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Justice League and DC animation

Like this.


God I love that show.

Arguably the best comic-turned-cartoon universe ever, from BTAS to JLU. It was great for kids, but it had plenty for an adult to enjoy. I rewatch the whole JL series every few years.

True. I actually only got to watch BTAS, JL and JLU in my young adult years cause it wasn’t on tv in my country when I was a kid and I don’t think I enjoyed it any less. And yes, I also tend to rewatch it from time to time :slight_smile:

Now, together with the animated movies one has to pose the question, how come they haven’t learned anything from their animated work to make their big budget live action movies be awesome too? Oh! Wait… The answered to the question is in the question itself. Money can be a bitch.

It’s both money and an attempt to emulate Disney/Marvel, which leads to a film with no heart. I probably enjoy the new DC films more than many people, but I’m still disappointed at their lost potential and warped vision.

Pretty much.
Also higher-ups that seem to have no grasp of the properties they are handling.
From what brilliant mind came the idea of melding together the storylines of The Dark Knight Returns and Death of Superman?
And to make it worst they do it as the second movie of the new Superman movie storyline and the first of the new Batman movie storyline… maybe if it was the 10th movie of this new shared universe and even so.

“Lets throw in the two most beloved and recognized icons of comic books and pop culture, we can’t go wrong there, people love them and they are so much bigger than anything Marvel has in their cinematic universe. I know, lets also throw in two of their most impactful or known stories, we already know these stories were big with the crowds, that way we guarantee we have a sure thing here and it will dwarf what they have”…

Trying to race against a massively successful franchise that has some 10 years head start made these executives make the worst decisions possible at every turn instead of allowing passionate creators do what they do and truly explore the potential of these massive properties.

(At least someone had their head on their shoulders when they made Wonder Woman)

edit: I may sound quite critical but I also don’t hate the new movies, they just don’t live up to the immense potential they have as you said. Here’s hoping we get more Wonder Woman-like quality and heart and less of the rest :slight_smile:

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Turning it over to a passionate artist is what gave us this mess. Snyder set out to reimagine the DC universe and put his own spin on it.

Wonderwoman had a different director that respected the Source Material.

I wouldn’t exactly put the DC movies’ Snyder in the category of passionate artist but rather in the wiped workhorse that had to deal with executives putting their finger in most decisions surrounding the franchise. Which doesn’t mean that the movies would be considerably better if they hadn’t interfered. Anyway, when I mentioned passionate creators I meant passionate about the DC characters, their universe, and the established lore, enough to understand and build upon the source material.

By the way, I’m sorry @P4ngurB4n, I derailed this thread quite a bit :stuck_out_tongue:. Maybe @Tahkai11 might want to do away with these last comments.

I split the discussion from the immortality post so feel free to continue the topic here. :itmejphappy: