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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 10: The Bees


(Deabaker) #21

Here's a question for @iNcontroLTV what does Firm's sword look like? Is it a full weeb katana? Or is it medieval looking? Just having a rough time picturing the bullet scene in my head. Also for you or @OneSevenDesign what does the ghost killing spear look like? Thanks! I loved the show!

(GreyGryphon) #22

I suspect it's something spiky.

That or ultimate ornate nerdcore knife you'd find on on some giant geeks wall. xD

(OneSevenDesign) #23

I picture a saber or thin scimitar. But only Geoff knows for sure.

(Wezo91) #24

One hell of a performance today from AnneMunition and Ezekiel_III .
At the risk of sounding a tad soppy, I feel that said performances earn the honesty to say that the intensity of emotion that Zeke was able to display during that scene coupled with the painful sincerity that Anne brought to a character with no prior backstory besides simply being Aldos sister, actually caused me to turn the volume of the stream down and to take it off of full screen because it was that convincing and raw. A knee jerk overreaction? most likely, but as I said, it warrants the honesty. So truly, as a fan, I'd like to say Thank You.

As I mentioned in the Q&A for episode 9, I do ponder the possible developments of Aldo as a character, I noted last time whether the introduction of the "Getting a taste for it" clock was a sign of a paradigm shift of Aldo walking the Carriless Path. Now with the understandable rage upon learning his beloved sisters grim fate and continued suffering, will we see the favoured son of "She Who Slays In The Dark", Carriless Firm, tempt Aldo into embracing the Goddess to aid him on this revenge tour? One can only hope.

I also hope that Geoff/@iNcontroLTV will think about investing in, if memory serves, the "Cultist" Veteran Skill that will allow him to converse with the Goddess, I'm really interested in her being fleshed out and being more of an active presence for both him personally and for the rest of the Gang. Not a demand, just a hope.

One last thing, I wanted to ask @OneSevenDesign if you've ever thought about a system to reward great roleplay during sway rolls or the like? I've noticed that often Geoff speaks in character straight away to a situation because he seemingly really lives and breathes his characters, then he has to roll and sometimes it's sorta retconned because the roll was too low or something, I know that Geoff personally often revels in the randomness, but still, out of combat, it would be interesting if at your discretion you could award someone say a +1 dice on their sway roll or something for engrossing roleplay in the moment.

Once again I end up wanting/needing to put thoughts to paper in the form of a wall of text, so my apologies for that. Looking forward to next episode and what it brings.

(TheDesec) #25

I was wondering if it would be possible to show character and crew sheets on screen, when appropriate? I.e. when a player does their downtime, we'd see their sheet, or when the crew gets an upgrade, we'd get to see that.

Edit: Oh, and I forgot... @AnneMunition - :itmejp10::itmejpfist:::itmejpcrit:

(dalordetrius) #26

I saw that you had stated that Rune's ritual essentially creates an Expert Cohort, at a cost of 4 Stress. I'm under the impression that this essentially works just like the Hound's ability Ghost Hunter, where they get a pet with a ghost power, in Myth's case the Ghost Form and Mind Link powers. Except instead of ghost-ey, it's shadow-ghost-ey.

I was wondering, could Rune research modifications to the Ritual to make Myth a Fine Expert, since she doesn't seem very interested in learning other Rituals so far and how would you handle that? Is there a way to do this with other Cohorts? And as GM, what advice would you have if a player suddenly went, "I want to summon like five more Myths now"?

(dalordetrius) #27

I envisioned a thin flexible sort of saber. Kind of like a medieval (not Renaissance) rapier, but shorter and curved. I'm interested in what Geoff will say :slight_smile:

(Deabaker) #28

I need more CLOCKS!!! You can do so much with them! Rune could make Myth stronger. They could get an advantage against their main target. Make a new weapon. Hell, maybe even become immortal. I need more clocks! ...... Ok ..... That's all.

(Twitch: no742617000027) #29

God damn, this cast is talented.

(moenoel_) #30

I think I missed some part of this or another episode or didn't pay enough attention at some point. How was it that Rune knows/knew Aldo's sister?

(Fluffehwolfy) #31

That hasn't been explained yet, but we're probably going to learn a lot about their history soon. :wink:

(moenoel_) #32

So I did not fall asleep and miss it, gotcha. Thanks. :itmejphappy:

(Twitch: eyearcana) #33

@Ezekiel_III @AnneMunition So good guys!

(Possibly Batman) #34

Wow. What an episode. From top to bottom just amazing. Special thanks to @AnneMunition and @Ezekiel_III for setting a new Gold Standard for Rollplay moments. Just brilliant stuff. Thank you!

(Twitch: cyan_83) #35

Thats was a fantastic show, great roleplay! Not just Anne's standout performance, the rest of the crew also did amazing! Thanks for doing this.

(Rubxcubedude) #36

@AnneMunition i thought you did a great job affecting a new voice for Belle. How early did you know about what was in the book/that you would need to create this backstory?

(banned) #37

(Rubxcubedude) #38

thats literally the comment i'm reply to :slight_smile: i just want to know if she found out last week she needed to do this or if this was something they had planned from episode 1 when geoff mentions the book to zeke

(Might be Captain Marvel) #39

wow... just wow. @AnneMunition & @Ezekiel_III you were amazing ! One of my favorite RollPlay moments. :heart: :cry:

(AnneMunition) #40

John told me "Zeke has an idea..." about three days before the show. And thank you! I knew she'd have to have an "English"/faux-English accent to match Aldo but I wanted her to sound younger and more upbeat than Rune. I'm glad it was noticeable, I'm not really an actress lol.