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Is the Blades campaign on John's youtube channel worth watching?


(Twitch: xRandomYo) #1

Just wanted to know what people here thought about it, and if it's worth the time investment.
Here's the campaign in question:

Thanks! :itmejphappy:

(AdamKoebel) #2

yes because canter haig is the greatest gangster in the history of time.

the first episode is a google hangout and is accordingly weird, but after that we start producing it for reals.

(sythmaster) #3

I heartily agree with this, albeit biased, man. The campaign of Blades is gorgeous and wonderful, though it does hope through a few versions of the mechanics, so I'd be mindful of that (especially in the earlier episodes).

You have some fun hours ahead of you if you decide to watch these!

(LuciusAnneas) #4

well aside from the loudmouthed illiterate with the itchy trigger finger and the terrible taste in hats, personally I would say it is well worth watching

interesting players who are very comfortable with with taking narrative control and good chemistry

give it a try

(AdamKoebel) #5








(Twitch: xRandomYo) #6

Thanks for answering! Does the nauseating camera switching go away in the later episodes?

(LuciusAnneas) #7

cant remember camera issues .. but I listen more then I watch tbh

(AdamKoebel) #8

yeah we stopped using hangouts basically right away

(LuciusAnneas) #9

please sir, restrain yourself - this is not that sort of establishment - I m just trying to do you a favor really - hats with hats are so 3 seasons ago ...


I really liked it, all of the characters were really memorable, especially captain whats'er'face. I honestly think John's playtest blades campaign is a great advertisement for getting Adam in on more games as a player. He really puts amazingly interesting and hilarious characters out when he's given the chance to focus on one individual PC.

(DealerUmbra) #11


captain whats'er'face


(chekovsgunman) #12

YES. The Blades campaign on John Harper's channel has been one of my favorite RPG campaigns of all time, due to the crazy twist and turns in the story, the cast's dedication to the setting, the rules, and their characters, the creativity of the ideas both by the players and John, the uniqueness of John's NPCs, and the chemistry of everyone involved (it's obvious they're all good friends). I started watching after they had made 4 episodes and ended up burning through all of them in one week, I was that hooked.

(five_monkeys) #13

Yes definitely worth your time.
Roathe Kinlaith originally came from the Six Towers/Bloodletters game.

(kh_l2k) #14

I love ol' Captain Whats'Er'Face.

(AdamKoebel) #15

Hey you keep your eyes of my girlfriend.

(kh_l2k) #16

Just how sure are you that she's really your girlfriend, eh? I mean, for all you know, my coat has even more collars than yours.

(Lia_de) #17

Yes. Worth. Quality of audio etc improves, the RP is top notch from the start.

(kh_l2k) #18

Yes, while I didn't explicitly state that in my post above, it is 100% worth watching the Arcy/Canter dance.

(Appaomega) #19

Very entertaining and almost every episode has some great examples of fiction first rollplay and how to engage the game rules in that mindset.

(Kol_Saresk) #20

Question, are the two series related, even if only loosely like Schloopin boopin being in Age of Rebellion and BoP, or not at all?