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RollPlay: August One Shots Information

We’re happy to finally share our RollPlay schedule for August. Alongside of our six one shots below, we’re also jazzed to announce that our second live show of 2017 - Nebula Jazz - is scheduled for September 16th at 1PM Eastern (see the end of this post for more details!).

On Monday, we’ll reveal Year Two of our Patreon. We’ll be shaking up some reward tiers, adding a bunch of new tiers, and making sure the base tiers are loaded with benefits to ensure those Patrons really get their money’s worth.

Saturday - 8/12 @ 4PM Eastern - RollPlay: The Wicked Thimble

Join us as we journey back into this Dungeon World adventure and check out a different guild in DM Dodger’s world: The Wicked Thimble! Join players Aureylian, Holly Conrad, JesseCox, and Strippin as they try and survive Dodger’s villainous game.

Twitch events page for The Wicked Thimble

Monday - 8/14 @ 5PM Eastern - RollPlay Die-Kea 2

Dungeon Master(?) Crendor is back with his wacky story featuring players Dodger, itmeJP, Jesse Cox, and Strippin. Who knows what awaits the crew in this post apocalyptic super store show? (Probably hot knives, a sad creature, some british guy melded into things, and whatever the #*@% Dodger was. Man, we forgot how crazy this show was. CreNDOR WE NEED TO CHAT)

Twitch events page for Die-Kea 2

Saturday - 8/19 @ 4PM Eastern - RollPlay: The Time Cleaver

Journey to a small village in the Alivast, a continent full of adventures and ripe with mystery, where a villainous threat has reared its head. The town guards - Ezekiel_III, itmeJP, Pokket, and Strippin - must investigate the forest and see what DM MontyGlu has prepared for them in this 5E adventure!

Twitch events page for The Time Cleaver

Tuesday - 8/22 @ 4PM Eastern - RollPlay: Sphynx and Satyr

Join bluejay, DistractedElf, itmeJP, and Trottimus as they take on a case with the Sphynx and Satyr Supernatural Services. DM RandomTuesday will lead the players on this light hearted, mythical, WaRP system adventure!

Twitch events page for Sphynx and Satyr

Saturday - 8/26 @ 4PM Eastern - RollPlay: JP’s One Shot

More details to come soon, but we’ve already confirmed a 5E adventure with players stupid enough to sign up for a game DM’ed by itmeJP: CinnamonToastKen, Dodger, Ezekiel_III, and Fairlight_Excalibur.

Twitch events page for JP’s One Shot

Monday - 9/4 @ 8:00PM Eastern - RollPlay: Pride of Vanderhorn

Join the original cast of RollPlay - iNcontroLtv, itmeJP, LivinPink, Ryuzilla - as they jump into a 5E one shot from DM koibu0, where they’ll be playing a family stripped of their land titles, who now command a small backwater village. What meaningless tasks await these nobles? If we’re escorting someone, Neal…

Twitch events page for Pride of Vanderhorn

Saturday - 9/16 @ 1PM Eastern - RollPlay Live: Nebula Jazz

Happy to announce our second live show of 2017: Nebula Jazz! The cast and crew will be live for a full 8 hours on Saturday, September 16th. Join Dodger, JesseCox, Pokket, Strippin and spacemaster AdamKoebel to find out what crazy adventures they’ll take us on. More details on live show stuff as we get closer to the date, including set reveals, etc!

Twitch events page for RollPlay Live: Nebula Jazz

If you have any questions, feel free to post below! Thanks again for all your support over the past four and a half years. See you Monday for more announcements!

All the shows are on the schedule -


These coming days will be GLORIOUS! :itmejpgasm: :itmejpgasm: :itmejp10:


Awesome, A ton of 5e Content coming :smiley:


I’m so excited for the original crew one shot! :itmejphype:


Honestly, I’m a little disappointed that most of these are 5e D&D. A little more diversity in systems would have been nice, but I’m not gonna complain too much.

I would have liked to have seen something like Call of Cthulhu or Storyteller system, but i guess D&D is the big system that most people know and play.


I can see people feeling that way, I am actually excited for it because of the amount of different DM’s.
Its gonna be fun/interesting to see how they will all give their own spin to the system.


While I love seeing new systems, one big advantage to D&D 5e, is they usually do Char creation before the show. That means more time playing the game during the actual 4 hours.

Either way, I’m just pumped to see so much :itmejproll: :itmejpplay: in August :smiley:


This is going to be so much fun.
Thanks for doing this JP and crew!
You rock!


I hope JP just plays himself again on Die-Kea 2


I’m so hyped about what’s to come, all the one shots will be glorious!

Excited for the return of Feast or Famine, Diekea, the OG crew, and JP DMing again. I want to be pleasantly surprised by the other new one shots as well.

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Yah!!! It all looks and sounds so good!!!


really excited to see Lauren Bond GMing, I recently started watching the shadowrun campaign she did and it’s good stuff.

Enjoyed Dodgers nonsense last time as well, so :itmejp10: for that too. didn’t watch diekea so no idea what to expect, and not seen anyhting of the other GMs (expectg OG crew where I watched like 2eps), looking forwards to finding out what im missing. JP GM hype though :itmejpsword:

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Feel free to link to the campaign she’s run so other can check it out before she does the RollPlay one :smiley:

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Here it is:


She also ran a 5e game for Roll20Con this year


That’s awesome!
Are there any games that the other guest DMs have run online?

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Monty Glu runs The Unexpectables (haven’t watched any of it so far) and as far as I know neither Dodger nor Crendor have DMed since their first stunt at the roll during their previous oneshot respectively. Which leaves only Neil who probably did lots of stuff between then and now :slight_smile:

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The OG crew DM’ed by Neal? Doesn’t get any better than this! :heart_eyes:

didn’t watch diekea so no idea what to expect,

I watched the first Diekea and I have no idea what to expect from a second ‘episode’.