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[LIVE SHOW] Swan Song Live

Great show by all those involved. Thank you to the Cast and Crew <3
Stayed up all night to watch and the hours just flew by.

@AdamKoebel is La Fantome still alive with the Space french and is her presence keeping the warmind at bay from them?

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As someone who has been watching RollPlay shows since the original series, Swan Song has been and will continue to be one of my favorite stories. Hats off to Adam for helping weave such a fine tapestry, and to all of the cast members who make up its threads.


That was even greater experience live than episode 50 was. Stellar job, monsieur Koebel.

One question, were Le Phantom, the Chariot, and the Panopticon also made by the Shindel, and if so what were their purposes? Because we now know exactly why they created Le Enfant and the Warmind with specific goals in mind, that being defeating the ‘Darkness’.

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Also, the reveal of Earth was awesome. I expected it to happen, especially when it was revealed that Pi’s siblings were too scared to communicate with him. I instantly thought “oh shit, he found Earth, that’s why they are so scared”. but the way you presented it was still incredible with the tunnel of psychics and the whole “I found something… distant”. I’ve been hoping since the first episode of Swan Song that Earth would be found somehow, so it was cool that it actually WAS found, in a way. The imagery of that whole part of the game was great with the nanite sigrid and stuff. But the Earth reveal felt very “long time coming” so that was great.


Your cheeks were EXTRA red after matt’s shoutout, did he make you like super blush there or am I dumb…or both?


As someone who caught up with some of Swan Song after it ended, this live show surpassed my wildest expectations. Everything was absolutely incredible, from the set, to the production, and of course, the cast. Thank you for the open ending, Adam. <3

I guess I’ll bite: what happened to Sicarian? Pfotenhauer in general?

Also, I’d like to note the irony of the location of Earth being displayed in the remains of the Harridan’s Heart, a ship once commanded by a man with an obsession towards all things Earth.


First of all, thank you so much to you guys for creating such an awesome universe. I love everything about Swan Song and hope for more one day!
@AdamKoebel My question is: I think I remember you once asked on twitter if we were interested in Rollplay literature, do you plan to write or continue develop the Swan Song universe in any shape or form?


This truely was your Serenity to the Firefly. Damn you, i want more now :grinning:
Awesome show, you all did great. I was laughing tears.
Well, it’s probably been asked, but anyways: what is our favorite Oct Howard been doing? And when will you stream those couple hundred GM turns?


You magnificent son of a bitch Adam. This was a fantastic bow to top off the wonderful gift to the universe that is Swan Song. Well done to all involved.


Absolutely breathtaking show!

I’d love to know how you imagine the “movie adaptation” of this show. Direction, shooting, etc.
Personally, I imagined it like an anime movie from the 80s-90s directed by Katsuhiro Otomo.

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First praise then questions:
(It’s 3:40AM UK time & 16 units of rum at least…I never measure so whatever)

Matt Mercer great performance. Breaking into the universe is difficult when it’s so well established and rolling with the in-jokes. hopefully you were as satisfied with your own perfermonace as we were watching it.

itmeJP djWHEAT iNcontroLTV - swan song crew till the very last minute - no compromises. :smiley:

@AdamKoebel great DM as usual, even 117 years isn’t enough to knock the shine (or lack thereof :slight_smile: ) off the swan song universe. Great moments throughout, and a few lovely “love letters” to Stephen’s characters. Somehow you manage to wrangle the crew towards a conclusion and not ending up stuck on a planet fighting goons or themselves.

Anyways now for questions:
@adamkoebel Any chance of a settings document? (Or have I just not seen it)
Greatest (or worst) moment form a DM perspective?

itmeJP iNcontroLTV djWHEAT / Matthew Mercer - how easy was it slipping back into character? Any difficulties in maintaining character for 8 hours - even with breaks?

Thanks all great show, and props to SirScoots & Aureylian for production and set design.

(I’ve got a limit of two users ugh…)


The ending narrative was pretty awesome from you and all of the characters. Especially Matt with the character you mashed together for him for the live show. It felt like they were here for more than just this single massive campaign.


One of the strongest aspects of Swan Song, for me, was how PI as an NPC and driving force in the show always felt like they remembered everything ever said to them. I’m curious how much labor you put into remembering all of the conversations with PI. Would you rewatch episodes and take notes on things that were said? Ultimately, for me, it was the feeling that PI remembers all of the things that happened and were said on the ship that made PI a scary force and more believable as a threat.


So what happened to the surviving Andonians? Did they rebuild at all? Is Higgs still wanted for Randy’s murder after 117 years? Last we heard, Cabral took out the faction itself.

What’s going on in Onintza? 117 years ago there was just political chaos and upheaval after upheaval, has it stabilized now?

Are the New Prophets still a thing?

I missed exactly what happened to Howard. Did he betray Sicarian?

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Until this very day I hadn’t noticed the impact this show has had on me. It is the first show I watched and I’ve grown attached to the characters, the settings and the lore so much that I find myself wondering about every detail. Asking every question that comes into my head would be impossible. So Ill ask just a few questions instead:

Lore and Story;

  • Can you give us a rundown of what happened to Sicarian?

  • Where is Howard at? Is he alive? Did he die peacefully?

  • They found Earth, you explained that the Scream separated the colonies from Earth. Are we to presume that that event just broke the communications? Why would people on Earth with the superior technology not manage to reopen a path to the colonies? Did the warmind just plan to warp there? is such a thing possible?

  • I might have missed something. How the fuck is Randy alive?

Other questions:

  • Lets say someone were to develop a piece of media based on swan song, How would one go about licensing? What arc, mission or angle would you like to see?

  • Do you have any regrets about the 50th episode as an ending?

Anyways thanks for everything very much, for your time and your efforts and this goes to all of the crew. One last question though:

Where is the next GM turn?


Howard is eternal! :adamwizard:


@AdamKoebel When Is the next gm turn?

but seriously great show man, Swan Song was half the reason I subbed to JP two years ago. You and Rollplay have deepened my interest in Dungeons and Dragons, and streaming on twitch. I hope for nothing but success in future shows.


No questions, just huge, enormous, humungous gratitude for putting on this show, not just this session but the entirety of Swan Song, from it’s inception to this incredible final goodbye filled with nods to the fans. Swan Song will live forever in my heart and I’m now left with such a bittersweet high after it’s conclusion.

Thank you guys. Thank you @SirScoots and @Aureylian for the background work and production for today. And thank you Matt Mercer for being such a wonderful guest. Thank you @kaitlyn for having been part of the Swan Song universe. But most of all, thank you @AdamKoebel, @itmeJP, @djWHEAT, @iNcontroLTV and Steven Lumpkin for Swan Song.

I’m crying now, I love you and see you all next time :itmejpheart:


Thank you all so much for this show, i loved every moment of it. It was the perfect mix of silly and serious that made me love Swan Song in the first place.
Part of me wished the show would come back, but as nothing lasts forever, this live show really gave good closure to the series. Something that i couldn’t find at the end of Episode 50.

The set design and production were amazing as well. But most of all the audio quality just blew it out the park, i can not stress enough how much i love the new mic setup.

As for Swan Song questions:
-I do wonder about Prosper and if his religious perspective changed anything on Cabral?

-And how did you change the factions for those 117 years? A faster type for GM turn? or just made it up yourself?

Anyway, its past 5 am now. So i’m gonna buy a hoodie and go to sleep.
Thanks again.

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Amazing episode.

Also in my headcanon the following lines will end the Holy Book of Tungusism:

And then in our darkest hour our Lord and Savior Brumpo Tungus returned to destroy the Great Leviathan Warmind. But sadness filled his heart, knowing that by destroying it, he would lose the only real challenge he would have in the Universe. So he challenged the Warmind instead to race him to the edge of universe and onward. And there they race, in the untold leagues away from the Numberless Stars, in the darkest void were time itself is a forgotten memory, until one day Warmind will falter and break apart, losing the race. Then will our Lord return on his hyperboat and bearing the Cantaloupe of Eternity he will make the Universe anew.