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Mystery Teaser Tweets

UPDATE: GM GEOFF! RollPlay: The Grim (One Shot) — Mon April 17 6PM EDT

So these tweets have been posted once per day for the last few days at the same exact time (4:20 Pacific? Blazeit :itmejphappy:). What do you guys think?

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I’m assuming it’s teasing the next one-shot for this month. The last tweet makes me think of Mr. Sicarian, but I dunno.

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So Lord Scurlock is now Johnny G?

For some reason I find it weird for the Live Show to be a show that JP isn’t on since they are in his house. :itmejplol:


I heard rumors it’s a Swan Song reboot.

Do we think the fact it is being posted at 7:20 EST has any significance other than the potential date?

Let’s just put a pin in that, label it “not likely”, and move to games that have settings where one person being unkillable is supposed to be a rare thing. And where Johnny G is a normal name.

PLEASE :itmejplol:

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New tweet:

@Jabba_the_space_gangster I was thinking live show when I first saw it, but then JP said the next show won’t be until after E3, which means ?July? Seems really early to start teasing it out now.

@freckled1der90 Actually… the timestamp being a date would make a ton of sense. July 20th would fit a live show slot I assume. But if it’s Adam posting these on Pacific time, then April 20th for something?

Seems more like one shot most definitely. But the schedule says 4/20 is a 12 hour stream, whereas 4/17 is “something special”.

So I’m not sure what the significance of the time is.

But the terminology puts me in mind of something Shadowrun-y, but more likely it’s just a game system I’m unfamiliar with, which wouldn’t be too hard.

Deploy is a more modern word used in the placement of technology, especially weaponry. As for Johnny G, that’s a modern naming method.

So either a game system or setting that puts it in relatively modern times, like Masks, Nebula Jazz, or Shadowrun.

Is there a drug focused game out there? Cause you know, 420 Blaze It.

Shadowrun had some drugs.

It seems unlikely to me that, with the exception of D&D, JP will look to repeat a system so I don’t think it’ll be shadowrun.

Those were my thoughts. D&D is typically the only repeat, but each show is so different from the last that it doesn’t matter.

That said, we did get a Swan Song Revival One Shot so who knows? It could even be a 5th Edition of Shadowrun.

But yeah, I’m leaning towards something new. Although it could be another Fate or Dungeon World game since those rules are pretty dang flexible.

Shadowrun is a good guess. If so I guarantee you Adam will use the Anarchy rules and not 5th.

He did somewhat however that was beta. 5th is just so complex but who knows.

where did you heard these rumorsss? don’t make me hope

if is for the next liveshow it’s going to be a long way, after E3, so many tweets to wait then

I’m just playing around sorry.

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