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[ONE SHOT Q&A] RollPlay - The Time Cleaver w/ MontyGlu


(itmeJP) #1

Hey guys! Have a question for MontyGlu? Post in here and she'll respond to them!

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(Possibly Batman) #2

Thanks @MontyGlu for being such a fun and fantastic GM for this wonderful cast :itmejpheart:

Hopefully we see you again on Rollplay in the future!

(MontyGlu) #3

Thank you! I had a great time! I was really nervous, but the players were awesome!

If JP and the rest of Rollplay want me back! I'd love to fit something fun into my schedule again! Doing a one-off is very fun!

(meibeth) #4

Hi @MontyGlu :smiley: Could I ask if Time Cleaver is set in the future from the unexpectables? Idk if it was mentioned early on in the campaign

(MontyGlu) #5

The Unexpectables is set in the Summer of the third year of Alivast's existence. The events of Race to the Time Cleaver happen during the Spring of the third year of Alivast's existance (So a few months before the events of the Unexpectables)!

(Satheus) #6

That was a lot of fun! I gotta go catch some of the vods from the Unexpectables to see more of your amazing dm:ing.

(MontyGlu) #7

We're a bit rocky to start! But thanks to some generous donations our quality improves over time! I hope you like the show! Alivast is an interesting place!

I hope you like it! You can catch it live on Wednesdays at 7pm PST over at

The archive is also on youtube! I'm glad you enjoyed the one shot! <3

(TheDesec) #8

Fun adventure. No questions! I really liked the trials of Suplex Thunder :itmejpbot::itmejpgg:

Welcome, @MontyGlu, to the family! :itmejptip:

(MontyGlu) #9

Thank you! Glad you liked it! Suplex Thunder is lovely, hahaha!

Thanks for having me!

(Might be Captain Marvel) #10

Thank you to the cast for the fun show. Timelord Swoop is the best :heart:

I don't have a question. Just wanted to thank the cast especially @MontyGlu for the show. Welcome to RollPlay Monty, I thoroughly enjoyed the sound effects and the story. I hope to see you again in another RollPlay show :grin:

(Edokdyshi) #11

If you will join the GM ranks, will you be using roll20 in the future for other shows you will GM or will you only use own dice?

Will you also use a camera like the other cast members or not be using a camera?
Was just wondering about these small things:)

(Landwaker) #12

Just wanted to echo the praise for variety of encounters, smooth description of action, and immersive voices/effects. Also, while I tend to listen more than watch, the lack of camera and offscreen rolling surprisingly didn't bother me at all; just felt like a classic DM screen, and got me thinking about the possibilities of using that image space dynamically for NPCs and whatnot. Cheers!

(boeiee) #14

Its on his twitter if i recall correctly.

(MontyGlu) #15

Thanks so much for having me! Time Lord Swoop better stay out of trouble!

I'm glad you enjoyed the story! I love doing sound effects they add so much to a scene!

If Jp and Rollplay ever want me to DM again, and I'm not drowning in school or work, i'd love to come back! The players were awesome and very nice! Thank you! :heart:

(MontyGlu) #16

I've only ever rolled with real dice. Rolling will real dice on my table rather than using roll20's dice roller acts as my DM screen (in a weird sense). I was trained by a DM (who has been playing DnD since before most of us were born) who highly recommended rolling dice that way! (It also keeps the roll20 chat less cluttered which I like)

One of the elements of game design that I like is the concept of "the less you know or see it, the more frightening it is" So in that sense having rolls being mostly unseen can add an additional sense of mystery and fear!

I'm horribly horribly terrified of cameras. It was honestly my greatest concern when JP approached me. I can do stage performances and voice performances but when a camera is involved and there's no buffer (IE a costume or mask) I get really uncomfortable and tend to shut down due to being overwhelmed by the presence of an un-blinking omniscient eye.

I've seen quite a few people discontented with my lack of camera, but I assure you, had I been on camera, I would have been so off-kilter the one-off would have been much less enjoyable! This is why I try to make up for it in vivid descriptions and fun voices.

(MontyGlu) #17

Balancing the encounters was tricky but well worth it! When it comes to describing action, every hit an miss is its own little story! Voices are always a fun way to make an NPC unique!

I know for a lot of regular Rollplay Viewers Non-camera actors are a bit odd, and I completely understand those who prefer a more visual based media! Sadly I'm quite terrified of camera's so I tried to make up for it with colorful descriptions!

Reading the official Dungeon Master guide, having a DM screen is a helpful tool! One that I really like to take advantage of, especially in a setting ripe with mystery!

I'm glad you enjoyed the one-shot! Thank you! :heart:

(Edokdyshi) #18

It would be cool if you were the GM/DM with a mask !:wink::slight_smile:

As one of the audience I felt that the dice rolling off roll20 for me took away some of the suspension from the dice roll. If it was going to hit/miss/crit. Since we had to wait for you to tell everyone, instead of we all see it together and react together.

Please don't feel like I'm saying you are doing it the wrong way, not my intent. Just wished to share my point of view :slight_smile:

(Twitch: casskay) #19

Hi Monty! I really enjoyed the one-shot. The characters and fights were both really fun, I felt like you managed that combat and story balance really well.

I think the lack of webcam put people off at first, but if they stuck around it ended up not mattering much. I know I didn't even notice by the end, because I was so focused on your descriptions.

I do agree on this one. I think for Twitch shows, dice rolls are a little different; part of the unique experience is everyone experiencing the dice rolls at the same time. It makes it feel more immersive/community like/shared experience. That did continue to put me off through the entire show.

Sadly your other game's time is too late for me, but I hope we see you some more on Rollplay!

(disusedgenius) #20

I don't see why we'd need Monty to have a camera, we've all seen her before anyway:

Anyway, thumbs up from me. I definitely miss a bit of the body language from the lack of a webcam, however Monty's vocal performance more than makes up for that so it's an overall net gain for me. Part of me wonders whether we could get a dice cam on her screen space instead.

(MontyGlu) #21

Completely understandable! I will announce if its a natural 20 or natural 1, those rolls are substantial!

It's simple a preference in my style that I like to do for my players for that added sense of mystery! But that's the wonder of DnD and most table top games, people run it all different ways! With DM screens, or Without!

Sadly I don't think I'll be changing my style anytime soon, its just the way I like to (Pardon the pun) Roll! There are quite a few other DM's I've played with and watched that do a similar thing, and I'm a fan of the style!

(I've been looking into the mask thing. Sadly I work two jobs and have school coming up so my time and money are.... well.... non-existent at the moment.)

Thank you for watching the one off!