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RollPlay Animated Series: Episode 2 - Swan Song


(itmeJP) #1

What sequence should we have animated?

I won't announce which one we've chosen until it is airing on our live show stream, but, I would love to know what is everyones favorite moment from the show! I have mine, but they're all involved around Higgins, mostly:

  • Finger gun beats spaceship
  • Classroom choking
  • randy
  • sicarian space walk

What do you guys think?

(Twitch: SoVIeT_Six) #2

Mr. Sicarian's spacewalk is hands down my favorite moment experienced on RollPlay.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #3

the saga of brumpo tungus or Geoff speaking texan to the car dealership (or was that a weapon seller? )

(VyRe40) #4

Space walk was really, really intense, but I'd really love to see the classroom choke for the laughs. Also, Brumpo Tungus... anything.

OH! And the critical fail business deal when Alpharius made your meeting with that woman super awkward.

(Moose2033) #5

The saga of the "annual crew meetings"

(Might be Captain Marvel) #6

Oh my yes! I still want an shirt about the annual swan song meeting that happens several times a year :itmejplol::itmejpmlg:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #7

@SoVIeT_nT took the time to post a few Swan Song moments

(BleuSuns) #8

If it have to be between these 4, I'll go with
Classroom choking > Sicarian Space Walk < Randy < Finger gun

(Kol_Saresk) #9

Hmm, I'm kind of all four, but I think I'd have to throw in for the finger guns.

(Madkipz) #10

Out of those? Sicarian space walk is a decent one.

(mq98) #11

out of them finger gun if i had to pick any tho the early episode when sicarian jumps onto a enemy pirate ship and locks himself in the weapons room

(GreyGryphon) #12

Sicarian spacewalk man.

Edit: Wrong scene I was thinking of the pirate ship craziness early on in the series.

STILL it was amazing and I want someone to totally draw out the complete mindfuck it was going out onto a spike-drilled ships hull. :smiley:

(destraudo) #13

3 and 4 are more serious and i dont think suitable for the current style of animation, between 1 and 2 i would pick 2 choking.

(Luzianos) #14

The last scene of Swan Song, collapse of the universe included.

(Insomnia131) #15

All of those are epic moments and there are so many more we could add but as others mentioned, Classroom choking for the laughs or Finger gun for the pure silly idea working.

(Awtum) #16

If we're sticking with the current comical style of animation, I definitely think Finger gun is the most appropriate. And like Geoff said, the classroom choking has to be filmed live action otherwise not worth :wink:

(Olf_Himself) #17

Any Brumpo Tungus scene, especially him verbally bitch slapping that rep from El Gato Caliente.
I also love the scenes with Howard.
If the animation style was going for a bit more serious style then Sicarian vs Titan would be cool too.

(Armeeof1) #18

:octopus::octopus::octopus::octopus::octopus::octopus: Howard!!! :octopus::octopus::octopus::octopus::octopus::octopus:

(F00lsFire) #19

Classroom choking, please. PLEASE.

(tx1ndoki) #20

Sicarians spacewalk would be awesome to see, but definitely not in the current comedic style.

If we're sticking with that my vote is the classroom choke scene.