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GeersArt Blades cast character designs thread


(notNOTjack) #41

Wheat is looking mighty fine :blush:

(Xaphere) #42

It's official. That is canon now.

(lady8jane) #43

They are all looking great, but I think I'm a bit in love with Wheat's character ... O_O

(Eperogenay) #44

So, I'm not the only person that saw Zeke's character and immediately called: 'It's Hendriks from the Dresden Files, Marcone's right hand man!' right? Brute looking, check. Bookworm, check. Red hair, check.

(tripwires) #45

I would love to have these images in print. I have been looking around for high resolution versions of the character designs. Are these available somewhere?


There's high resolution versions of them in the RollPlay magazine.

(tripwires) #47

Thx for the quick response!
That is why I love patreon. it allows to publish that bit more.
Going to move to that tier rightaway.


Let me know if they're too small even in that (we're using a smaller format for the magazine and not A4). If so I'll see if we can't add even higher resolution ones to the next one. The versions I have (for the magazine) are around 2200x3300 px.

(tripwires) #49

I just tested it on a A4 and the quality is decent, not the blury effect I got from the twitter images.
I will go with these, looking forward to have them framed and put them in my office.
Thx for the help!