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January 1st 2017 Announcements

(Possibly Batman) #1

Miss the announcements? Here is a quick recap

  1. Follower Only Chat.
  2. New streaming schedule (roughly 5pm EST).
  3. Facecam Returns.
  4. Crendor will be running the January Oneshot called DIE-KEA using the Mutant Future rule-set (JP, Dodger, Strippin, and Jesse as players). The show will air on January 15th 2017 at 4pm EST.
  5. The new Rollplay show has a name; Rollplay Nebula Jazz. Shows will start sometime in January. (Jesse, Pokket, Strippin, and Dodger, with Adam as DM). Will be using the FATE Accelerated rule-set. First episode on January 14th 2017 at 4pm EST.
  6. The 4 Year Rollplay Anniversary is coming up and there will be a Rollplay Liveshow in celebration on February 25th with the return of Swan Song (Adam DM, and JP, Geoff, DJWheat, and Matt Mercer as players). This will be a Oneshot*

RollPlay Nebula Jazz logo:

(banned) #2

Just about to throw this up myself lol.

I wonder if Steven was contacted or if they let that one lie since it was Steven's desire to leave originally due to work schedule load.

Hardly matters. I hope it is similar to a SSS in the sense that we do not see movement forward in the universe's timeline rather than an exploration of a past event.

(boeiee) #3

Awesome announcements.
Follower only chat and the new streaming schedule is awesome.
Looking forward to the Crendor one-shot and the new show.
Might be the first live live show i skip though.

(banned) #4

Why would that be, for curiosity's sake?

(Twitch: eyearcana) #5

Pretty cool. Did it cross anyone else's mind that he might say RollPlay Original for the anniversary instead of Swan Song? Here's hoping for the five year.

(disusedgenius) #6

I'm as excited to get to get more Swan Song as I am sad that Steven can't come back for it. Which is to say, very,

(freckled1der90) #7

He left to make more time for West Marches more than he did for work.

(banned) #9

Swan Song was the midnight hours were cutting into his sleep schedule and affecting his work.

West Marches...not so much it would seem.

(banned) #10

That was a side effect. His sleep was being affected by how late Swan Song ran.

(banned) #11

Celebrate the anniversary of Rollplay Legacy on Rollplay Legacy's anniversary? Are you nuts?

Yeah I don't really get it either. It would seem just a move to appease the community after the cancellation and run a game that Adam is interested in returning to as well.

(Possibly Batman) #13

Remember to keep this civil. This is not a place to complain and throw out accusations or speak for Steven or JP.

(Darkvlagor) #14


(moenoel_) #15

They need to get TB in on that and call it the Cooptional Rollplay :itmejphappy:

(banned) #16

I still don't think TB is up for such things due to ongoing health issue treatments.

(moenoel_) #17

He does a weekly three hour podcast, so a four hour oneshot shouldn't be that big of a problem. But yeah, his health and scheduling in general may be a problem for that. Also, back in the Dark Heresy days, I think he said the only reason he even considered joyining in on the RP was because it was 40k, so yeah, probably not happening.

(banned) #18

And that was stated well in the beginning of his treatments (the being on the podcast thing), and Dark Heresy still did not return.

Regardless I fear we're getting too close to off topic so let's leave it there.

(banned) #19

@itmeJP It's cool if you don't want to answer, I understand that completely. I'm sure a lot of us are curious however.

Did you ask Steven about being on the Live Show and it just not work out like Maids? Or was it more of a since Steven left Swan Song of his own volition in the past that you didn't feel it necessary to ask him back?

If the latter, why? Since it's only an 8 hour oneshot?

(MikeInHiFi) #20

I briefly thought that when he started to announce a live show on the anniversary.

I'm very excited about Rollplay Nebula Jazz! :itmejphappy:

(boeiee) #21

I never liked swan song, Not into the sci-fi systems. More a Fantasy/DnD person. Also easier to understand for me since i understand swords and fireballs but not all the stuff in swansong

(banned) #22

I grew out of fantasy personally. I really enjoyed WM because I like weirder older Grimm style fantasy fiction. CoS has yet to really attach to me.

I think it's because cast buy in to the eastern themes is small to none, but Adam digs it really hard which is nice.