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Is the Blades campaign on John's youtube channel worth watching?


(Appaomega) #21

The names of organizations, families and locations are re-used, and I expect some of the mechanical fiction would overlap.

As an example: Roth Kinclathe (spelling)? comes up in both games and the fiction around Roth followed him into Rollplay: Blades.

(WolfinthMdow) #22

I cannot wait until Canter and Carriless run into each other.

To be fair, right now, Canter would win in a fight due to Reflexes and guns... but still fun.

(Kol_Saresk) #23

I've come to the conclusion that Canter's nickname should be the "chihuahua" and since there is no context for a chihuahua in Duskvol, he should tell everyone that it's a fierce, monstrous demon that tears its prey into bloody pieces.

(Ehbon) #24

Its glorious, there is no better word for describing it. At first they tried really hard to plan and think things through as they adapted to the system but now its just a tornado of "Eh we'll see what happens" and its wild and crazy.

(Ehbon) #25

After watching the series entirely through, I have discovered that you have already picked your hound special pet unknowingly. Kanye the panther has to make an appearance Adam!

(AdamKoebel) #26

Listen, ima let you finish but Canter Haig is the best thug in all of Dunwall.

Also Duskwall.

(Kol_Saresk) #27

Do you have the right city? Or is Canter Haig so thug life he's breaking the walls between realities?

Wait! Is Canter actually the Outsider?

(AdamKoebel) #28

Let's go with yes, because I said so.

(banned) #29

I don't know, Outsider is a bit too tame to be Canter.

Do you know if you'll make it for the next session John has? I personally missed Canter's special brand of Chaos.

(Kol_Saresk) #30

Eh, not really sure giving people like Daud, Granny Rags, and the Brigmore Witches superpowers to wreak havoc and chaos counts as "tame". In fact, it would kind of line up with Canter if he wasn't allowed to directly take part in the affairs of another world. He could just give super powers to crazy people, wind them up, and then sit back and enjoy the show with Lenea feeding him popcorn.

Either that or its "Canter, the Subtle Years".

(Ehbon) #31

Just saying, Kanye the panther IS an optionnnnn

(Argorash) #32

I hope this is good. Rollplay Blades is one of my favorite shows at the moment so i've got high hopes for this.
Thanks for linking it.

(Darkvlagor) #33

I tried to watch the first episodes, the quality is little rough so if you guys have high standards you should begin with season 2 at episode 11 :wink:
TBH I love it, so when I'll catch up I might go back to the first ep.

(FataltheBaptist) #34

i feel like any different sessions can give insight on how different crews work, thieves, assassins, etc. What their crew upgrades could be, is pretty cool.

(Fluffehwolfy) #35

Also, while I feel it is mostly glossed over, @strasa's character Oskarr is like the super creepy and manipulative brains of the operation. The inside joke of him always being around and doing nothing only elevates that fact to legendary territory. Every path and descision the crew has made has perfectly aligned with his will and the fact that he is slowly corrupting all around him just makes it that much better.

Anne is doing a great job at being a whisper, but Oskarr is whisper supreme.

Also, without Oskarr, Canter and Arcy would've crashed and burned hard long ago.

Anyway, the show is so worth seeing and I hope they will continue to produce episodes about the Bloodletters for a long time to come!

(Fluffehwolfy) #36

It is okay from episode 3 onwards.

The google hangout thing was hard to get through. I ended up just listening to the first two episodes without watching the camera spasms, it was alright watching/listening that way.

(Darkvlagor) #37

i might do that good idea

(Epitome22) #38

I've watched it up until the end and I'll agree it's a really good series. The standard of RP and GM'ing is very high as you'd expect, but Adam's character stands above. Do yourselves a favor and make time to watch it, then tweet incessantly that you want more.

(Fluffehwolfy) #39

Adam is great, but I'd argue that his character is made great because of the rest of the cast allowing him to be. I don't think he stands above the rest of the crew in any way. (Canter would of course disagree and murder me for saying this.)

I'd say Arcy had a slow start, kind of overshadowed by the shenanicanters and Oskarr's world of weirdness. But since the special Arcy episode I feel the character really belongs now.

If there is any character that would be truely unmissable to the series though, I have to say it is Oskarr. He really deepens the story and intrigue to godly levels. In my opinion, he is the one that stands above the rest, pulling their strings like a puppermaster.

(OneSevenDesign) #40

C'mon... we all know the best character is Roethe. :wink: