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Guest Dm's for one shots Wishlist

(SoberCreativity) #1

All these One shots have been amazing so far, I can't wait for more. Although, I'm more eager to see who the future Guest Dm's will be.

  • I for one would love to see if Jesse Cox could run a game using his lore powers to create an interesting world.
  • Or if Jp wish to make the players suffer, let Crendor dm a game lol.

Anyone else you guys think would be interesting to give a chance to run an One Shot some day?

(VyRe40) #2

Matt should run Deadlands some time.

I feel like Zeke has the right disposition for it, though he's said before that DM-ing was a bit overwhelming for him before. But I'm sure he could pull off at least a one-shot.

(bitbot2000) #3

Oh my gosh, if i had large amounts of money, i would give it to see Crendor run a game with Jesse as one of the players! It would be the first non-content RPG.

(tralfamadorian42) #4

Austin Walker has proven his DM skills on his podcast.

(banned) #5

I think it'd be nice for Steven or Neal to return.

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #6

I'd love to see Jesse Cox rule and ruin a world.
The man is full of imagination, just listen to the Cox & Crendor podcast or some of the tangents he goes to on the Cooptional podcast. Time to put that sillyness to good use i say!

(banned) #7

Has Jesse ever indicated that he's interested in running a game? I don't ever remember it.

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #8

Not that i'm aware of, its just something i would love to see :).
I doubt he has much if any DM experience. But Adam could bring him up to speed im sure.

(banned) #9

It's not a matter of being able to be brought up to speed. It's a matter of desiring to GM in the first place. Some people don't like the idea of GMing. There's got to be an innate desire there.

You can't just throw someone a book and say, "We want you to GM, so do it."

A person has to want to do it. Take Dodger for example, she expressed multiple times she wanted to, and then got the help to do it.

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #10

Ofcourse, you're right. But its on my wishlist, not on my reasonable assumption list :wink:

(Xaphere) #11

I would love to see more game designers as GMs. Get someone from Fantasy Flight, Catalyst Game Labs or even better Vincent Baker. That would be just awesome.

(DealerUmbra) #12

I would love to see Matt and Austin flex their GM muscles on Rollplay.

Vincent Baker running Firebrands or something would be pretty glorious as well.

(banned) #13

I want JP to take another crack at DMing, he could get Scoots to run the stream for a one shot.

(Kamro85) #14

Geoff , Steven, Neal all could run fun 1 shots , also Geoff running Dungeon World for example will make Adam cringe hard :smiley:

(Bianca_X23) #15

I wouldn't mind seeing Steven back at least for a one shot.
But wishlist. I have at least 3 in mind. Mark Hulmes. Who is the GM for HighRollers for the Yogscast.
The other two would be Alex Smith and Chris Trott. Who make up 2/3 of Hat Films. I know both are every into D&D. Trott is actually a player on HighRollers. They've GMed some games for friends. And I would really like to see them since its something I've never seen them do. Only hear them talk about the games they run. And it sounds like they are great GMs from it.

(gladpingvin42) #16

Yeah, me too. Having the december One Shot be Maid RPG with Steven I think would be a good way of getting some Steven back into RollPlay.

(Noelle808) #17

Either as players or GMs, I'd love to see any of the McElroy brothers show up for a one-shot.

(Bianca_X23) #18

This is something I'm hoping for. But I guess we will have to wait and see.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #19
  1. NEAL
  2. Matt Mercer
  3. Jesse Cox

(Lia_de) #20

I'd be interested in seeing James D'Amato @oneshotrpg on, or Steve Koontz from roll20 who ran a short game arc on their channel (roll20app) which was a wierd and amazing Wizard of Oz thing.