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It's here! Happy Five-year anniversary, Rollplay!

^Poster for purchase within the tweet above!

I’ve never really gotten into buying merch for IPs I enjoyed besides toys and stuff when I was a kid… but I’ve been watching Rollplay for close to five years now (came in when Dark Heresy started, fell in love with the shows and never left) and have definitely put more hours of my time into watching these shows altogether than pretty much any other show out there. So for me, this was an insta-buy.

Thank you and congrats to everyone that’s ever been a part of Rollplay - JP, Adam, John, Steven, Neal, and so many amazing cast members that I’m afraid to even try listing them all out by memory alone.

Here’s to 5 more years! Cheers, guys!


uff… those shipping costs…

Ordered two to make it worthwile, otherwise I pay more for shipping than the poster -.-

Alright you beautiful people, let’s crowdsource this! Who is who on the poster? Let’s do it in the format (as an example):
75. Viktor Kovacs (Steven, Swan Song)

Also, don’t judge me for the seemingly random ordering of the numbers. It is what it is, okay? :>

  1. Riley (Kaitlyn, Ehbon)
  2. Cobblepot Toolspark (Ryan, Ehbon)
  3. Coronado Vasquez (Neal, Ehbon)
  4. Dongo Grimgear (ROOTCatZ, Vigil)
  5. Bongo Grimgear (Ryan, Vigil)
  6. Ritch (Neal, Ehbon)
  7. Kang (Neal, Vigil)
  8. Ricardo Del Mar (ROOTCatZ, Ehbon)
  9. Hextia (Steven, West Marches)
  10. Galahan (Strippin, West Marches)
  11. Grigori (Adam, West Marches)
  12. Shaldrick (Cohh, West Marches)
  13. Juliette (Dodger, West Marches)
  14. Rune (Anne, Blades)
  15. Aldo “The Lesson” (Zeke, Blades)
  16. Carriless “The Raven” Firm (Geoff, Blades)
  17. Vana “Miss Cattaby” Cattaby (Wheat, Blades)
  18. Myth (Anne, Blades)
  19. Basil (Jesse, Nebula Jazz Season 2)
  20. Luna (Pokket, Nebula Jazz Season 2)
  21. Artemis (Dodger, Nebula Jazz Season 2)
  22. Eugene (Dodger, Nebula Jazz Season 1)
  23. Quinn (Jesse, Nebula Jazz Season 1)
  24. Aurora (Pokket, Nebula Jazz Season 1)
  25. Rex (Strippin, Nebula Jazz Season 1 & 2)
  26. Breakdown (Dodger, Mirrorshades)
  27. B0nb0n (Wheat, Mirrorshades)
  28. Crusher (JP, Mirrorshades)
  29. Nightsass (Kaitlyn, Mirrorshades)
  30. Maj (JP, Court of Swords)
  31. Ekishnugal (JP, Court of Swords)
  32. Vama (JP, Court of Swords)
  33. Silent Thorn (Max, Court of Swords)
  34. Yomm Oaekentoe (Ken, Court of Swords)
  35. Salix (Aureylian, Court of Swords)
  36. Belian Dim (Dan, Court of Swords)
  37. Map (JP, Court of Swords)
  38. Luther (Ken, Court of Swords)
  39. Daxa (Anne, Court of Swords)
  40. Berg (Max, Court of Swords)
  41. Persnidgetron Torbisher (Day9, Court of Swords)
  42. Salihafa Sunu (JP, Court of Swords)
  43. Jubilant Black Gale (JP, Court of Swords)
  44. Kalimat Alfida (Zeke, Court of Swords)
  45. Naka’na Ino (Morgan Webb, Court of Swords)
  46. Janus (Geoff, Court of Swords)
  47. Ziva Tarkas (Anne, Court of Swords)
  48. Gideon (JP, Court of Swords)
  49. Wester (Max, Court of Swords)
  50. Raziel (JP, Court of Swords)
  51. Velimir Cetrovic (Max, Court of Swords)
  52. Volnach (Max, Court of Swords)
  53. Enoch (JP, Court of Swords)
  54. Ramus Cornelius Krill (Dan, Court of Swords)
  55. Azriel (Dan, Court of Swords)
  56. Baern Hillstern (Dan, Court of Swords)
  57. Zephyra Awen (JP, Court of Swords)
  58. Vincent Longborn (Geoff, Legacy)
  59. Tudagub (JP, Legacy)
  60. Bregor (Ryan, Legacy)
  61. Abigaël Aidelbaum (Gen, Legacy)
  62. Azril (JP, Legacy)
  63. Banon (JP, Legacy)
  64. Horus (Ryan, Legacy)
  65. Victarian Black (Geoff, Solum)
  66. Eli (JP, Dark Heresy)
  67. Phrix Pilgrim (Wheat, Dark Heresy)
  68. Engelbart Kappa (Totalbiscuit, Dark Heresy)
  69. Jaxx Rommulous (Geoff, Dark Heresy)
  70. ?
  71. WIlbur “Higgs” Higgens III (JP, Swan Song)
  72. Erik Fretheim (Steven, Swan Song)
  73. Lenore Zimmerman (Matt Mercer, Swan Song)
  74. Prosper Trudeau (Steven, Swan Song)
  75. Viktor Kovacs (Steven, Swan Song)
  76. Alpharius (Geoff, Swan Song)
  77. Mr. Sicarian (Geoff, Swan Song)
  78. Piani Pic (Wheat, Swan Song)
  79. Pi (Adam, Swan Song)
  80. Howard (Adam, Swan Song)
  81. ?
  82. Alice (JP, Solum)
  83. Zanzil (JP, Solum)
  84. ?
  85. ?
  86. Léa (Gen, Solum)
  87. Monsieur Varnoush (Gen, Rollplay Solum)
  88. ?
  89. Spades (Gen, Solum)
  90. Dante Byrne (Ryan, Solum)
  91. Tariq (Ryan, Solum)
  92. Kharne the Destroyer (Geoff, Solum)
  93. Amos Riverrun (JP, Solum)
  94. Voytek Redhorn (Geoff, Solum)
  95. Marius Sagitta (Ryan, Solum)
  96. Kestrel Novara (Anne, BoP Light Side)
  97. Talrah Baav’Rhan (Cohh, Balance of Power Light Side)
  98. Gunner (Kaitlyn, BoP Light Side)
  99. Z3-K3 (Zeke, Balance of Power Light Side)
  100. B’el Sah (Strippin, Balance of Power Dark Side)
  101. Tharan Tallon (Jesse, Balance of Power Dark Side)
  102. Otto Mateen (JP, Balance of Power Dark Side)
  103. ZN-Z1L (JP, Balance of Power Dark Side)
  104. Lana Jori (Pokket, Balance of Power Dark Side)

Ash pile: Zawaz Wazaz (Day9, Court of Swords)


19 . Basil(Nebula Jazz Season 2, Played by Jesse Cox)
20 . Luna(Nebula Jazz Season 2, Played by Pokket)
21 . Artemis(Nebula Jazz Season 2, Played by Dodger)
22 . Eugene(Nebula Jazz Season 1, Played by Dodger)
23 . Quinn(Nebula Jazz Season 1, Played by Jesse Cox)
24 . Aurora(Nebula Jazz Season 1, Played by Pokket)
25 . Rex(Nebula Jazz, Played Sam “Strippin” Thorne)

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19-25 is clearly the Nebula Jazz crew.

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1-8 are from Ehbon, but I can’t remember their names. 1 is Kaitlyn’s character (her horse was Argo) and I remember 2 is Ryan’s character, Cobblepot Toolspark, because of the song.

10 Galahan
11 Grigori
12 Shaldrick I think? With his brother Maldrick’s remains in the bag.
13 Juliette

14 Rune
15 Aldo
16 Carrilless
17 Miss Cattaby
18 Rune’s dog, Myth

19-25 see @Kol_Saresk’s comment (if you put a period after the number, like 19., it autoreformats to start at 1.).

I’ll stop there so others can have a go.

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I think the auto-format auto-corrected his list, I just noticed it in my post aswell. Best not to use “.” after the number I guess :smiley:

53 is Enoch I believe.
54-56 is Ramus, Azriel and Baern.

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Galahan was Strippin, Juliette was Dodger.

*Basil is Jesse, Luna is Pokket, Artemis is Dodger.

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40 Berg (Max)
41 Persnidgetron Torbisher(sp?) (Day9)
44 Kalimat Alfida (Zeke)
45 Naka’na Ino(sp?) (Morgan Webb)
46 Janus maybe? (Geoff)
47 Ziva Tarkas (Anne)

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Ah, didn’t realize that.

26, Breakdown, Dodger, Mirrorshades
27, b0nb0n, djWHEAT, Mirrorshades
28, Crusher, JP, Mirrorshades
29, Nightsass, Kaitlyn, Mirrorshades

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Higgs is a lot more striking than I imagined him to be. Because of all the times he danced around in only his underwear I picture him as Homer Simpson.

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It’s cause Bubba is his ancient ancestor. Beautiful face and all that, remember? :itmejphappy:

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59 Tudagub (JP, original Rollplay)
60 Bregor (Ryan Moore, original Rollplay)
61 Vincent Longborn (Geoff Robinson, original Rollplay)
62 Abigale Aidelbaum (Genevieve Forget, original Rollplay)
66-69 is the Dark Heresy crew
66 Eli (jp)
67 Phrix Pilgrim (DjWheat)
68 Engelbart Kappa (TotalBiscuit)
69 Jaxx Rommulous (Geoff Robinson)

Thanks to @skythe1908, 1 is RILEY! (Kaitlyn)

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Ordered mine. doubled the price with shipping in europe, but ah well. Worth it!


cant really see 42 because the number is so large, might be …
42 Salihafa Sunu (JP, Court of Swords) ???
43 Jubilant Black Gale (JP, Court of Swords)

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THAT’S WHO 42 IS! I was like “When the fuck was there a goblin in Court of Swords?” but it’s a Tortle lol.


59 is JP from Legacy (OG D&D group)
66 is JP
67 DJWheat
68 Totalbiscuit
69 Geoff

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