressed in a future episode.

So glad Blades is back. Another fantastic episode all around.

John, I’m curious what your thoughts are on the Devil’s Bargain mechanic as its worked out so far in the game? I love the potential they can have narratively, but it just feels like the reward isn’t quite strong enough to entice the players unless they are willing to take risks and put their characters in bad situations. I know the rules are pretty much done and dusted at this point, but is there a chance the reward could be stronger if the bargain is particularly nasty?

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It’s just player preference. In John’s Bloodletters campaign, the players there take the bargain almost all of the time, and they get just as much done if not more.


That’s true, but I don’t think you can expect every group to throw their characters at every single consequence like the Bloodletters players do (and Zeke did in this latest session). For more traditional players that are a bit more protective of their characters, it might be worth incentivizing them more to embrace those kinds of narrative risks.


Well the players can offer bargains themselves, or for their fellow players. The mechanic is not intended to be GM-only, but more like a softer version of the “compel” mechanic we see in Nebula Jazz’s Fate system. So if any player wants to throw a wrench in the system (and everyone agrees), the price of that wrench is a roll of the dice.


Players are specifically instructed to do this on page 2 of the game. The Devil’s Bargain mechanic works exactly how I intended. I’m very happy with it.

If your players don’t want to follow that instruction, you can offer softer bargains that they’re more likely to take. Or they can ignore the bargain and push themselves instead.


Nope. That was something else. You’ll see more next time. :slight_smile:

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Regarding Dunvil:

There are essentially two opposed factions:

  1. The Church of Ecstasy, who believes that spirits are bad and humans should ascend to demonhood.
  2. The Path of Echoes (+ Circle of Flame) who believe that demons are evil and the spirit world is the way for humans to transcend death.

Carriless is an ex-demon who’s now human and is trying to get his demonhood back, so he allied with the Church to help him (which is why he had his ritual chamber are under their cathedral). He recruited the members of the Last Word because each of them had been wronged by members of the opposing faction (The Path of Echoes), and he knew they would want vengeance.

If Dunvil and his kind achieve their goals, the Church will be brought down, demons will be destroyed and human/demon ascension won’t happen. So that’s why they’re an enemy.


I’m pretty sure @OneSevenDesign is not going to come to your house and beat you over the head if you are not playing the game by the rules as written.

Home brewed rules are just that.


Just a question about miss Catterby, are her artifact abilities based on as specific mechanical ability? Is it something that was justified in the in game fiction? or was it determined behind the scenes?

See “Advanced Abilities and Permissions” page 234.

It hasn’t been revealed yet why Miss Cattaby has the ability to use artifacts.

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Interesting, I haven’t managed to get blades to the table yet (or any rpg’s for a while). I bought and read through the pdf and kind of ignored that section because I couldn’t see myself making that level of content without playing the system for a bit.

I really appreciate seeing how these things play out when gm’d by the designer.