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January 1st 2017 Announcements

(IamSax) #23

I'm really looking forward to the Swan Song One Shot. Hugely disappointed when the show was stopped without completing all the major loose ends. I really hope that this one leads to something of a more substantial return of Swan Song. in comparison, I feel like the show stopped somewhere after a point like the end of Empire Strikes Back, but before the end of Return of the Jedi.

Here hoping that the reveal of the cast is a indication of a return to the ship and crew...

(banned) #24

They wrapped everything up pretty well I feel. I mean universal reset is a pretty neat bow to tie on things.

I personally thing it will be more in line with a Swan Song Story over anything after the end of the show.

But there's no way Matt Mercer would have the time for a regular show, so I am personally convinced it's just a nice one shot.

(Aquila_21) #25

I think he could make it work weekly or bi-weekly, he makes time for Critrole and for that he has to be in one location almost every week and makes it. He's a big VA sure but I don't think he works nights (as evidenced by critrole) and weekends for that, and we already have to deal with cons and such between JP Geoff and DJWheat. Not saying it's going to happen but I think you're overselling how packed his schedule is compared to DJWheat even who has a day job and a kid and did two shows a week at one point.

(Kol_Saresk) #26

Nebula Jazz puts me in mind of Cowboy Bepop lol.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #27

Such a great feature. Hopefully a lot less spam bots and drive by trolls

2- New streaming schedule (roughly 5pm EST).

I shall try to adapt! :sleeping:

3- Facecam Returns.

:itmejphappy: yay!

4- Crendor will be running the January Oneshot called DIE-KEA using the Mutant Future rule-set (JP, Dodger, Strippin, and Jesse as players). Will happen sometime in mid-January.

HAHAHAHAHA! this is going to be so awesome. DIE-KEA lol

5- The new Rollplay show has a name; Rollplay Nebula Jazz. Shows will start sometime in January. (Jesse, Pokket, Strippin, and Dodger, with Adam as DM). Will be using the FATE Accelerated rule-set.

so :itmejphype:'d for this! Really cool logo. Would look great on a shirt :itmejpcute: (Sorry I love RollPlay shirts :stuck_out_tongue: )

6- The 4 Year Rollplay Anniversary is coming up and there will be a Rollplay Liveshow in celebration on February 25th with the return of Swan Song (Adam DM, and JP, Geoff, DJWheat, and Matt Mercer as players). This will be a Oneshot*

This is amazing news can't wait :itmejphype:

:heart: :itmejproll::itmejpplay: :heart:

(VyRe40) #28

Voice actors have an unpredictable schedule based solely on when their employers need them for sessions, and they have to do tons of extraneous stuff beyond just their job to stay in the profession, like auditions, workshops, interviews, other creative endeavors (some of them are writers and/or producers), and other PR gigs. Critical Role is the most consistent part of their lives right now cause it's actually become a big aspect of their professional personas, building their talent brand, putting their faces out there, and earning whatever pay they're getting from G&S. And so on.

Don't get me wrong - It would definitely be possible to have Matt on as a regular for Rollplay (and I'd love it), but if anything he has the least consistent schedule out of any of JP's list of guests, and Rollplay is far smaller potatoes for him compared to CR.

(IamSax) #29

Has that actually been confirmed somewhere? I've not seen a post indicating that the rewind we saw in the last episode is a complete reset. Did Adam post that somewhere?I've read through many of the Reddit posts surrounding the final episode and have not seen that confirmed. There were several pointed questions asking in the episode 50 Q&A and Adam purposely did not confirm. was it a reset or did we just play out a dimensional shift in the lest few episodes. As he has said before "Killing us is the least interesting thing he can do, he wants to make us suffer!"

Adam also said in that same Q&A,"I think it's interesting how linearly everyone is seeing that "rewind". It, like so much of the last few episodes, was metaphorical. What we'll see when we come back is very much up in the air..."

Certainly there would be some changes in the verse if there was a time shift giving Higgs a different choice with Randy". However, that doesn't mean a complete wipe, that "rewind" scene could of just been Adam giving us a visual(with some trolling to leave us guessing) of the universe putting itself back together again after Steven's double 1's destroyed it. Many of the primary story arcs could still be left intact. IF there were to be any changes they could of very well have occurred in a Eureka(the show) style effect. There we several statements inside Shindalien Valhalla that indicate that things were not complete....

Shindalien Viktor speak to Piani and says to her, "We put the child in your care and you've done a such fine job so far, but the hardest is still to come. The weapons needs to be stopped."

Previous to that, Shidalien Viktor tells the Erik and the Paini stand in something to the fact of... things were let out and we couldn't put them back in. After which Shindalain Viktor states,"you may not understand what we are trying to do"

All of this indicates that there is still work left to be done on that front. There is also a few statements earlier in the show point towards the attempted bridging between AI and MES. IIRC the Warmind was even trying to bridge that gap. Perhaps because they know that if they could that would allow them to remain intact through a reality swap or whatever you want to call it.

In the end of it all I would like to see a return to Swan Song

(gladpingvin42) #30

I'm exited for both the live show and Die-kea. Rollplay Nebula Jazz sound great too! I am more hesitant about JP:s plans to keep a more regular schedule and play side stories when cast is unavailable. While a regular schedule is great it’ll be hard to make side stories that fit and uphold the quality while at the same time not distracting from the main narrative. One of the reasons I don't watch Steven's Pendragon show or some of Neal's stuff is that there were to many side story filler episodes. I would prefer a slightly more irregular schedule with a 100% focus on the main story to a regular show with filler side episodes.

(RolandHuxley) #31

Super excited for the live show, they have been one of the best things out of the Patreon. Also bringing back Swan Song is awesome .

(banned) #32

I feel like the side quests are fitting in the idea that a lot of Aurthurian legends had a ton of side quests themselves.

People always lopped on tall tales to the characters as their legend grew in the retelling.

That doesn't mean I wouldn't like story progression as well, but it fits with the overall tone.

(BorisIgnatievich) #33

New stream schedule seems pretty great from my perspective. I actually prefer shorter streams in general - means if someone is on a story game I'm more likely to not miss massive chunks, so will actually stick around. Time wise it's decent enough for UK, I can normally push to 1-2am which is when they seem likely to finish :itmejphappy:

(Olf_Himself) #34

I wouldn't mind an "irregular schedule" if that mean that for example a Tuesday show moved to Friday. If it meant no show that week I'd take a side story over main story any day.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #35

Agreed 100%. My only gripe is them cancelling and not having a make up show. I think when the cast members sign their contracts maybe we'll have a more contiguous show?

(Madkipz) #36

Well. You assume Adam wants to put the universe back together as it was. You assume he wants the story arcs left intact.

What you don't know is how much of each future overlapped, and what things were from which future.

(Twitch: cyan_83) #37

I am sooo hyped for the Swan Song live show (even though I am bummed that apparently Steven is not gonna be a part of this).
Maybe, just maybe, if it goes well, Rollplay could revisit SS even after this. One can hope...?

(IamSax) #38

I didn't assume anything. I did ask if anything has been confirmed and if so where. I also provided evidence in context and Adam of words as points to why I considered a possibility other than what has been sort of assumed up to this point. All I have been able to find that might confirm anything, hasn't. In fact everything that i have seen reinforces the fact that Adam doesn't want to answer theses questions at this point or at all. Leaving it up to us to discuss until evidence is offered to the contrary.

When the show went on hiatus it was apparent at that point that there was at least some planned intention for it to continue. That thought process obviously changed as time went on. In the Episode 50 Q&A Reddit thread, Adam even mentions in a response to a question, "asking me that again after another 10 or 15 episodes."

He also mentioned more than once that it was still up in the air as to what the universe would look like when we see the swan song again.

As to how much each future overlapped. If something like this was the case I think that the Shindalien Viktor would of foreshadowed(if at all) things differently to Piani. I think he would of said something like," Hey Piani, you've done a bang up job with Pi. However, depending on which version of the universe you end up in you might have to do it all again. There also might be this war machine thing and it might be bad. Oh, and don't worry, you won't remember any of this. You will likely have another MES vision episode that doesn't make sense at first and that foreshadow will be what you really need to listen to... you know... once you figure it all out again."

Foreshadowing by a omnipotent Shindalien only works if it still has value.

Now one could argue that the whole plop Erik on the tree scene was all some sort of acid trip vision as fan service to help us feel like Erik actually got a real ending rather than just stupidly blowing up the universe. Frankly that makes no sense and that whole scene must have some bearing on the future of the sector. A complete wipe would counter act that whole scene. If the foreshadowing was not in that scene then there would not really be a debate at all. In that thought process Erik blew up the verse and that is it. nothing else matters. The universe rewinds or resets or changes and Randy is our landing point moving forward.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #39

I would suggest that should you want to continue to talk about the ending of Swan Song's story you start another thread for that purpose to keep this on on topic. :slight_smile:

(IamSax) #40

MY apologies, i didn't ask to start a conversation regarding the ending as you say. I will say no more on the matter after this. it was not my intention. if you read from the beginning the first sentence I said was I was looking forward to the topic and the last sentence indicate my desire that a swan song one shot might revitalize SS in some way as a fan. I guess i miss worded something in that endeavor,I didn't know that short post would start such Shindig. Such is the internet and that's fine. I will refrain from expressing my opinion as to why i'm excited when communicating that excitement.

Here's hoping that the One Shot is super popular and it encourages the content creators to consider giving us more of the original show in some form. I would totally support a Patreon for that.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #41

Yes I read the start of your conversation it kinda got side tracked. no worries :smiley: