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Revisting RollPlay - Legacy, Season 1


(itmeJP) #1

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday, July 11th) at 8PM Eastern, we'll be revisiting the original RollPlay episodes (Season 1, 39 episodes) with the entire community watching at

If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, or discussions about the original show, feel free to discuss it all here!

The RollPlay News Thread
(Force508) #2

Sounds like a really cool thing to do, but sadly won't be able to catch it because of timezones, would it be possible to have 2 runs with more EU friendly times. Or are you locked to the 8 PM Eastern time slot and is this going to be more of a NA friendly rerun of the show?

Either way look forward to trying to catch the legacy rerun!

(itmeJP) #3

The idea of running a second stream of it the next morning was something that crossed my mind. But thats a lot of VODcast'ing! I think we'll stick with this and run it as a "trial" and see how it goes.

How does that sound?

(captaincomatosevol1) #4

Sounds like something I'd be up for personally as I've never got round to watching the original show. Although if you were to vodcast anything, I think the community would love to revisit swan song especially. Loved the chat I used to watch it with and would be great to see the big moments with an audience again. Peace and love!

(Twitch: uzling) #6

I am super happy that you are planning to revisit the old rollplay shows. Sadly for me the time is 2 am to 6 am CEST, I mostly plan to sleep during these hours. I can 100% understand that showing the same episode two times in one day is a lot work. The whole US vs EU time will be forever a thing that will create a problem.

(Twitch: casskayd) #7

Was super excited until I watched the Youtube announcement that said this will be running every single night. The re-watch with live chat is fun, but there's no way I could watch more than 1-2 nights a week. So I foresee myself getting far behind within even one week.

For shows I've watched before that wouldn't be an issue, but since I didn't see the original Rollplay live, having 2-3 missed episodes between when I can watch live will be discouraging.

Why not show like 1-2 episodes a week, but stream each episode twice, so the EU people can also watch, it's a more feasible time commitment for viewers, and you're still dedicating the same amount of time to VODcasting?

(kontaz1) #8

Yeah this was my first thought on the time too. I was a huge fan of orinigal rollplay and that was when I subbed like year or two to JP. I really like most of other shows too but I'v felt like they'v missed something that I can't quite put my finger on after the original one (atleast for me). I know that two runs of the original rollplay would be quite much but I would love to watch some original rollplay with other people and perhaps even get few of my friends watching it who mostly just watch the other shows live and havent seen the original. My recommendation would be that run one episode one week on same day and do that in once in EU and US timezones so people can catch them. I know that I wouldn't be able to watch 4h episode 7 days a week even if it was in a right timezone.

(Force508) #9

Definately understandable, will try to catch the later runs when I can but when they end at 6 AM for me personally it becomes quite hard if you have to go to work the next day. Either way excited that this is something thats going to happen!

(uncrustablemike) #10

Been revisiting the show on my own, and the show was actually even better than i remembered. I will say though that it is different seeing it again, (at week 15 now) after having keept up with Neal's stuff along with rollplay content.

It really shows how much differently experienced players behave versus new players. And boy do i have a lot more sympathy for Neal this time around, sometimes he would throw softballs story wise, and the party would just miss them over and over :smiley: . It's also quite funny how the first version of Rollplay saw a borderline crazy party of people who sometimes acted like marauding bandits, while also sometimes going for the " hero path".

All in all a very funny experience, which i think sort of matched that campaign perfectly because even though the party got some brokenly powerful early on, they also beat some amazingly hard odds, much to the despair of Neal :smiley: #BregorsBoys #HeroOfWillowbrook #Teif #Crits #Applejuice #BregorsCharisma #DickDrawings . - Good times, hoping to watch some of it with chat once in a while <3

(TheDesec) #11

I love this. I even proposed this once in a different thread. But every day? Those are "normal" 4 hour episodes, if I recall correctly.

I would love to join this endeavor regularly, however I can not dedicate 4 hours each day. And: When I fall behind on other shows, I'd have a week to catch up. Catching up to a daily broadcast seems impossible.

I would be strongly in favor of changing the pace to maybe 3, 2 or even 1 episode a weeks. Or maybe instead of running one show every day run different show on different days and have a schedule like: Legacy on mondays, Ehbon on wednesdays, Mirrorshades on fridays...

I don't know. If this was a 30 minute sitcom situation, daily shows would be fine. But 4 hours, somtimes more... that's a lot :cold_sweat:

This is a test. Maybe just test it first! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(crowly_) #13

This sounds like a much better idea. The first thing i though when i heard "an episode each day" was that is a lot of content / time to commit to. I think this could lead to viewer fatigue.
The benefit of your idea so that it both solves the timezone issue and gives people an option on when to watch .

(TheDesec) #14

...oh... and why is it not called "Re-RollPlay" :itmejplol:

(AbyssionKnight) #15

Happy to see this is back!

I think nightly is too much though. Ideally it'd be 2-3 times a week, preferably on days you don't already have shows running (since setting aside 8 hours for shows is pretty rough).

(Lookout4444) #16

Good idea, but does this mean you will be live streaming actual video games less? Cause I feel like I'm in the minority but those are my favorite streams :slight_smile: but with that said the OG roll play is gold so I'm fine with watching them again

(TwiceTec) #17

Hey JP, love the restreaming because I found your channel around the time you guys entered the dungeon for the wish ring so I never watched the older episodes.
Did you ever think about making it a commentated steam? Sort of like the director commentary for movies ("Lets watch a movie together" right?) , maybe even invite some of the original players for an episode or two.
No idea how much you or the others could actually add but I think its an interesting idea.
Anyway love the stream!

(TheDesec) #18

Like the idea, but that'd have to be very select episodes, I think.

(Olf_Himself) #19

Hey @itmeJP I was wondering if you've been removing the vod of the Vodcast? The first few episodes were available but not the recent ones.
I live in Europe so I can't catch it live but I still enjoyed watching the vod since it had the chat log were you and others talk about the episode. I thought that made it a lot of fun, more so than just watching on Youtube.

(Gexzor) #20

I am exactly in the same situation. First time around I watched almost exclusively through Youtube VOD's because of the live broadcast time, so the VOD's of the RollPlay - Legacy seems the only opportunity to experience a lesser version of the chat interaction and reactions to Bregor's 1's.

Please gief VOD's! :frowning:

(Athonite) #21

Same, I can't watch live and was enjoying watching the vod with chat commentary.