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(snyft) #22

Nice mobile phone stream. More time paid to the phone than game. GG.

(destraudo) #23

hes sorting out a game key for someone who won a competition in chat. Please remain calm.

edited to add my image shitposting to preserve it forever

(Twitch: casskayd) #24

Based on my launch experience I can't believe I'm saying this, but I just got back into Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO and it is fantastic now--if you accept the fact the leveling stage is designed as a single player game.

I'm not sure if you played it in the past, but watching you play through the Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne expansions would be fun. It feels a lot more like a Bioware single player game than the original content, and I've actually found myself torn over certain decisions.

It's also a fun spin on Star Wars lore because there's a different Big Bad than the Empire or Republic.

If you don't already have a level 60 character, they include a free boost with the expansion which is how I jumped back in.

(destraudo) #25

Just wanted to make a case for playing of me2-3dlc

some dlc have decent carry forward from 2-3

in 2 you get zaeed free.
you also get firewalker but its not amazing/critical.

Highest priority / absolute must play
Lair of the Shadow Broker -fantastic setting and battles/ large carry over into 3.
For extra squad mates , you want kasumi stolen memory


Highest priority
Citadel - arguably should have been in the base game. Set pre ending fantastic cap on the series as a whole. some great set pieces and combat. any fan of the series will want to see you play this.

from ashes (normally free on anything but standard edition) for javik squadmate.

Omega (excellent and challenging combat design. worth it to get an idea about the combat in Andromeda, manveer heir did the combat design for it and he has strong hand on Andromeda. )

potentially interesting plot reveals, but nothing spectacular.

Last thing i would say, ask gassymexican for his advice as a ME fan he will probably say that you cant skip shadowbroker and citadel.

(boeiee) #26

I agree with most of your list, But i would put Leviathan higher because of the story it gives. Really interesting.

Omega is really a side side thing. Do it if you want to but story wise its not that important

(destraudo) #27

would you agree that if they go to do a fandom mass effect and jp skipped shadowbroker and citadel that gassy would literally fly to jp's house and strange him to death.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #29

I don't want to interrupt this conversation but its starting to drift away from the topic. Should people want to discuss the mass effect DLC more I suggest starting another thread and connecting that to the posts here by linking them. :slight_smile:

(destraudo) #30

apologies, my intent was just to make the case for not skipping some of the core dlc as jp seemed on the fence about it on stream earlier in the session.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #31

No worries. Thanks for that information :itmejphappy:

(itmeJP) #32

Mods used for Mass Effect 2

JP's Mass Effect 2 Mods
(destraudo) #33

My face when JP was at top of ramp in ventilation room and charged mid combat to regain shield for first time.

edit to note, when you reactivate your dlc you should have access to the eviscerator shotgun which is A++ for vanguards.

(Imjealous) #34

I really really hope JP does the free DLC to get Zaeed. He was my best bro in my renegade play through :smiley:

(Gert_julius) #37

Want to give a huge shout-out to you, @itmeJP! You're an amazing producer, and the amount of talent you've brought on in regards to other players is amazing. You have an eye for getting the proper people , with the right mindset on the right shows. Like bringing on Adam as the resident GM was a boss move (No pun intended)! I have the utmost respect for what you do on this platform!