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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 12: Sinking the Hounds

Yeah, that’s a place where the Roll20 sheets are rally nice, you can just keep adding in more advances to make whatever you want (just don’t make a Canter).
And yes, John did address it in the Q&A he did a little while back (I just really wanted that specific thing answered for my mish-mash Cutter :wink: )

Yes, he mentioned at the end the plan is to be in the same universe.

I don’t have a strong preference. Each method has its uses. As long as you maintain plausibility and the situations don’t seem contrived, then you’re good.

I made it for the show.

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I just want to echo that the new stress graphic is really helpful. It gives a nice visual reference to the consequences of the players actions and reinforces the tension of those actions when the players are trying to decide if they want to push their luck.

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Sean’s videos will be archived on Twitch (they’re not partnered, so no subbing required). They’ll also be on YouTube (channel TBD) in the future. Sean doesn’t use this forum, so reach out to him on twitter if you have more questions about their shows.

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I rely on Myth a lot for combat things since Rune isn’t really good at any of that (yet). Hence my hesitation/alarm when Geoff asked us to remain behind to deal with the tentacle. Someday Rune will ask too much of Myth and we’ll do the resummoning ritual. He just can’t stop rolling 6s…


Thank you! I still feel very new to roleplaying games - West Marches was my first time ever doing anything of the sort. I definitely feel like I’ve “grown” as an RPer and am glad to hear that it’s noticeable to the audience. I put a lot of effort into Rune and her story and I really love playing her (and Belle!) so thank you for the kind words.

As for the protagonist question - I didn’t expect Rune to have so many ties to the world but the addition of Belle’s story has really pulled a lot of our backstories together. I don’t claim to be the protagonist but I do like the amount of lore we’ve been able to establish rather than just focusing on our specific PCs.


You are correct, I did forget that you mark load first and then items as needed. :slight_smile: Just a mistake on my part, it’s been a couple weeks since we’ve used that part of the game.

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Great episode! @OneSevenDesign I really appreciate the character trackers that you made. I’ve always been that guy who likes to get character sheets when I can to keep track of stuff. It always helps me get into what I’m watching and these trackers really helped ramp up the tension for me when the crew did the really desperate stuff. It was also nice to see you put the screws to them a little with the threat of fatal harm. Keep on keeping on man and thanks again! I now follow both bloodletters and this for that sweet sweet blades content.

Definitely noticeable, you seem very comfortable playing Rune making everything feel natural.

Everything comes down to believing the character exists away from the performer in my eyes. An accent or a dramatic shift in personality always goes a long way, so even if you’re still honing skills, it gives an illusion of the character learning instead of the performer if done well, then we can just say it was character development instead. Suspension of belief is so key and you’re doing a very good job providing it. A different example is Dodger playing a blob of slime, the personality and accent match how ridiculous the thought of a talking slime is, she is so good at making me say… yep that’s a thing.

While the big RP moments like Belle with Aldo are amazing, it’s the little things that add so much. Such as Runes’ comment about going home if she had to swim this past episode really bring characters to life, for me at least. Zeke is really good as well adding those little 5-10 second scenes of Aldo doing something random. Also your willingness to insert Rune into the world, like ep. 10.5 saying it was your mothers necklace (which seemed to catch John off guard) is a skill even long time Rollplay members are still just learning to do without prompt.
I love the narrative RP heavy, combat light shows so as a viewer those little things provide a certain level of immersion to the world and characters .


@OneSevenDesign could Aldo have said he brought a harpoon gun as his unusual weapon?

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Yeah, that would have been fine.

Again, late to the discussion, was burried in work - catch up week for me :itmejpcute:

When Carriless is surprisingly good at driving boats, maybe he was not only blessed by “She, who slays in the dark”, but also by “He, who races hyperboats”, also known as “He, who eats cantaloupes”?!

Maybe Doskvol is on a low tech planet in Sector Sigma Asgard (like the world of Court of Swords)

*connects all the dots with creyons* *thinks in conspiracy*