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Nebula Jazz Cast Q&A // Final Episode

As part of the show finale we wanted to answer some of your fan questions - post them here!


What was everyone’s favourite organic moment and what was their favourite planned moment?

Question for everyone: Which season’s character did you enjoy playing more?


Everyone: what will you miss the most about the show?

How do you feel your characters changed from the first episode to the last episode we see them?

For Everyone (but especially Jesse) - How did Nebula Jazz change your perspective on GMing and do you feel like it helped for wanting to GM in the future?

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Everyone, including Adam: What are some things you maybe, slightly wish you had done differently, Season 1 or 2? Either a decision your character made, or a decision you made about your character, or anything really, even if it’s minor.

For Everyone: Looking back on both seasons, what do you think Nebula Jazz ended up being “about,” thematically? Also: how could you end now, after making us love you so much T.T

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Why is Jesse so amazing at playing the bad guy? lol. No, but seriously, how much of the general story do you plan beforehand with the player’s knowledge? Or do they generally know as much as the audience does at the start of each episode?

Question for the whole cast: What was your favorite moment out of both seasons?

Everyone: What is something that surprised you, or changed between the conceptualisation of your character, and when you sat down and started to play them?

For Adam: The above, but for NPC’s?

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Related to the favorite moment: Which dice roll was the most nerve-wracking one?

How did you like Fate Accelerated as system for the campaign? What are its strengths and weaknesses (answers from both player and GM perspectives)? Where you think the game could have gone if there was 3rd season? What would you add to the world/ game now when you look backwards?

Thanks for awesome show. I’ll be doing catch up with the VODs soon.

What was everyone’s favorite joke or gag from the series?

To Everyone: What is your favourite piece of Nebula Jazz fanart? What piece of Nebula Jazz fanart do you find the sexiest?

For everyone: What is one character, place, or object (from either season) that you wish you got more information or backstory of?

For everyone: How did this game change the way you see roleplay for future roleplaying games?

I just want to mention my favorite scene, though I am a bit fuzzy on the details:
I remember there was a scene first season(Somewhat early in the season) there was this scene with Rex and Qin fighting against something and Strippin was doing something crazy and Jessie thought that it couldn’t work, but it did. It seemed to shatter Jessie’s mind and from that point on he played much differently. The evolution of his play really astounded me, that one scene could have that much impact on someone’s roleplaying.

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For Adam: are there any NPCs, settings, or events that you planned for/thought of that we never got to see? Any ideas you have for the greater Galaxy that wasn’t part of this particular story?

Maybe the scene you’re thinking of is when they were fighting the piranha drone ship/bike things? I think that was the part where Rex tried to bungie jump out of the back of the ship and punch one in the face or something like that, and then Jesse lost it and took control of one of the drone’s right after. I completely forgot that scene was even in the show.

I was trying to think of a question that was along those lines too, like ‘What was a moment that helped you realize the all the crazy shit you could do in this game?’ I think everyone probably had a before and after experience where they figured out the narrative possibilities were endless after one crazy move.

Thank you all for the show! It’s been awesome.
Who was your favorite NPC throughout the seasons?

If you could play any RPG with the same cast what game would you want to do?

Lastly what was your favorite surprise or reveal throughout the Show?