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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 10: The Bees


(AnneMunition) #41

Also, Zeke didn't tell me (and I didn't tell him) before the episode that Rune and Belle knew each other. I threw that at him live and he did a great job reacting to it.

(pureragers1) #43

@Ezekiel_III Is Aldo going to stop stealing from Artists who do not deserve it? Like with the Chelo, this was a really interesting vise as opposed to the rest of the group's vices which are more typical vices- Sorry if this is late I am a youtube Pleb. But i was really looking forward to the progression of of find artist who are shit but rich or whatever and hunting them for their lack of skill or honor for the art.

(Deabaker) #44

@Ezekiel_III I really loved the idea of Aldo becoming involved with the black market, like bocoming a fence for stolen arts pieces or something. Also I don't think it is so outlandish to think the tinker skill could be used for making art, like sculpture.

(pureragers1) #45

Holy crap just watch part 3, that spider play by @djWHEAT with her friend at the end was amazing.

(Zhairin) #46

Being a youtube casual I might be a bit late to the party, but still wanted to contribute something to the discussion.

First of all, congratulations to @OneSevenDesign on the full version release of Blades in the Dark. It's awesome that you've finally reached this point and I wish you all the continued success.

Second, amazing episode. The ending scene with Zeke and Anne was intense, as well as the social manuevering by djWHEAT. Geoff is always a badass and I really like his way of rolling with the punches and how he embraces the randomness the dice imposes.

Now, for my question: Are long term projects still a possible down-time action? I can't recall it being mentioned in a long time, if at all, in the RollPlay series of Blades. I remember seeing it in the Bloodletters campaign and that it allows you to do some really interesting things. Since some of the players mentioned in this episode that they didn't know what action to take during down-time besides training, it got me worried that it'd been removed or perhaps that the players have forgotten about it.

If it still is an option, would you consider these suggestions as viable projects for the characters:

Would it be possible for @Ezekiel_III to start a project where Aldo researches, or possibly invents something through tinkering, that would let them safely extract Bella's spirit from her diary without the risk of her "turning bad", shall we say? And could Rune help with that project if she wants to?

Could Anne have a project where she creates a way for Rune to handle Lord Scurrlock when it's time for him to die? Maybe something like creating a new spell/ritual or perhaps binding a large pack of ghosts and throwing them at him at an opportune moment.

Considering Ms Cattabys love of information, could she take Grace's place? Have a project to aquire her contacts, informants and find her hidden stockpiles with secrets that maybe wasn't released as part of the dead-mans-switch?

And Mr Firm, perhaps upgrade his ghost-killing spear to have a better effect on Satara (spelling?). Maybe convert it into a direct conduit for She-Who-Slays-In-The-Dark or something similar?

(PrimarchtheMage) #47

According to the rules those are all good long term projects, and yes they're still in the game.

I'm curious as to the relationship between 'She Who Slays in the Dark' and Setarra, who is a shadow demon.

(sythmaster) #48

I don't think Setarra's been tied Aspect-wise to anything specific yet in this campaign. Not sure if a shadow demon here as well.

(Kol_Saresk) #49

In the Bloodletters campaign, she has been aspected as an ocean daemon with humanoid aspects. I believe she is also supposed to be shark-like in appearance? Can't recall entirely.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #50

When talking about the BloodLetters campaign please use the spoiler blur so that you do don't inadvertently spoil things for the people who did not watch it.

@Kol_Saresk I edited your post I hope you don't mind.

(quite_vague) #51

@Ezekiel_III : I'm just a little ways into the episode (I watches 'em slowly...), but just a thought, regarding what you said about Aldo's vice:

First, I love Aldo's vice being his love of luxury and fine arts. It's absolutely fantastic, and great fun to see :slight_smile:

Secondly, If you're looking for a way to give more of an edge to the vice, there's something you've done before that I think worked really well. That episode where Aldo suited up and went to the opera, he wasn't only viewing art; he was shouldering his way into high society in order to do so.

So, if you aim Aldo specifically towards exclusive, high-society venues, that puts a great edge of both ambition and danger into the scene. He's constantly angling for loftier goals, more acceptance, more respect. And a slip-up would cost him whatever respect and access he gains - and could get the gentry interested in Aldo for all the wrong reasons...

To me, it sounds tense and fun, and really in line with how you're playing Aldo's character. All it means is shifting focus from "I'm seeing [Work of Art X]," to "I'm hobnobbing at [Luxury Art Establishment Y]".

That's all. Obviously, just a suggestion -- and pressing onwards in the episode, I see you've come up with other angles too. Keep being awesome; I'm enjoying the hell out of your roleplaying :smiley:

(OneSevenDesign) #52

Yeah, I agree @quite_vague. I think it was already a good vice.

(PatRowdy) #53

I'll add my voice to the choir, Aldo's original vice was super rad! It added a lot of color to his character and the scenes were always a nice juxtaposition with the tone of everything else that was going on.

In addition to everything @quite_vague said, I'd like to add that you won't have to rely on your vice to hit that experience trigger once you have your first trauma. After that you could just lean heavily into your trauma for 2 XP per session and not have to worry about your vice getting complicated. Although I'm sure that as the average tier of your targets continues to rise and your continues to grow, getting involved with the Doskvol elite won't be so neat and tidy... :slight_smile:

(Jewbobicus) #54

wait Doksvol is THAT how it's spelled? I heard it and assumed Dusk wall.

(OneSevenDesign) #55

The city goes by many names. Duskwall is a nickname (a corruption of the original name, Doskvol). Some people call it "the Dusk."

(Kol_Saresk) #56

And Canter calls it party town.

(Jewbobicus) #57

In that case I'm going to go with D-town lol

(Sybersorcery) #58

Sorry if This has been brought up before, I am a little behind. Aldo got a small statue worth 2 coin towards the beginning of the game, but decided not to sell it. Could something like this contribute towards his retirement?

(OneSevenDesign) #59

Yeah, he could "put it in his stash" so to speak. That makes sense.