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Nebula Jazz Fan arts


(uncecio) #21

ohhh a corgi robot would be so cute!

(uncecio) #22

corgi puppy delivery :dog:

(i actually think it moves like one of this lul)

(Might be Captain Marvel) #23

Oh my God! its soooo cute :itmejpcute:

(uncecio) #24

It would be so strange to see a crossover between swan song and nebula jazz, i bet qin and piani could have a conversation about jacking hacking!

Today is the silly fast doodles day :grimacing:

(Kol_Saresk) #25

Absolutely perfect!:adamwizard:

(VyRe40) #26

Hah, this is is great. Keep up the coolness. :itmejpgg:

(uncecio) #27

So i'm rooting so hard for lil Mayehm, i had to go back and design her armor properly plus the version messed up by pokket, and also it's making me doing a lot of practice with the tablet :3 I hope that in the next episode the pcs wont leave her behind to run off the planet lol

(uncecio) #28

Allow me to do some fan service here, of course i could have not draw the silly Eugene and wombat moment plus another thing but much less interesting than wombat/slime flirt action :yellow_heart:

[E04 Q&A] Raul Remembers
(uncecio) #29

speedpaint from today's session, agoritia baby

edit: i didn't like the brighter background, also forgot the facemarks : O

(Darkvlagor) #30

Wow didn't see that the thread kept going ! These are so good holyshit pretty sure it's gonna mindblow the cast ! Never saw that much fanarts in such a short amount of time haha you rock

(uncecio) #31

I just had some free time lately so I took the opportunity to practice,
I created the thread also for others tho share they're own fan arts to have it all in one place , so far i'm the crazy fanartmaniacovernebulajazz alone lol

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #32

Already called you a legend before, hard to go up from there, so ehm, lemme just say im happy you are part of this community :). Great work.

(Krokoschoko) #33

man this is great, I hope you'll do more!

(uncecio) #34

I'm back with a quick one, how this episode has make you feel @AdamKoebel @Dexteritybonus @Strippin ?

(AdamKoebel) #35

oh my looooooooooooooooooooooooord

(uncecio) #36

before being covered in blood :wink: @Strippin

(TheisSJ) #37

I made a thing and just wanted to share it :slight_smile:

(Kol_Saresk) #38

Oh yes. This is just beautiful.

(banned) #39

You're gonna carry that jar...

(Aureylian) #40

Hi! Would there be a way for me to email you about this art? I'm looking to make a mock ad-poster for the live show and wanted to see if you could potentially work this into something for me :slight_smile: