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Nebula Jazz Cast Q&A // Final Episode

(quasi79) #41

Will Sam or Dodger be featuring in any future rollplay Campaigns… Is there any way to have another season of Nebula Jazz at some future point

(ViceVersa951) #42

How did the expectations of the narrative y’all wanted to create line up with Fate Accelerated? For instance, did y’all have any ideas beforehand that, later, didn’t fit into the game? Likewise, did any game mechanics foster narrative that you wouldn’t have fathomed otherwise?

(Ty_martinez) #43

Where do you see the season 1 characters in this new world?

(Leo_Danica) #44

For everyone: How has it been playing a more narrative RPG for 2 seasons now? is it more fun than something like D&D for you.

For Dodger: how does Artemis rank on your list of Rollplay characters? Were you ever tempted to make a Juliette-like character for Nebula Jazz?

(sythmaster) #45

Q: [Everyone] What compel are you glad wasn’t given? Ssn1 or Ssn2.

(AminalCrackerz) #46

Were there any brilliantly planned moments that were scrapped/altered in favor of an equally brilliant situation created organically by the cast?

(Bastinenz) #47

Adam: The name of Emperor Darkthrone is a great (double) reference, but how can you possibly justify it in a Universe where Earth was destroyed in 1986? After all, Darkthrone didn’t acutally call themselves Darkthrone until 1987 and, on top of that, Emperor didn’t even form until 1991! There, I got you – try talking your way out of this one, you big phoney! My knowledge of Black Metal is superior to yours, meaning I’m much more cvlt than you! Take that!

(Kazapher) #48

I want to start out by thanking all of you for doing this show, it’s been amazing and I’ve loved every second of it. So I have two questions for you all, first of all, what gave you the ideas for your characters (Seasons 1 and 2), like why did you decide to make them the way you did, and if you had the chance would you change them in any way? Secondly, will we be seeing any of you in future RollPlay shows now that Nebula Jazz is over? Thanks everyone, it’s been great.

(DanBirGre) #49

Why wouldn’t Luna use her “gas” cure on her own people? Would it have helped at all?

(leovic1) #50

What is the jazz of the nebula?

(gandalf55) #51

Adam, what would you have done if you didn’t convince Rex not to eat Thuja in the beginning of season 1?

(FikonSpik) #52

I know it’s too late now, but I would have loved for Luna to have returned to what would have been the dark ruins of her homeworld, finding that everyone had gone away or died during some horrific aftershock from Artemis’ wish.

With the same backstory as Pokket revealed in the end still in place - that she really did something huge and awful and tried to make amends.

In my own fan-fic ending, Luna would return to her homeworld, walking the long and darkened walkway into the citadel in silence. Upon confirming that her people was gone and reflecting on her part in it she would take a seat amongst the rubble from the crumbling ruins and the camera would pan out from the ruins until we could no longer see her for the dust and debris in the air.

Overall I really enjoyed both the show and its ending and I’m going to miss staying up way to late to catch this madness of a show!

(profnesbitt) #53

Well before everything was revealed I liked the idea that all Agaran females were actual badasses and the males were universally like Darkthrone. Great show. I’ll miss it. Really excited about a new swn show.

(Twitch: acggryphon) #54

Ikinda wanna know I know rex officially retired in the epilogue but did he go to the penguin home world and slaughter them just to make sure something like marece didn’t happen again like he said he would

(Twitch: MythicBlueHill) #55

After watching the finale and the discussion, Mingasi and their way of integrating other species to them sounds similar how Culture works in Banks’ books. This time with genetics but manipulation of culture and religion to subdue them more easily. How much of this was planned or did it just happen @AdamKoebel?

Thanks for awesome show everybody!

(AdamKoebel) #56

The Culture novels are a big inspiration for me for sure. Also the Radchaai from The Radch Trilogy

(Kol_Saresk) #57

I’m reading that now and the Radchaai are just infinitely fascinating to me.

(Twitch: MythicBlueHill) #58

Hmm, more books I need to check out. Thanks!

(vladtheimploded) #59

Well, I just watched 2 seasons of nebula jazz in about 2 weeks. I absolutely loved the creativity, humor, and attitude of everyone and everything. EVERYTHING. Now I guess I need to check out Swan Song? Or is there another show with most/all of this cast that I can binge watch?

More importantly, are we going to see more stories in the Nebula Jazz universe anytime soon? Everyone played off of each other so well; I really hope you do more together even if it’s a different game/system entirely.

P.S. Y’all have really hit that RP itch for me, and I might have to get my old group back together and tell some stories with them. The 'ol creativity juices… they are a’flowin!

P.P.S. we never learned what B.A.S.I.L. stood for did we? Or is that just another mystery for the fanfic people to flesh out?

(Olf_Himself) #60

You should watch Swan Song because it’s amazing but if you specifically want this cast watch Balance of Power.