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Multi Class Ideas

(Karamor) #21

It is completely true. "Can't use about any" means they can use only a very few of the class features. That is the truth.

(Monstercloud1) #22

One thing to keep in mind that as far as unarmored AC goes, you have to decide which of the two ACs you want to use, (Beast or Unarmored Defense) as sometimes beast AC is higher than unarmored.. The option is nice though, which is mostly the point of multiclassing.

Of the 4 class abilities you can get with monk at a two level dip, only 1 is absolutely useless in beast form, while you can still use 2 of the 3 things with Ki. 1.3 out of 4 is hardly "(just) about any".

(Ground_control) #23

Actually, when most character classes gain a second attack per action at Level 5, multi-classing really require some thinking.. Sometime it's not an as good idea as the player think it is. A level 3 monk/level 2 Rogue does a lot less damage on average (even with the extra d6) than a pure lvl 5 monk.
I would advice against multi-classing most melee class before level 5 and the extra attack for that reason alone.

(Ground_control) #24

Hex blades are nice, yeah.

(Darkvlagor) #25

With a mountain dwarf you can have the equivalent tho, with weapon+armor training. If we tryhard the min/max

(Adrian00v) #26

Berg could go for a level of life domain cleric to get heavy armor proficiency, three cantrips and two spell slots of the 1st level. He could only prepare one spell per long rest (without the two always-prepared spells from the domain), but with a high enough AC it wouldn't be too hard for him to keep a bless concentration up for some time during a battle. Or he could just prepare healing word to bring someone back on his feet using a bonus action.

Seems good, but I think he already put it into strength. Kind of sad, since he could probably get full plate set quite easily now.

EDIT: Well, I forgot that barbarians do not get rage benefits when wearing heavy armor. Disregardd this post! Thx @Olf_Himself for the reminder!

(Olf_Himself) #27

Problem is that with heavy armor he can't use his rage which makes his Barb choices useless.

(Zandivya) #28

Berg can multiclass to Bard and then do metal lute solos while raging.

(Karamor) #29

Barbarians can't cast or concentrate on spells while raging either.

So no bless and he'd have to end his rage to get someone up with a healing spell.

(Typoko) #30

Just for those that have ideas for Bergs multiclassing: Only stat he has over 13 is Strength so he can only multiclass in to Fighter from the Barbarian.

(VyRe40) #31

He should probably wait until after he gets his extra attack at L5 before multiclassing. I would say putting his next 6 levels into Fighter with Great Weapon and Champion would be decent, especially for the +2 ability score improvements at Fighter4 and Fighter6 considering Berg's mediocre stats.

(Ground_control) #32

Oh yeah multiclassing berg.
Re: Berg and the many multiclassing suggestions.
Those are Berg's attributes: STR16.00 DEX12.00 CON12.00 INT8.00 WIS6.00 CHA6.00
Classes he can multiclass to: fighter
Classes he can't multiclass to: everything else unless he raise some attribute at level 4.

(Monstercloud1) #33

I think Berg should really stay away from multiclassing. ASIs are too much of a boon to him, and every level after an ASI has a good feature (Extra Attack at 5th, Brutal Critical at 9th/13th/17th).

(VyRe40) #34

Brutal Crit plus Enhanced Crit at FighterChamp3 can be really strong, especially with the Great Weapon rerolls. And Fighter gives some quick ASIs at 4,6, and 8 (I'd say stop at 6).

(Monstercloud1) #35

True, but I don't think building around crit is a good idea in 5e, as there's no way to get 18-20 or 15-20 to crit, which is why crit builds were so popular in 3.5/Pathfinder.

(VyRe40) #36

Honestly, I just think the Fighter ASIs are the biggest thing for Berg specifically, though GWMaster is a pretty good deal for his damage output as a "squishy" Barb. I think it might average out to about +2 better for every hit (trash can mathstimating), which is less reliant on crit-buffing overall. And, it dogpiles onto crits as an extra little bonus. They'll probably want to macro those rerolls, though, since it's easy to forget.

Oh, and Second Wind/Action Surge just seem really good for Berg with those clutch deadly fights every week (SW after racial passive triggers which is extra potent with the Barb resistances, AS with Reckless/Berserk against fatties).

(Monstercloud1) #37

I was under the impression that you wanted to go 6 Barb then the rest fighter, but it looks like you were talking about going 6 levels of fighter and then going back to barb.

In the first case, at best case scenario (a game that goes to 20), you'd be getting 1 extra ASI, and be getting your 5th one level sooner than you would if you stayed pure barb. In the second case, you're getting the exact same number of ASI's as you would if you just stayed barb, but you would get the 3rd one sooner (which would go into CON probably). You do get an additional chance to crit, but it's a pretty small increase (5% to 10%). That chance is increased or decreased based on how many times you can attack and (dis)advantage rolls, but I wouldn't rely too much on advantage rolls (especially when it comes to reckless attacks).

In both cases, we have no idea if Berg would even live long enough to see if those levels sacrificed would be worth it, or if CoS would even be around for that period of time for Berg to get the XP required.

(Typoko) #38

!Spoiler for the latest episode!

Just as a reminder, Berg just got a +2 Warhammer. While it can be used with two hands, the great weapon master isn't that great with weapons that only have one dice instead of two. Berg has also been a sword and broad character the whole time to get any kind of AC.

Also, i think Battle Master is super good. It gives crazy amounts of versatility. Much better than Champion if you don't want to go for the max big numbers.

(VyRe40) #39

I do normally prefer Battle Master, but I imagine Max's vision for Berg is about that crit DPS.

(Typoko) #40

I think Bergs thing is picking stuff that sounds cool. :itmejpexcite::itmejpgg: