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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 10: The Bees


(OneSevenDesign) #1

Ask us questions about episode 10!

(GreyGryphon) #2


Watching you during Anne there, were you actually in tears? I was BAWLING for a sec lol

(Liefington) #3

(GreyGryphon) #4

BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump


(Loutre4444) #5

how should i introduse someone to these types of show considering the fact that people are reluctent to even give it a shot which tarneshes the way they look at their experience?

(F00lsFire) #6

I just have to ask, and I'm sure it is a question everyone is wondering. How much of that last scene was preplanned and how much was just winging it? Because....amazing. Just. Amazing.

(GreyGryphon) #7

You worried them watching Blades (Or Bloodletters) would tarnish their view to the negative?

(GreyGryphon) #8

There will be talk in the post show on Patreon! (For one dollar!) :wink:

(Loutre4444) #9

no, its that people dont give theses shows a try and was hoping to get help with how to make someone see how great this show is because this is honestly better than a cable show...

(GreyGryphon) #10

That one is rough. I think the new viewership thing is a struggle for a lot of these shows since there is just so much freaking content!

Good question.

(Loutre4444) #11

not only that amount of content isnt what i think people a afraid of i think they just think its going to be bad because its RP...

(Loutre4444) #12

so what do you think about this problem Mr.John? because today's RP showed that its worth your time and emotional investment XD

(F00lsFire) #13

Oh, I'm subbed to the Patreon. Just thought there was no harm in asking here too. They have asked for questions before. :stuck_out_tongue:

(AnneMunition) #14

There was some preplanning - I think I'm the only one who knew the full story of what had happened to Belle (because I wrote it). Wheat and Geoff were completely in the dark, Zeke basically only knew that his sister had disappeared and her spirit somehow became trapped in the book. I worked out some of the specifics with John but none of them knew what I was going to say. I made a list of bullet points for things I wanted to mention and the rest was live!

(Loutre4444) #15

...amazing have you considered becoming a movie star :3

(GreyGryphon) #16

Mother of god... 10/10

(OneSevenDesign) #17

I may have had something in my eye.

You can't make someone like a thing. But you can talk about why you like it and point them to it. After that, it's up to them. :slight_smile: Maybe find a short bit in a YouTube video that really nails the thing you love about watching RollPlay, then share just that short bit, so they don't have to commit a lot of effort to trying it out.

(Loutre4444) #18

thank you very much that is exactly what i was looking for ^^

(Loutre4444) #19

because i am craving more blades in the dark also because i think your game is amazing i will watch all your episodes on your youtube channel ^^

(F00lsFire) #20

Just finishing watching the post show. Bravo. Great job taking those notes and weaving something truly magnificent. I look forward to seeing how more of that story unfolds. As Zeke mentioned, there's definitely going to be a tipping point for Aldo at some point in this storyline. I'm curious to see Rune's part in that story too, considering her aptitude with ghosts.