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Multi Class Ideas

(Olf_Himself) #1

With the characters gaining in levels the players might start considering multi classing.
What kind of combinations would you guys like to see?
I think it would be cool if Volnach dipped a level or two into Rogue. He could do some really cool stuff with those skills and save Ki Points at the same time.

(Darkvlagor) #2

Berg could use a fighter level for the heavy armor + adrenaline rush :thinking:
Multiclassing a monk is tricky because martial art level is scaled for the higher CR, a d6 could help for 2 levels but at higher level it could pose problem to not have that reach the higher dmg. But you gotta admit, that sweet Expert skill is dope :smile:

With that team comp it's hard to choose a useful multiclass.
- Heal : Paladin + 3 racial
- Tank : Paladin/Barbarian
- Utility : Monk/Warlock
- Damage : Warlock/Paladin burst + Monk consistent damage
- Social : 1 CHA principal stat, 1 CHA second stat, 1 pretty CHA
- Recon : Warlock Gaze of Two Minds
The only flaw I see here is range, stealth and trap, so yeah could consider a multiclass rogue that could provide in a mediocre way for those 3 points. Monk's mobility can deal with ranged ennemies with the warlock support.
Tho regarding this comp, it's pretty solid. As Long As the Paladin takes the aggro, Monk/Warlocks are glasscanons and can be fucked pretty quick.

(Typoko) #3

While i personally like multi classing i'm not sure if it would be beneficial for the party atm. Dan seems to be pretty serious about knowing all of the mechanics that he needs, but to me it feels like Max and JP still lack a bit when starting to take multi classing and actually gain benefit from it. Multi classing tends to rely on using all of the abilities efficiently.

And no, i'm not shooting. It's just easy to multi class and then notice that you actually would have wanted that feat when everyone else gets it, two hits with an Attack action or those god like level 3 spells.

But as you said, few levels of Rogue could give a lot for Volnach, but that combo gives extreme amount of tools to play with.

(Typoko) #4

You actually don't get heavy armor from multiclassing in to fighter. (PHB p. 164) :confused:

Yep, this is what they are missing. More so if Max decides to play Berg instead of Volnach.

I'm also not certain, but there has been rumours that the next "continue point" would be level 6. When creating a character that starts at level 6 it will be much easier to multiclass efficiently.

(TheDesec) #5

One day I'll play a Fighter with the Magic Initiate feat. at 1st level (human variant, unfortunately. I'd prefer a dwarf).

  Magic Initiate
Choose a class: bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, warlock, or wizard. You learn two
cantrips of your choice from that class’s spell list. In addition, choose one 
1st-level spell from that same list. You learn that spell and can cast it at its
lowest level. Once you cast it, you must finish a long rest before you can cast
it again.
Your spellcasting ability for these spells depends on the class you chose:
Charisma for bard, sorcerer, or warlock; Wisdom for cleric or druid; or 
Intelligence for wizard.

Cantrips: Thunderclap (EE), Light
1st Level: Thunderwave

Story: Former soldier in some army. Close friend in the army was a bard and taught some stuff.

At 2nd or 4th level find an excuse (magic spell gone wrong, or an item) to multi-class into Sorcerer (Wild Magic). I love that random stuff.

Become battle mage. Be awesome. Not sure if it would work out :sweat_smile:

One day :itmejpcute:

(Darkvlagor) #6

Glasscanons cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough

(Darkvlagor) #7

@Typoko I never mutli-class didn't know the rules, thanks for the enlightment :itmejpgmlol::itmejpgmref:

@TheDesec You could go for the Eldritch Knight :grin:

(Unfortunatename) #8

Monks are not great for multiclassing generally as they get so much for their levels and cant use martial arts with armour and dont want weapon proficiencies. 2 levels in rouge costs you 2 ki points too. The moon druid monk multiclass is a thing people like the idea of but natural weapons as monk weapons doesnt follow the rules so its actually awful.

Level 4 and 5 are two levels you especially dont want to skip out on because your ability score improvement/feat (lvl4) and 1st extra attack (lvl 5) are big power spikes

+My mistake he dipped a level in spoiler> corspe <spoiler

(putridcheese) #9

Monk can dip into Rogue or Fighter. A warlock into bard for extra heals.

I'd rather they not multi-class, especially Max. He already has a hard time keeping track of his own characters' features.

(VyRe40) #10

I thought ability score improvements happen consistently per overall character level and not class level (Monk 3 + Rogue 1 = PCMulti 4, for instance).

(Unfortunatename) #11

Nope they are tied to class level, if you look all classes get their first 1 at lvl 4 but fighters get more than any other class as they progress

(VyRe40) #12

Mm, yeah. It can still be worth it if your stats are already pretty strong, but for a more mediocre character I'd prioritize score improvements.

(Unfortunatename) #13

The game is balanced around the array* so if you have a high powered character and take the ability score you stay ahead of the intended curve!

*(+3 mod at 1 then +4 mod at 4 then +5 mod at 8)

There are many choices. All end in death.

(VyRe40) #14

Yep. However, if you roll stats and end up with a stronger array, then dabbling with multiclassing can pad you out better. Like maining as a Druid but picking up a couple levels in Monk to bump your AC, give you alternative melee engagement options, and get ki actions.

(Unfortunatename) #15

Would that be for a land druid? dipping slows down moon druid CR progression (which is a massive drawback)

I think rouge might fit better than monk since cunning action doesn't cost ki and martial arts and unarmored defense require you ditch all armor and shields

(Utherix) #16

Probably the best Multiclass I've seen is Fighter 1 / Warlock X

It's just a better Arcane Figher.

(VyRe40) #17

Yes, land specifically. There's crossover with high wisdom and some damage optimization with the unarmed + simple weapons. Ki is decent with a spellcaster when you don't have to commit fully to melee anyway.

But really it depends on your party composition and general team playstyle, which I feel is one of the biggest factors in deciding to multiclass... Among what kind of game your DM is running and what's "fun" for you. For those that really want to optimize mechanics, there's the classic 3/4 cleric + wizard party, which fills out every role and pads the party out with tons of healing/rez.

(Karamor) #18

Ki points require at least two levels in monk, which delays spell casting progress a lot.

Druids also have Shillelagh, so the most you get is a bonus attack from round two onwards for 1d4 with DEX attack and a slightly better AC, if at all, if you have high dex, too.

It's really not worth it.

Moon druids can't even use about any monk features when shape shifted.

Overall Monks are nearly always just a bad choice to multi class. They get about everything they could want from other classes themselves, so you only delay getting those features and those features are incompatible with most other classes.

Even if you want to be the sneak you are better serverd by just making a monk with a criminal background to get proficiency in thieves' tools, instead of multi classing rogue.

(Monstercloud1) #19

That's not completely true. You can use Ki to use Patient Defense or Step of the Wind, as neither have any physical restrictions (other than perhaps the jump modifier for SotW). You also retain the increased movement, as... well, you're physically capable of moving while shifted.

But you are right in that Monk is a terrible class to multi class into, between the utility and limitations on said utility, the awkward multiclass requirement (DEX/WIS 13), and anything juicy you might want from an archetype requires 3 levels, Even if your game goes to level 20 (which rarely happens), the main reason why people consider multiclassing, for Moon druids it means missing out on not only Archdruid (Unlimited shapeshift), but Beast Spells, allowing you to cast spells while shapeshifted.

(VyRe40) #20

Ki abilities + beast shape + unarmored defense/movement (beastform counts as unarmored when it doesn't have natural armor, Monk passive translates over) = naked (ambushed while resting, etc.) hyper sponge tank build.

"You retain the benefit of any features from your class, race, or other source and can use them if the new form is physically capable of doing so." Some of this might be open to DM interpretation, and I've read a lot of different DMs giving out different rulings on Beast Monks. An Ape or some such would probably be the most appropriate for some of the abilities. But you shouldn't get the unarmed strike in most situations since beasts usually use "natural weapons". Overall, this would probably be useless in a party full on barbs/monks/fighters, but effective with a team of rogues/glass casters.

BUT. Back to the original point, there are plenty of (better) multiclass options out there that don't detract heavily from your progression curve:

Improved Crit for a L3 ChampFighter on a Half-Orc Barb, plus action surge etc. makes for absolutely ridiculous crit-blasting.

Paladin main with a couple levels in Warlock bumps your spell slots for Smite output and gives you an easy range option (unlimited Eldritch Blasts, forreal?)

Rogues and Warlocks are just generally decent multiclass dips for offensive characters with strong arrays, but utility/support-minded characters might pick up Bard/Cleric for a bump if your party is too soft.