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Stream Idea: Re-Run Mondays!?


(TheDesec) #1

I was thinking (oh oh, not again):

@Jabba_the_space_gangster is doing a weekly re-run thread, and sometimes I watch along. However, something is missing to the experience, at least for me.

So I was wondering, how complicated would it be to setup a playlist that runs every week at the same time. We could have a re-run of various shows, maybe even a vote what comes next! What's different to watching a VOD or on youtube? There would be a fresh live audience to chat along (no replay that you can't interact with).

Since mondays are off, having a playlist that just goes live at a certain time - I'd dig that...

I think this would be nice, even if we just drop in for a bit for a "nostalgia" hit. And adding a specific time slot would make a huge difference to "normal" twitch playlists, that have in my experience close to no viewersl.

Thoughts? :+1:? :-1:?

Edit: And yet another way to mine that precious Revlo Salt :itmejpoversalt:

Revisting RollPlay - Legacy, Season 1
(Twitch: eyearcana) #2

I like this idea. (Limit)

(Jewbobicus) #3

I could dig this. The rollplay shows have more than enough content to do this.

(Twitch: SoVIeT_Six) #4

I would love to see this implemented, I never really care for the playlist feature on twitch but RollPlay re-runs would get my watch.

(BleuSuns) #5

I support this. :slight_smile:

(TheDesec) #6

Since this got some positive response and likes, maybe it's time to summon the gang @moderators @admins @itmejp

(It's Alive, It's Alive, IT'S ALIVE!!!!) #7

Do ads run on playlists? I've never looked into it personally. The reason I bring it up is because a part of JP's business model is ads and subscriptions. If ads can be triggered in playlists just like in live streams that there wouldn't be any reason why we couldn't get bot to trigger the ads at the correct times. The question would then be do Twitch ads pay the same or more then YouTube ads? If not would a scheduled replay actually benefit in the long run as you may get a higher volume of viewers who would like to watch and chat together then over watching alone on YouTube/Twitch Vods? (It would tempt me to hold off watching the vods and watch a replay as a group for the shows I can not watch live).

EDIT: Also as long as the hour blocks have been released on YouTube it's not like any eyeballs would be lost. But would JP's CPM on YouTube drop if a large enough number of viewers stopped watching via YouTube and started watching via Twitch Playlists? Also cheesecake, never forget the cheesecake.

Just for the record I'm just speaking from a technical point of view, as a viewer rambling my own 2 min thoughts on the subject and not as a mod/admin nor on behalf of JP.

Not going to say it's going to happen. But I'll look into the technical details to see if its atleast viable.

(TheDesec) #9

The difference would be the fresh chat. I don't know if there would be a lot going on in chat. If not, It'd be nothing other than watching on Youtube without the freedom of choosing when. That was my initial point: Would it make a difference for others (I think it would to me) if there was a way to watch an old show WITH something that resembles the Twitch live experience.

And my idea was to show some episode of a legacy (*) show and next week something from a different show. Get newer viewer interested in watching the older stuff, maybe. And maybe throw in the occasional one-shot... or have a monthly special where a specific episode gets voted in.

I don't know shit about ads and ad revenue. But I think it'd be worth if a new person gets hit by something he really likes, that may be missing in current shows, and then goes to check the rest by himself.

* legacy = any show that is over, including, but not exclusively meaning "RollPlay: Legacy"!

(It's Alive, It's Alive, IT'S ALIVE!!!!) #10

Yeah, I get that and as a viewer I like the idea too :slight_smile:

I'm looking into it to see if it will be possible and gonna drop Twitch a email asking for clarification on a few things. If it is then we can run it up the flag pole with JP and see what he thinks. As the idea is to run it on Mondays (JP's Day off) I'm gonna take a random stab in the dark and presume it will be up to the mod's to run it so JP gets to keep his day off :stuck_out_tongue:

(Joshkie1973) #11

Plus if it's on JP's day off currently Monday revenue will be a bonus as he doesn't stream that day.

But is it worth the set up time and maintenance of keeping a schedule and making the playlists.


(boeiee) #12

well, and as mentioned above, it needs to be able to be monetized. (way more detailed reaction/explanation in Crosseye_jack his post)

(Twitch: adfraech) #13

It might be more desirable for people who've seen it before. They can just pop in and watch a random episode with some people in chat.

I know people are into marathoning now, but it reminds me of watching cartoon reruns as a kid.