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[LIVE SHOW] Swan Song Live


(rachel_woodruff) #41

I've had a long list of questions written down since episode 50, but I'll just stick with one theory and one question.

Sicarian didn't exactly have typical psychic powers and he didn't exactly get them in the typical way. I remember the people who gave Piani the eye showing her a vision of Sicarian's power losing control. Since it manifested as dark tendrils that caused fear, I think his power was connected to this mysterious darkness that the Warmind was built to fight. Which makes me wonder if the wolf that kept showing up in the Quia arc was supposed to be the Warmind or that mysterious darkness.

Anyway, my one question is, what happened to Prosper? I was so happy to see Viktor (?) in episode 50 but I'd also love closure on my favorite French zealot.

Thank you for Swan Song.

(Ty_martinez) #42

Great show everyone I have so many emotions I have to process though. anyway Adam do you think that if swan song were to ever return as a full show again would the show be the same cast playing the same characters or do you feel like those characters are done and a new cast or crew would take the spotlight?

(AdamKoebel) #43

So, I figure that Sicarian got kind of the God Emperor treatment, where at the end of his life, his genetic material was incorporated into a kind of super-soldier program and that the Pfotenhauer Society became more and more insular and a kind of warrior cult to the great Sicarian. I think they worked with the Highbeam for a time, but that a schism drove them apart, but this happened after Sicarian and Howard's time.

I just liked the feeling of 3318.

La Fantome, seeing the power of her sibling, became insular - protecting what she had and her children, she ran the planet but was cut off from the rest of the universe as a result.

Gosh, I think it's mostly improvised, with a few little bits and pieces I'd been sure to include.

I had planned to have Randy Randy someone. So there's that. That was the plan whatever else happened. I left it to the players to deal with.

They were! I'm not sure the purpose of the other AI, but I imagine it's all connected to Ragnarok, and The Coming Darkness.


The Purity Initiative and Onintza Muerte merged to form a humanist TL 5 super-nihilist death faction.

Heck yes, they're the state religion of Asa, y'all.

Earth is... well, check out Kevin Crawford's game "Other Dust" to see what's up on Earth.

It never came up in play, but long story short, time travel and alternate dimension shit.

(Aquila_21) #44

@AdamKoebel so what happened with the space illuminati? did they try to combat warmind or just go into hiding after the events of episode 50 playing the long game? Were they still around during the events of this session even?

(AdamKoebel) #45

They were hunted down and killed, one at a time, by a certain crazed cyborg...

(PrimarchtheMage) #46

Tearful Sniffle

They grow up into dietyhood so fast. No wonder Geoff wanted us to ask.

(BlunderfulGuy) #47

Swan Song is such a great show and quickly became a favorite for me, not just of the RollPlay I've watched or other great content on Twitch or YouTube, but if there was a new episode I'd easily pick this over new Netflix and HBO shows. A solid return to the universe with great players, more awesome moments, today was beyond cool. Thank you all!

Out of all of the questions I've had over the years, I always wonder about the true, original, unbroken AI. I got the feeling that these AI would inevitably come together as a divine court of this part of the world to prepare for a cosmic force unknown to humanity, fighting one another like Greek gods and goddesses until then, trying to assert dominance until one comes out as the strongest, as the greatest hope I suppose. I wonder, are the "Supreme AI" capable of reproduction?
For Pi and Warmind, it seems they only spread their being like a web and connect to other technology and can't create full clones or true offspring. It would make sense to me that they are forced to either assist other technology or biology around them or rule and control by force to fulfill their purpose, yet they can show a psychic connection to the world much like some humans which makes me question their limitations as entities.
Can they only make hybrid offspring by assimilation or semi-functioning, broken offspring by construction, or... Did we never get to see two AI interact peacefully (or sexually), and Pi is perhaps a child in the literal sense, the offspring of two parents left to grow into an even stronger being?

(Aquila_21) #48

Oh also what happened with the caliphate? Were they mostly sheltered from the outside strife and thus largely unaffected?

Did you have plans for if they would have decided to contact Pfotenhaurer? How far from Sicarians original ideals had they gone?

(Munkey8486) #49

When you were prepping did you come up with the idea for President Higgs and some of what became the Legend of Brumpo Tungus or did that all just evolve naturally in play because of the rolls that were made?

And I have to echo everyone else saying that it was a fantastic show. The players and the storytelling was amazing. Hats off to everyone involved from the set, production, and cast. Can't wait to see where the live shows go from here.

(Failgaming103) #50

Idk why I thought of this, but I did. The timeline for the grandkids, Van Dorne's and Higgs, are really strange. They should be great grandkids at that long of a time, even with future space science.
For Higgs, assumibg that he got that girl pregnant almost close to right at the beginning of the time jump, and for Boregard to be in his mid-twenties, Higg's child must've concieved him in their 90's.
For Van Dorne's case, both Rajani and her child close to their 50's.
Like I said, i have no clue why i thought of this, but i did, and now have shared it with the internet.

(VyRe40) #51

What happened to Andoni after Cabral and Richardson swept in post-apocalypse?

What was the deal with the Richardson job from episode 1?

(Breenvyu) #52

Thank you all so, so much for doing this. Episode 50 was amazing, but there was so much left unanswered that I never really felt like I fully got closure. This was an excellent way to wrap everything up and give the series the ending it deserved. I still want more, of course. I'd love to see some more Swan Song stories as a one-shot or a short miniseries to explore more of the world. But I'm totally satisfied with this being the end of Pi & the crew's story.

(AdamKoebel) #53

What indeed? A very good question.

(AdamKoebel) #54

All that biz was utterly on the fly.

(SeekoBlastar) #55

I'm going to join the team in saying "Thank You" so much for the show today. Swan Song held a special place in my heart and seeing the gang back was something I wasn't sure I'd ever see again. So "THANK YOU!" to the entire cast and crew for sharing this with us!

(GreyGryphon) #56

Fucking Mercer just dropping the best roleplay EVER with that final speech with Pi.

So many onions.

(GreyGryphon) #57

Where is Prosper at, btw? What happened with him, y'think?

(GreyGryphon) #59

Also shout out to SCOOTS (sadScoots!?) for nailing audio/video this time. There was a bout of [heavy breathing] from nasally Wheat, but it was fixed quickly and just in general amazing job this time around.

Effing. Nailed. It.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #60

:joy: I feel this should be on a poster.

"Some" clips -

Debt free Swan Song
Adam, Matt, and the Kids
Faulty Programming
It wasn't me - Higgs
The reroll was worth it
Shut up Pi!
The return of the great Brumpo Tungus
Higgins DNA test
Tungus Socialism
"You're an idiot" - Higgs
"There'e my little murder kid" - Piani
Piani almost air-locked herself
2 nukes over the limit
Mercer's heroic speech
Brumpo Tungus is so nice to Higgs

(banned) #61

Are we getting a Post Live Show GM turn after all this then? Or since we had an open ending are you leaving it here?