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[NEBULA JAZZ // S02E11] The Golden Apple

it’s all goofy space slapstick until it’s not, huh?


I truely have to ask @AdamKoebel was the reveal planned between you and sam before the season started or did he just bring it up while this season was going on?

One of the best parts of tabletop shows is seeing the cast get super invested in their characters and doogs nailed that tonight. I’d be lying if I said I didnt almost cry too. Fantastic episode!

I’m glad I got this sketch out of the way before the serious stuff went down at the end of the episode:


Fucking incredible. This is turning out to be one of the best endings to a Rollplay show ever.

Have you ever had an emotional experience occur at the “table” like that before, Adam? Just amazing.

I absolutely lost my shit when BASIL said to go back in time, and subsequently lost it again when Rex said the princess was dead. Fucking incredible show tonight and all throughout both seasons, I can’t wait to see the finale.


Sam’s big revelation was revealed to me a few weeks back, but I think he had it in mind for a while longer for sure.

Heck yeah! It’s something I’ve seen a few times, and having players like Dodger who aren’t afraid to have some feelings about stuff make it work really well. The whole cast was so good about supporting her, too. I’m real proud.


These players are rock stars.


Shoutout to Dodger for really letting her emotions through for this, and let’s never forget that Pokket is the architect of this insanity with her emotion gas that pushed everyone to be a little vulnerable today.


The way the players collaborated, and Dodger’s reaction to the huge moments… Truly, the drama achieved in this show would be unattainable for anything that wasn’t RollPlay: Nebula Jazz.

Adam, Pokket, Sam, Jesse, and especially Dodger: Holy shit, and kudos for making an unforgettable show.


Definitely think Artemis should reset the time but make the rest of them make an oath that they’ll remember to change things for the better

Fanart question: is Artemis’ hair blond or brunette?

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everyone got hit with the feels potion

it’s kind of light and honey colored (everything about her is goldish) but she was dying her hair black at the beginning of the season in the interest of hiding so probably has some growout?
Also EEEE thank you for being interested in drawing her!


Cool, thank you very much Doogs!


this is amazing LOL

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Hey thanks :smiley:

I love these people

this is a lot. I fucking love it.

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