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Nebula Jazz Cast Q&A // Final Episode

(apepi) #21

Yeah that was the one I was thinking of, but after all the things that happen(even in one episode) it is hard to remember.

(RogueSnorlax13) #22

Which character over both seasons would win an old school WWE Ladder Match?

(theworldsminion) #23

To what extent was Nebula Jazz just a thinly vailed excuse for Adam to flirt with his friends? :stuck_out_tongue: What were peoples favourite dynamics and are there any you wish you could have explored more?

(Fiain) #24

Did Sam know from the start that Rex’ princess was dead ? And / Or did anyone else know that bombshell ?

(Satheus) #25

Which one thing would you have wanted happen the most?
A thing that had failed or never got to do.

(profnesbitt) #26

What were the original characters up to between the end of season 1 and start of season 2? And in case they aren’t included in the ending vignettes, what are they up to now?

(smokintolkien) #27

What are some of the positives and negatives of using the Fate system in comparison to other roll playing games you’ve tried?

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #28

To everyone: If you could add a 5th player to the group, which one would fit in the most with Nebula Jazz style of play? And who would you pick?

(Twitch: xRandomYo) #29

We may find the answer to this question from the characters POV in the coming session, but as players: If you could go back and do it all again, would you change anything? If so, what?

(Vanquol) #30

If you could have Nebula Jazz as a Show who would you have be the Director and if you could have it as a Comic who would be the Artist for it?

(Twitch: Laekri) #31

Adam! Who killed the Prince? The players found his body and, if i remember correctly, the cigarette with half blooded DNA on it in the room with the body. Did the Princess kill the Prince? Please explain. Thank you.

(DanBirGre) #32

How did you grow as a player from season 1 to season 2? Also, If you could, would you want to revisit the Nebula Jazz universe in the future?

(Twitch: UnkindledChaos) #33

Marry, Fuck, Kill your cast mates characters, (old rex, basil, artemis, luna)

(SoonRaccoon) #34

How was the journey doing two seasons of Fate Accelerated? Do you think Fate will make an appearance on RollPlay again?

(vinificus) #35

will this cast get back together to do another show?

  1. Who gets Play of the Campaign?

  2. For Adam - is there a system that you haven’t used yet that you are really interested in trying out?

(luke_lavablade) #37

Did you like using Fate Accelerated?

(Timbress) #38

Strippin - When did you decide that the princess was no longer in play?
Dodger - Can you talk about how you felt when Sam’s secret was revealed?

(DoctyWho) #39

For everyone: What songs would you pick to best represent Seasons 1 and 2 of Nebula Jazz.

For everyone: Which bloodthirsty Agaran sister is your favorite?

For Dodger: Out of all your Rollplay characters, who has been your favorite to play? Which do you feel has been the most emotionally taxing?

For Sam: So what exactly did happen to the Princess after the plague hit?

(airwavehero) #40

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO QUINBA? the world needs to know!