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RollPlay Animated Series: Episode 2 - Swan Song


(MikeInHiFi) #21

For me, it's between Sicarian space walk and finger gun beats spaceship.

I say finger gun! That would be great to watch animated.

(Twitch: Lethologica981) #22

A 10 minute animation of just Higgs choking out the University student. It'd be hilarious, and super uncomfortable after the first 2 minutes.

(entertherussian64) #23

Brumbo tungus, alpharius rolling a one when negotiating with the lawyers, or mr sicarian goes Rambo on the space pirates

(Dementepingu) #24

If it is the same animator then I don't think Sicarian spacewalk as that seemed more serious, the classroom choking would be better for the animator's style.

(Twitch: adfraech) #25

Sicarian vs Mr. Titan would be awesome too!

(holtfa) #26

I would love to see one of:
- Mr S fight on the pirate ship
- Clip from the Brumpo Tungus saga
- Higgs night of partying with Vincent Pollard

(Aquila_21) #27

Brumpo Tungus compilation

(Qipp) #29

Gotta be Brumpo Tungus

(entertherussian64) #30

Ohhh how did I forget that one, that would be great

(Leomorph) #31

Mr. Sicarian vs a Pirate ship my number 1, if not that then Higgs vs Pirate ship (Finger gun), Stairwell scene I want to be at least referenced if not a full scene

(PalimpsestPulp) #32

Totally didn't notice how three out of four of those centre around Higgins btw JP :wink:

A Brumpo Tungus compilation would be the best.

The thing is, for example, Sicarian massacring the Madari Syndicate leadership, I think both the classroom choking and Randy are a bit one-note, like they could be a twenty-second video.

The best moment in Swan Song was probably the space walk. But if you forced me to choose between those four options I'd choose finger gun beats spaceship because the space walk is really dark and probably doesn't suit the animation style you have.

(Force508) #33

Would it be possible to get links for the options to refresh our memories?

(MrGroundElectro) #34

That time when Higgins danced in his underwear to "Don't rock the jukebox" when the rest of the crew where in hyper sleep.

(rory212121) #35

If its the same animation style then I think finger guns.

If its a different animator that has a more serious vibe then the space walk could work.