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Nebula Jazz Fan arts

Gosh this show is awakening the fangirl that is in me so I tough we could drop in this topic all the fanarts about nebula jazz :smiley:

That moment when lil Mayhem give you that look! This scene is from episode 4 when they were at the casino


Love ?Thuja’s? expression.

it’s Thuja’s love/hate expression :smiley:

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I kind of dig the way Rex looks in this.

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I don’t know if is because he is an aquatic creature but for some reason I tough about marvell’s character Namor , here is another pic I’ve made where you can see him a bit better


Wanted to re do Aurora and Sparky in my spare time, I’ve ended up doing a lil gif, here we go ^^


I wonder if Pi and Sparky would get along.

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ahah I imagine an awkward first meeting

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I see it being Data and Spot.

“Piani, why is it when you pretend to throw the ball, the dog still chases it? Surely its scanners detect it behind you?”

“Well, you see Pi, they programmed it to behave like a real dog and that’s what real dogs do.”

“Real dogs are illogical.”


Organics are SO illogical


I’m catching up with the swan song show after I’ve seen the live, gosh I wish I knew about rollplay before to follow it live, it’s great and it kept me company while I was finish up the nebula jazz crew :smiley:

also with a background that I’m not totally convinced about, i kinda like the “old” look on the other one

I’ve enjoyed a lot drawing Qin, (i had to redraw it, did’t give him justice with the first quickdraw i did) I don’t know if is like y’all pictured in your mind but i’ve kinda based it of a komodo/croc mix
Eugene is just a silly goose and believe it or not, gave me a lot of trouble drawing him :slight_smile:


Niiice… You should try drawing Grandma Eugene. :itmejphappy:

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you’re right i should definitely lul also the entire crew disguised as grandmas :itmejpexcite:

The adventure that should have happened lol

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Great job, you’re amazing dude :smiley:

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You sir, are a legend. Thanks so much for making these, this is now my canon for how they look :slight_smile:

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thank you very much :flushed:

Eugene is so cute! :heart_eyes:

I never thought of sparky as a big dog. For some reason, I thought of him as maybe a Jack Russell. It makes more sense for him to be bigger for his battle mode. Love the LED display :itmejp10:

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yeah I figured that this one is the battle mode, I just couldn’t get out of my mind the idea of a big battle dog with a playful temperament :smiley:

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I think Corgi, but only bevause it increases the Ein parallel from Cowboy Bepop