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GeersArt Blades cast character designs thread


(of many names, most of them Grumpy) #21

Seconds Noor... seconds :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nummi_) #22

Oh my god they're all amazing. :itmejpgasm:

(destraudo) #23

The thing about really incredible character art ( and it is incredible ) is that if any of these characters die i will probably throw myself out a window.

(Malicite) #24

Just means even more character art!

(cazark) #25

The nice thing with blades in the dark is they pretty much have to "die" 4 times to actually die, with the way maxing out harm works they just take a trauma the first 3 times. So we should have these characters and this awesome art for some time.

(AnneMunition) #26

Believe me, with the amount of thought I've put into my character, I'll probably join you.

(DealerUmbra) #27

There is another way to die; if all of your Harm boxes are filled up and you need to take more Harm, and it makes sense in the fiction that it would kill you. Otherwise you'll just get some other kind of catastrophic, permanent consequence.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #28

cleaned up the first post, and added all the images to it.
Geers worked on Wheat's character last night but its not finished yet and you can watch him put in the finishing touches tomorrow.

(cazark) #29

Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

(Etherealizer) #30

The character art definitely makes the game sound like its going to be interesting.

(notNOTjack) #31

Oh man, Geoff’s character is so freaky and dapper, going to be an extremely inconspicuous group :stuck_out_tongue:

(of many names, most of them Grumpy) #32 Is starting Wheats character again.

(of many names, most of them Grumpy) #33

Miss Cattaby

(Might be Captain Marvel) #34

So Wheat's character name is a surprise to be reveled in the first episode I am guessing ?

(of many names, most of them Grumpy) #35

I'm guessing, even the Wiki post doesn't have a name...

(Twitch: Jnerd_) #36

Wheat's character name: Miss Cattaby, from here

(of many names, most of them Grumpy) #37

Yeah I heard it was working on an edit :stuck_out_tongue:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #38

Updated the first post. What an amazing looking group. can't wait for the premier in 21 hours.

(Noelle808) #39

Anne's character is the goth daughter who refuses to dress up nice for family events with her two dads and cool aunt.

(Skeptikkos) #40

Just wow. Amazing work. I'm SO excited for this show. :itmejphype: