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Wanted to make a thread for people to drop their questions, comments, whatever, about the normal stream.

Want me to check out a game? Post it here!

Want me to fix something on the stream? Post it here!

Can I improve on something? Post it here!

Cool. Thanks. :itmejphappy:

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(ToJ0) #3

So far im quite happy with how the new streaming schedule is. The openly available schedule and being able to suggest games breathes some new life into the stream. As much as watching overwatch was, it is just nice to see you explore more games.

The camera personally is take it or leave it. Personally im okay with just your voice as your streams tend to be background noise for my own gaming. but it is nice to see the man behind the screen for occasions that dont involve rollplay.

Would honestly love to see a return to Xcom especially now that Long War 2 has been announced or to have you check out the Enderal overhaul mod for Skyrim.

(itmeJP) #4

Got the scroblr working again so now !song will work on stream! Huzzah!

(Plan_A_Has_Failed) #5

Loving the streams, as always, and the schedule works great for me so no complaints. I think the face-cam being there adds something to the overall entertainment value because you're facial expressions and reactions to what's happening are awesome, but if you get sick of it/can't make it work then that's cool.

As far as games go, you've got a good lineup for most of the month already. The only thing I'd like to see is maybe more R6 Siege on off-days when you don't necessarily have a scheduled game to stream.

Other than that, you rock and I hope you keep doing what you do. :slight_smile:

(Insomnia131) #6

Its soooo fucking early for this.

In general:

  1. Face-cam is great since I always enjoy you being silly with it.
  2. Schedule is great and works for me even tho I live in EU.
  3. I would love for you to play Darkest Dungeon DLC whenever it gets out.
  4. I always had so much fun when you played with others and I think you agree on this, so do that more!
  5. I am happy that you are on a mission "I want to love games for games again and not just for streaming" so keep chasing that and I think we will have great 2017!

Now it's time to have my Christmas! Fuck this tradition of getting up early for it btw!!!

(darqueshadow) #7

most of the time I can't watch the stream live so I'm either using replay on twitch or downloading the mp3 through Patreon. keep of the good work.

(MrKlazsh) #8

Streams have been nice, get to actually watch you for you and not just the rollplay shows. Webcam is fine no problem with it for me. Can't wait to see what games you're going to play within your non-rollplay stream times!

(Absent_Minds) #9

Enjoying the face cam being back, always loved the facial expressions as seen in the gravity rush 2 demo play through. Streams seem really good to me dude

(Samstein_) #10

I like the normal stream as it is right now.

It´s fun when you´re playing with others, I haven´t found the VODs in Twitch of you playing Divinity with Strippin but i´d like to see some more of that.

Co-op Shadow Warrior 2
Civ 5 (I haven´t seen much of Civ 6 but if that is better then go for it) with some friends.
Castle Crushers Co-op

Some single player RPG like Baldurs Gate, PoE.

Play old school games on their original release date (US release?) for example Mega Man X that was released in NA January 1994, or just old school games that was a big deal for you when they were released. Revisit some old memories. Instead of SUB SUNDAY you can have "Memorial Sunday" or something?

(anaconda156) #11

Being in Switzerland, the start of the stream is at 11pm which is still quite late so I can only watch half an hour before bed time if I want to be a minimum able to work the next day.
Starting one hour earlier would be much better for me. As it might become too early for na I would suggest to have one EU day per week where the stream starts earlier.
I think having the camera back is also a very good thing as well as the schedule.
I think that you made a good decision with the way you are trying to handle streaming for 2017. I would suggest to give yourself one more day without scheduled stream to avoid the burn out and to give you more time for family, friends or even business thing you would need to do. You could as well stream this day if you have nothing else to do.

(SlaveZeroO) #12

For an EU guy that likes to wake up early and is only a follower it's kinda late, or for me at least. And I can't watch past broadcast due to not being a sub. Some streamers do one week NA friendly, one week EU friendly schedules, but it's not that big of a deal if you want to stick with your schedule EU folks got your back.

I usually don't care about facial cams, but I must addmit it's fun to watch your reactions in some hitman stuff so I sugest you keep it on for now.

My biggest sugestion for you is, when you get stressed out with games or streaming or just burned out, just ask some friends to play some games together imo those are the best streams, or play drawful or some other fun and chill game with subs.

(boeiee) #13

Really liking the short daily streams, Face cam is a nice addition again for the facial expressions. The time is also fine for me even though im EU, I usually dont sleep before 2 am anyways.

A game suggestion from me would be Minecraft again :itmejpexcite::itmejphappy:

(BlazeRom) #14

I'm happy to see a streaming schedule again, it was nice when you did it with Dark Souls last year (my god it's been a year already?) and i'm hoping it's gonna work out for you this time :D.

My only suggestion would be is you could somehow start 1 or 2 hours earlier 3-4 pm your time for the EU peeps, it's basically midnight for my country.

There's always the VOD's i guess but oh well, this was my 2 cents on the awesome new change.

Edit: A game suggestion...hmm, Stardew Valley? I know it's not your thing, but man, i bought this game mid-year, played 30 minutes and decided i didn't like it. Came back mid December when i was bored and decided to actually invest a little time in the game and boom. i have over 100 hours clocked into this...thing. It's a nice a chill game.

(Olf_Himself) #15

I like the changes, especially the stricter schedule.
One thing I want pretty much every content creator not do do is play a game they don't enjoy just for the sake of it. If you don't enjoy it the audience can tell and won't enjoy it either.

(destraudo) #16

streaming schedule is great for me as a euro. i almost never got to see you on anything except rollplay before and im amazed by just how hilarious it is. Face cam is fantastic. Seeing your reactions is half the fun.

In terms of things i would like to see you stream, i say this with a caveat of i dont necessarily think you have to stream it if getting the stream set up for it working brings too much stress, but would love for you to set up your vive again in the next few months.

In terms of specifics, would love to see you play onward/ for you to play onward as a gamer . You can read about it here. It is basically counterstrike VR . If you do decide to play/stream it, aim for the weekend when playerbase is significantly higher (ditto for any multiplayer vr game). The game is standout, its movement system often considered the touch stone/gold standard for current free roam vr. The single dev is on a big upward arc career wise and has just been taken under the wing of valve directly to work in house at valve.

pick it and a noobtube up if you want to dmr/snipe

The reason i mentioned ' in the next few months' instead of today is that you may want to wait till Q2 this year when the TPCAST wireless adaptor and more comfortable psvr style headstrap are released.

(Typoko) #17

Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed is a game that is completely bonkers. While it is a bit corny, Twitch seems to have a game category for it so i think it's ok to stream. In the game you are a japanese boy who slaps enemies with random objects to undress them. The game is as anime as it gets. The main character and his allies are people who hang out in an anime cafe. Might not last for too long, but it's good for laughs for few hours and the game isn't extremely long to complete.

Face cam is a nice addition. I like to see the casters reactions to things that happen in game.

(Lookout4444) #18

Love the new schedule, even though you are streaming less hours it still feels like you are streaming more becuase its daily. Great addition I think.

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