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Guest Dm's for one shots Wishlist

(Malicite) #21

Vin Diesel obviously.

(itsnotmondayeveryday) #22
  • JP
  • Steven
  • Zeke
  • Geoff

(Goldspartan) #23

I second this motion.

(elSilvan) #24

Id be interested in seeing Andrew/CommutingCrow

(bitbot2000) #25

Dreams really do come true <3

(pepryce) #26

I'd like to see shannon DM a one shot - she always has so much enthusiasm and energy on the shows she has been on.

(Darkvlagor) #27

I don't think I ever saw Anna Prosser dming, or I think she did a Dungeon World once ? Could be interesting

(banned) #28

(That Guy™) #29

I'd like to see DP do a one-shot and just continue the campaign him, Zeke and MVG did as kids like no time has passed by.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #30

:itmejphype: !!
I will be disappointed if the show does not mention IKEA & sloths.


(bitbot2000) #31

And someone needs to find a pair of Crensloth Sweatpants of +2 protection from cold.

(guapollo117) #32

Well since JP already managed to get Tycho in a one shot, i think the dream now is to get the man, the myth, the legend: Chris Perkins to DM some 5e... maybe for the original crew... maybe with their original characters (Bregor's Boys)?
I mean that is as hard as i can wish, and this is after all a "wishlist" right? :grin:

(SoberCreativity) #33

If the dungeon doesn't take place in an IKEA I will be shocked...

(Kyorlinn) #34

I guess my wishlist would be the following:

1) Geoff: He is entertaining as all hell, good at rules lawyering as I've seen an individual be, and our single best shot at possibly getting a Warhammer 40K themed Rollplay show of any size or scope back on the Rollplay banner should Steven still be gun shy about it. Plus with Fantasy Flight Games no longer having license to the RPG books, proving to Games Workshop that hey, the RPG scene isn't something they should totally shun just because they are making tons of money off of models would be nice.

2) Matt Mercer: Yes he's the dream GM, adept at a great many systems but I fear his schedule wouldn't make it truly feasible. Still though, it's a wish list so he's got to be on it. I do prefer him as a player on the one shots he's done with Rollplay though and thinks he enjoys it more than always constantly being behind a DM screen no matter where he goes.

3) Vincent Baker: You already have Adam and John who have their own systems inspired by Apocalypse World, might as well bring him on board and do a proper Apocalypse World session (no knocks to Adam for his own Roll20 Apocalypse World campaign mind you).

4) Steven: I really would like him to come back to the Rollplay banner in some way shape or form even if it's just for a yearly Maids RPG one-shot as was tradition.

5) Jesse Cox: Just like Geoff, Jesse is immensely entertaining and creative which could be well suited for trying his hand at a one shot. Plus the sibling like rivalry he's got going with Dodger would be an amusing way for him to try his hand at it, since Dodger actually went ahead and DM'ed a one shot while he has yet to man up to try and take the reigns himself. If we can egg him on, his delightful ego won't let it stand for long and he'll probably be chomping at the bit to give it a try, especially if even Crendor of all people is considered. If nothing else and if Steven really isn't coming back to Rollplay, then Jesse at the very least should pick up the mantle for DM'ing the Maids RPG one-shot to start the tradition anew.

(Twitch: SoVIeT_Six) #35

this list sums up my wishes pretty good.

(Armeeof1) #36

I know this is completely out of left field as this guy isn't a streamer on Twitch, but he IS one of the best DMs (next to Adam), that I've ever seen...

(Might be Captain Marvel) #37

Love having the guest DM in the RollPlay one-shots like Dodger and Crendor.
Personally would love to see more women DMs.

(Moose2033) #38

I would love to see Lolrenaynay DM, but I am also a little afraid of what she would come up with after her West Marches character :itmejpded:

(TheDesec) #39

DM Shannon & Disney World RPG.

(banned) #40

Bwuh, that episode is still the one that sticks in my mind the hardest because of how difficult it was to get through.

Which stinks because the fey realm thing was awesome.

I'd like to see Maggie DM something.