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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 12: Sinking the Hounds

Ask us questions about episode 12!


One day, John. One day you’ll be able to finish a sentence before Geoff rolls.


Riders on the Storm

Tentacle attack!

EDIT: I seem to have accidentally replied to someone else and I can’t seem to unreply and just post to the thread without deleting the post and reposting? :thinking:


@OneSevenDesign Is it possible to have a map for the battles? It would help the combat a bit I think to be on the same page.

On a more serious note, @AnneMunition will Rune start relying a Myth to do things he shouldn’t be able to do from now on, like the roll against the water demon?

Can Myth get upgrades if he continues to be a badass?


Awesome episode! Really enjoyed the tokens for the PCs stress/trauma/harm along w/ the clocks and everything.

In media res is such a fun way to see sessions start!

Seeing the abomination(?) of Setaara was awesome! Always cool to see how that stuff interacts w/ the players!


Cool having Wheat be the host since John isn’t used to that sort of thing. I’m sure someday he’ll get into the groove.

I wanna apologise for my chatter, I think I made things confusing in chat, especially since half the time I was wrong. lol. Even I have trouble with the mechanics!

I think the crew was losing their minds when you tossed fatal harm at them for the first time (well, first time ACTUALLY taken fatal harm). Maybe they got kinda gun shy about trying daring things, and InControl had to keep prodding them to not just clam up lol :frowning: That last roll of the night got really confusing (probably party me/chats fault?)

Badass session otherwise. Fingers crossed for a full episode soon!


So, I had a thought, and this might just be the crazed ramblings of a sleep deprived mind, but at the start of today’s episode, @AnneMunition said in chat that the cost for the rutual that resulted in Myth was af of yet undisclosed and that got me thinking.

From the flashback episode we know there was, at some point, a real, living dog called Myth.

What we also know is that Aldo had a sister, who is currently dead, though the only contact with her ghost we had through Rune, so, unlikely that may be, it might have been faked or embelished in some way to mask the “real” circumstances of her death.

What if, and bear with me here, we have an FMA Nina Tucker situation, where Myth came to be at the cost of Aldo’s sister and the flesh and blood Myth?


I was actually half hoping Myth would be desummoned (BibleThump) by damage and have to be resummoned so we get to see what happend. Maybe even a flashback to his initial summoning or something. That would be heart wrenching. Also awesome.

Holy cow if that could be roleplayed it’d be sick.

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Once again a great performance from the cast and DM, well worth staying up till gone 5:00am (usually gone 6:00am with the 4 hour shows).

@OneSevenDesign I really like the freeform Load system in Blades, with the cast being able to retroactivly choose what they brought with them as they’re doing the job/assassination via flashbacks and the sort.
I do however notice that sometimes members of the cast are uncertain about what they’re able to take alongside the armour, how the Assassins Rigging comes into play and also the effects of light or heavy load.
I freely admit that due to it being far removed from the normal tabletop method of “this is my inventory sheet that’s been the same for ten games” and instead being more along the lines of each new job presenting the possibility of a completely different loadout, it’ll of course take time for the cast to get fully in to the swing of it.
Maybe, as a friendly suggestion, it might be worthwhile to go through the system with the cast once again now that the final version of Blades has been released and implemented into the Rollplay Game.

It was great to see the interaction between @iNcontroLTV and “She Who Slays In The Dark” in the previous episode, I’d mentioned in the Q&A for a few episodes ago that I’d love for the Goddess to become more of a pressence in the show for Carriless and the other characters, so it was a much welcome development for me personally and perhaps for others.
I’d like to once again voice a hope, of course not a demand in any sort, as an interested and very much invested fan of the show Blades, of Carriless, who has quickly become one of my favourite characters across all media and of course of Geoff, my hope is that Geoff will consider taking the Veteran Skill Occultist, if memory serves me, I remember @OneSevenDesign saying that you’re able to have upto Three Veteran Skills which are skills from other classes. Occultist, which is a Skill from the Whisper class, should allow Carriless to more freely confer with the Goddess, it’ll probably also require some points in Attune also.

P.S. Myth MVP.

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Great session as always. I really loved the introduction of Carriless at the helm of the ship. It evoked the dramatic tension of shows like Peaky Blinders and Breaking Bad, and I might use the style in my own game of Blades. :slight_smile:

Just have a quick question before I collapse. The rivals of the group play a significant role in the narrative, and I’m wondering how you handle it. Do you prefer dropping them into the group’s path like in today’s session, or hidden progress clocks that are ticked during downtime? It seems that it would be best done on a per situation basis, but I’m wondering if you have a preference between the two.

Can’t wait for the next session!

Watch the end of Episode 10.

We know what happened to Aldo’s sister.

My guess the tragady is Myth died deffending Runes adopted family.

Fun episode! Focusing on Rune/Anne with this post.

I originally intended to ask @AnneMunition about her fear of trauma, but that was covered in the post show, might be interesting if you considered keeping it up as a character trait, instead of the reasoning you suggested. Think of the drama when it does happen if it takes a while!

Instead for the cast, but mostly @OneSevenDesign & maybe @AnneMunition I’m starting to see a parallel developing between Rune and Piani. As @AdamKoebel stated he viewed Piani as the main protagonist of Swan Song, I’m starting to get a similar vibe from Rune & Blades as neither are the leaders of their respective crews but so much revolves around them in what we see. Maybe it makes sense given her being a whisper in this world too. No real question, but any thoughts or views to share about it trending that direction or being an active reality?

Rune seems to have more fingerprints in the world at this point - old buds with a certain multi-collard gentleman, her eccentric main target and his connections, the current fog hounds situation and its’ history and fallout (dockers), her connection with Aldo and Belle to name what I can think of at the moment. It’s an interesting thought nonetheless.

Also since I don’t post often it’s long overdue from me, I want to commend Anne on her performance with this show as a whole. Everyone is great on the show, but I was not expecting this level of performance from her when the cast was originally announced. It’s been a pleasant surprise and a treat to watch.


This session was a damn tense one! Watched the VOD over breakfast and I had to finish it with cold coffee because I was so into the events. Ace commando raid everyone, MVP goes to Myth and I can’t wait to see the fallout of this episode.

Considering the initial rolls, the state of the Stallion and that the Hound went down with the entire crew it shouldn’t be too much heat from this one, I think. At least if the remaining fog hounds are inclined to believe that it actually was a leviathan out there and not just a band of highly motivated vengeful, ruthless, demon-worshipping assassins.

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You know, it’s good that John is a games designer and artist rather than a doctor because that’s some cold, cold use of the word ‘fatal’.

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Another great episode. Love a good boat battle. :slight_smile:

Was curious is the UI stuff ( the character stress and clocks etc) just standard roll 20 stuff or custom made for the show? @OneSevenDesign

Oh, just to mention: big plus on seeing the stress levels live on screen. It’s one of these things that can be easy to lose track of and I certainly remember checking Rune’s levels when they were deciding what to do about all the tentacles.

I guess the only other thing that might have helped was a very basic map, even just location zones so we know where each (N)PC is. It might have saved a bit of that ‘wait, which boat was Aldo on?’ confusion.

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I’m fairly certain that John has addressed this previously, but I’m not sure if it was on Bloodletters, Blades, or the Q&A with Sean- you can take more than three Veteran skills. Only three fit on the sheet, but that is more of a visual thing than a limitation thing. Double-checking by searching for the word “veteran” in both the final version of the rules and the character sheets confirms that there is no written mention of any such limit.

No questions here, just a huge thanks for the awesome episode once more. I loved the use of the clocks once more to track progress and have the cat and mouse boat race. I try to use clocks in some scores to more or less do the “Okay, give me the highlight moments of what you guys are doing here, and let’s see how that goes for you”. It’s such a good system inherently, and it marries exceedingly well with Blades and the feel.

Also, just a side-thought/note: @AnneMunition a thing to remember, and I’m not certain if it was just wording with how you said it, is that the only thing you choose gear-wise at the start of Engagement is the load level/number itself. You don’t need to mark Load and which specific things you have on you, you can just pull out gear adding up to that total as the score proceeds. From the way you talked about your Demolition Tools, it sounded like you’d marked them as gear at the start and found the use for them towards the end there, but that may have just been the way you phrased the action of “Oh, I have some spare load, so I’m marking off 2 and of course I have them on me for this job”?