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It's here! Happy Five-year anniversary, Rollplay!

(Twitch: no742617000027) #21

Added the unlabeld color version so the characters are easier to see and compare :slight_smile:

(Olf_Himself) #22

I think 36-39 is the crew from the Necromancer King arc. Dan, JP, Ken and Anne in that order left to right.

(Possibly Batman) #23

I love this whole thread. This poster brings back so many awesome memories. What a wonderful 5 years it has been!

(Antimad) #24

I think I got some more:
62. Azril
63. Banon
64. Horus
65. Victarian Black
82. Alice

(VyRe40) #25

Azril and Banon are both JP from Legacy, and Horus is Ryan from Legacy.

(grahamtugwell) #26

The little pile of ash to the left of Persnidgetron is Zawaz Wazaz. Genius.

(Twitch: no742617000027) #27

:open_mouth: And I didn’t even label it because I didn’t pick up on it. It really is genius! :smiley:

(Macaluso100) #28

I love the mugshots for the Mirrorshades characters.

I would honestly buy a whole poster of the Nebula Jazz section, with them just walking across space similar to that one Beatles cover

(aaronjriley) #29

Easter Egg : You missed numbering one of them. The smoking pile under Berg’s chin is Wazaz.

(aaronjriley) #30

And now I see that someone else already pointed that out. GG

(Twitch: no742617000027) #31

Yes, @grahamtugwell mentioned that! Totally missed it :smiley:

(ProxyClouds) #32

Anybody have highres version of the poster? Would love to have it as a wallpaper on my computer.

(Joshkie1973) #33

In the past as a Patreon supporter, I for get what tear level, but there was a access to previous jpgs, not sire if @itmeJP is planning to add this poster as well.

(TheDesec) #34

1-8 are Ehbon/Vigil characters…

3 Coronado Vasquez (Neal, Ehbon)        //** I think
4 Dongo Grimgear (ROOTCatZ, Vigil)      //** looks more like a shadow priest of the two
5 Bongo Grimgear (Ryan, Vigil)
6 Ritch (Neal, Ehbon)        //** I think
7 Kang (Neal, Vigil)      //** could also be Maggies’s character (below) but looks like a fire elementalist
8 Ricardo Del Mar (ROOTCatZ, Ehbon)    //** The last brown elf

Might be missing from Vigil: Zatzin Daggertooth (Margaret Krohn, Vigil)

(Twitch: no742617000027) #35

I just now realised that the writing on the piece of wood are the names of the many West Marches characters! I guess they couldn’t all be pictured, it’s already pretty crowded :smiley:

(TheDesec) #36

btw, Riley was in both Ehbon and Vigil, if I’m not mistaken

30-35 might be the CoS primordial arc… not sure, still haven’t gotten around to watch that arc, was super busy then and kind of still am :itmejpsoon:
I’m not seeing aureylian in the list yet, she was in it, and there were character deaths, so 6 characters fit.

(Olf_Himself) #37

Aureylian is the horned character with the bow. Max is the cat person.

(Twitch: no742617000027) #38

In the primordial arc, we had the following characters:

Salix (Aureylian)
Yomm Oakentoe (Ken)
Silent Thorn (Max)
Ekishnugal (JP)
Maj (JP)
Vama (JP)

Aureylian’s character is number 35, Max’ character is 33. Which one is which of the rest, in your opinion?

(Olf_Himself) #39

30 Maj 31 Ekishnugal 32 Vama 34 Yomm

(TheDesec) #40

96 is Kestrel Novara (not Kestral)
98 is Gunner (male, sword on back…)

I’m stuck on 9… West Marches area… is that supposed to be Shialbaz? :itmejpwtf:

  • looks like a wizard (+)
  • is old (+)
  • not a dragonborn (–)

Or is that Hextia?

  • looks like a wizard (+)
  • is old (+)
  • looks male ?! (–)
  • weird hut under the person (+)