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[ONE SHOT Q&A] RollPlay - The Time Cleaver w/ MontyGlu


(MontyGlu) #22

Hey thanks! Combat is a ton of mini-stories in a chain! It's really fun to describe each hit and miss!

I'm really relieved that most people aren't too angry about the webcam. I am terrified of camera's and not having to use a camera was a HUGE relief.

I feel disappointed that the audience may have lost the sense of suspension, but my focus was to have the players/characters deal with a sense of suspension and anxiety about their opposition, more so. Hiding and showing rolls is one of those DnD rules that is up to DM discretion (I highly recommed getting your hands on a 5e Dungeon Master's Guide, and checking out pg 235-236 for the benefits of both types of rolling!)

It's just a preference, and for myself specifically, I value a hidden roll over a seen one! The less you know about something the scarier it is!

Thank you for checking out the one-shot! :heart:

(MontyGlu) #23

(Oh snap they're on to me!)

I tried to make up for the camera with decent descriptions! I think in a way its a good practice to get into! Describing body language can be just as fun!

Sorry! No Dice cam for two reason!

  1. A lack of a camera acts as my DM screen for my rolls!
  2. I actually don't own a camera of any kind, besides a phone (That poor student life, RIP)

Thanks for checking out the One-Off!

(disusedgenius) #24

Indeed, it's good to have someone come in and run a game in just a slightly different way than we're used to in the regular shows. Helps keep us on our toes and reminds us there's more than one way to skin the tiefling.

(Joshkie1973) #25

I second this idea!!!

(Joshkie1973) #26

Oh, I can understand @MontyGlu positions do it's all good. We can't gey everything we want in life, if we did life would be bosrong.

(boeiee) #27

Just finished the episode and have no questions.

Really liked the episode. really liked all the sound effects, Despite what others are saying i think a cam would have lessened the experience.
Hope to see you on Rollplay again!:itmejpgg: