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Player Character Immortality?

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It’s occurred to me that Ramus could potentially become immortal if he were to come into possession or was otherwise capable of securing his Soul. How would that work from the perspective of gameplay? Would Dan have to roll a new character at that point, or would he be able to continue playing his now immortal character? If the latter, then how would that work? What happens for example when the PC drops down to 0 health? Etc?

(Elyoslayer) #2

Well, CoS isn’t only about mechanics, if a character dies Adam can find a way to bring them back rollplaying wise, and even if they are immortal then if it’s their time to die then Adam will find a believable way to kill them, see CoS not just as D&D sessions but more as a show that focuses on D&D but ultimately tells a story through it, and that’s why it’s great, the rules and rolls dictate the direction of the story but the DM can also implement his own mechanics and events that contribute to it.

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Utrix managed, through whatever means, to keep his soul from ascending to Heaven and joining the cycle of reincarnation so he could use it in his “God machine”. He still died. And yes, it’s not exactly the same situation, Utrix only prevented his soul from ascending but didn’t separate the hun from the po nor kept himself “alive” with just his po as “fuel”. Still, I’d imagine he would be as mortal as Utrix was, you would just have to get rid of the hun and the po separately instead of in one single unit.

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immortal does not mean invincible, invulnerable, immune to disease, or protected from aging. imagine being decades older than the human body supports naturally, being weak and disease-ridden, vegetating and hoping for release. at that point he would happily drop to 0 health.

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Complete Immortality is probably not really a good idea for RPG’s unless you can give them a weakness of some kind like a special weapon or specific spell that will will kill them. It can be done for high level creatures or major villains but for an actual PC it’s too much.

Immortal doesn’t mean unkillable or indestructible. What we are talking about here is probably biological immortality. For example in Lord of the Rings for the elves it just means they live forever. They are still vulnerable to things that would kill a normal human like physical damage. It could also be done by something or someone not letting him die. This has been done before like Vax in Critical Role. He couldn’t die until he had completed a specific task.

Of course you could have Ramus became unkillable and work some kind of element into the story. For example give him a weakness to something or possibly have the immortality corrupt him some way so he becomes a villain but that is down to the DM to figure that out. It might actually be interesting to have the immortality corrupt him and then the others have to take him down.

(AaronLR98) #15

The fact that he is immortal does not mean he cannot be incapacitated, if he drops to 0 in a fight then he’d roll for the amount of hours i’d take for him to wake up, without having to do the death rolls.
If he is immortal and gets his head “detached”, we would have another case of a PC head in a bag? But this time the head could actually talk, and being Ramus’ head makes me wonder how long they would keep it…

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There’s been a number of games about Superman, where he was effectively invincible, but you still could lose when Metropolis ran out of ‘health’ taking building damage or NPC damage.

Wherever his soul is, Ramus is currently immortal in a way. He dropped to zero and thanke to Hassan became what he is now. I think after he gets killed again it’s only a matter of time before he gets back on his feet. If his body is destroyed he’ll probably be left clinging on to the remains as an angry spirit or an ugly annoying zombie.

If he wants immortality, he needs to protect his body from damage and decay at all costs. Not sure if his soul will help in that. I rather see him moving on immediately after his hun and po are reunited. His body is dead afterall, so without some form of magic his soul, once freed from whatever holds it will rejoin the Fountain.

If he finds magic that will tie the soul to his decaying body and helps preserve it, he’s got a shot at immortality. In that case I’d implement some form of mechanic, where his soul is literally bound to a place of power, like a spring deep in some forest, and once he’s down to zero HP a drop from that spring will rejuvenate him. Should the spring be disturbed, he will immiediately be affected in some way.

One other way is to tie him to the immortals or the Tower and use a ‘move’ mechanic that goes along the lines: whenever you fulfil the Tower’s bidding hold +1 (Up to max 3). Use your hold once death claimed you for 24h to rejuvenate your body and return from the dead. If you die with 0 hold your soul returns into the cycle of reincarnation. Roll a new character.

Another way is use another player character (or possibly all of them) as a tether to this world, allowing the dead (<0hp) Ramus to borrow their health to get back on some knd of death roll. That would totally complicate the party’s already complicated dynamic.

As symplistic as these propositions are, they would all make for some good storytelling, a I am pretty sure Adam can cook up some even better mechanic if he decides to entertain us with the possibility of an immortal Ramus.