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GeersArt Blades cast character designs thread


(Might be Captain Marvel) #1

If you did not know GeersArt created character designs for the cast of RollPlay: Blades on

Group Image of the cast of RollPlay: Blades

Individual character designs

Zeke's character Aldo
Anne's Character Rune with Ghost dog Myth
Geoff's character Carriless Firm
Wheat's character Miss Cattaby

Source tweets for all the Images:

I love the art style. The characters are so cool looking. :heart_eyes:

(bitbot2000) #2

Wow that is epic! The book and glasses are just perfect.

Thank you for linking it ^_^


My guess is that these will all be in high-res in a RollPlay zine :smiley:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #4

I am hoping I get a wallpaper or the individual character designs will be available on the $2 patreon tier in the future

(Might be Captain Marvel) #5

Anne's Character Rune and the Ghost dog Myth (source tweet)

Tomorrow Geers will start on Geoff's character.

(Kamro85) #6

These Characters look bad ass :slight_smile: Cant wait for it to start

(drorel3) #7

Looks amazing. Geers is so talented.

(Broxalar) #8

These are looking great!

(skythe1908) #9

I love the mask on her belt!

(Kol_Saresk) #10

I know right? I love those kind of masks where they're subtle, but at the same times extremely unique and embroidered. I think that's what I'' trying to say lol.

(Malicite) #11

Zeke's character is like some sort of noir Beast.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #12

yeah if he has a sophisticated voice he would totally be a Victorian Beast

(Malicite) #13

I forget what accent Zeke said he was going to try in ep 0.

(Woadwise) #14

@Malicite Peaky Blinders, if I'm not mistaken.

(Oythebrave) #15

Amazing how he get's those done in one night. Really badass stuff.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #16

Geers working on Geoff's character right now

(ClandestineWolf) #17

Those characters are looking awesome.
I look forward to the stream when it starts!

(AnneMunition) #18

He killed it with that design - it has function in the game too!

(iNcontroLTV) #19

I am loving it so far.. as far as I am concerned this is 100% what I visioned and is canon

(Might be Captain Marvel) #20

and here is Geoff's character. As with the others its amazing (source tweet)