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[NEBULA JAZZ // S02E11] The Golden Apple

aw shucks :slight_smile:

I keep rewatching the Princess reveal. Strippin’s monologue is so good and Dodger’s reaction is priceless.


“this isn’t my adventure, it’s yours


Man I have been that character before. Playing a character that is pretty much the opposite of me, but in that moment, I was that character. Not me. She was just so sad, which made me sad and I could not just help it, there were tears, coming from a person who barely cries at all. It is amazing what roleplay can do for you and even to you.

Also I am now secretly shipping Emperor Darkthrone and Artemis. They just could be really cute together.

Such a great episode. Gotta say i kinda choked up in the end. Alright there were tears, but big manly tears, with little beards.

Such a great end of a show, i can’t wait to see the epilogue. Hope we get some of the old crew and where they end up aswell. Perhaps some of the fun npcs we had.
Orrrr Dodger just wipes out the universe and there’s just nothing. We’ll see!

First time posting here but watching for a long time. Man this show is so great. I feel like i have to share an idea for an ending before it happens since my brain won´t let go of it. I at least want to write it down somewhere.

The scene starts with showing a Mel Gibson sex bots neck where a data transfer cable is connected. A green hand grabs the cable and pulls it out.
Basils voice over ship speekers: “HEY! I NEED THIS! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?”
Basils voice: “Trust me. You don´t want this.”
Led Zepplin - Immigrant Song starts playing.
Camera pans over to old Rex, Artemis, Luna and Basil standing in the shadows in front of a window that shows space and grinning.

Next scene shows a shiypard with the USS BASIL in it. The ship engines fire up. It starts moving ripping off some connection wires and docking clamps in the process. The workers that just wanted to deconstruct it look stunned at the leaving ship as it starts up it´s penetration drive.

Next scene is the bridge of the ship that just wants to destroy earth.
Mengassi General: “Fire!”
An Alarm goes off.
Random Crew Member: “Sir a ship jumped into the sector!”
Mengassi General: “What ship?”
Random Crew Member: “It´s the USS BASIL!”

The camera zooms out of the bridge window to the USS BASIL as it starts fireing. Spaceship fight happens and BASIL wins. Earth is save.
On the bridge of the USS BASIL:
Luna: “Well, that was easier than I thought.”
Old Rex: “We´re not finished yet.”

Next Scenes show the giant battleship docked in all of the places where the old crew met and they pick them up. Old Rex, young Rex, Artemis, Eugene, Basil, Qin, Luna and Aurora on the bridge of the USS BASIL.
Artemis: “What now?”
Old Rex: “Now we have some fun!”

Next Scene we see a collection of the Nebula Jazz season 1 scenes just with 8 crew members and a giant battleship blasting through the adventures with ease. Killing all of the guys that gave them shit.

Yes I totally want to Star Trek the shit out of the ending because I think it would fit into this ridiculous show.


That’s less Star Trek and more anime lol. I think there is an anime that had that kind of ending.

Started NJ about two weeks ago, just caught up today. Amazing show.
I am for sure using fate accelerated for my next RP

My headcanon is that Basil will be wished into the Swan Song Universe and turn into the Warmind.

Edit: I just imagined hearing “YOU ADRESS THE WARMIND” but with Basil’s voice, brb rewatching the entire series again.

Warmind as angry sexbot? Why not?!