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[FEEDBACK] RollPlay Live #3 - Swan Song


(b0ksah) #41

How about making holes in the corner bookshelves and place the side cams behide them? If you wanna engineer it you could make it a hatch you can open and close to give you more options for set setup.
This will hide the cameras a bit so they not are in your face.
But of course that's all limited by what space you have to work with :slight_smile:

(Kol_Saresk) #42

I literally thought my monitor was leaning and starting to fall a couple of times.

(anaconda156) #43

Coming here after watching the post show reflection.
First of all the new mics were the best decision you took. The sound was really better and it was a pleasure to watch the show.

Some points I would have on what has been said:
Dice rolls: Having the dice cam is nice but for me the reaction is the most important and fun part to see. I would suggest to always clearly state what the result was so even if we are mostly listening to the show we know directly what the result was. If Scoots misses the shot then we know the result for sure. Having better dice also is an easy fix to make sure the viewers can see the results.

Camera angles: I agree with the idea of having two cameras next to the GM in order to have the best angle possible on all players. It might be possible to "hide" them in the shelf or to make them part of the set. Even if they cannot be hidden, I think we can endure that in order to have a better camera angle.

The set: As JP is moving in a new house where the same setup will most likely not be possible you might want to consider doing something similar to what critical roll is doing with 2 or 3 screens within a screen so we always see the reaction of all players as well as the GM. We would lose on the set as it would not be possible to have as much props and details as now unless you can have enough space to have something behind everybody but in my case I prefer seeing all players than a good set. This is a personal view that other viewer will probably not share with me. Example of the setup I'm writing about (

At the end of the day this show was great to watch and I had a very good time. Already looking forward to the next one (blade maybe?). I would like to thank everybody involved in this show for making this great moment.
I also appologize for any English mistakes in this post as it's not my main language.
Keep up the good work.

(EspySP) #44

Have you guys considered using a dice tower and a smaller tray so the die roll shot can be tighter?

(Unfortunatename) #45

It was a shame about the TV on the tabletop, the map was nice but it was pretty much a static image that went unused for the 8 hours. Sometimes the stats could do with being on screen a little longer because it takes time to look at it and find the relevant info. On the whole, the pop-ups and graphics are much improved.

There were relatively few hitches but I wonder how much more you can do with just a 1 man production.

(uncecio) #46

yeah i agree, it would be nice to make more use out of it

(DjiangoGames) #47

Hey jp. Are the mp3s for the patron subs in the $10 tier for this live show since it's part of swan song? Any chance us $5 plebs could get in on the live show mp3s?

(Jewbobicus) #48

While these "sound" like good ideas...I really don't think they are actually good ideas. It would make the space cluttered and uglier. I think Scoots has the right of it.

(Jewbobicus) #49

The question is how? What could they do with it that would add to the show and make it better without sacrificing something else of equal or greater value?

(RestWellThisNight) #50

If I watched more Critical Role and really got into the show, I'm sure I would get over it, but their multi-camera layout on screen has always put me off.

While I imagine the players aren't affected, I feel like the viewer loses that at-the-table intimacy because each side of the table, and the DM in particular, are all floating in separate, disconnected dimensions. It's often unclear who is talking to, looking at, or otherwise interacting with who because we're simultaneously looking in three different directions on a single flat plane. In a remote game, the players themselves are at the same disadvantage as the viewers and are interacting with each other from the same perspective we're observing them, but in a live setting, they are interacting in a shared three-dimensional space that is very hard to communicate to the viewer through that multi-camera layout.

But that's just my personal view, being that other viewer you mentioned. :kissing_heart:

(Twitch: eyearcana) #51

I agree I'm not a fan of that view style either.

(Unfortunatename) #52

Well one thing they could do now would be to have art tied to locations, themes or characters and put it on screen, some of the strophious art comes to mind (because its stunning). I get that you can't be ready for everything and the styles for different art might not match but there could be enough out there for it to be feasible without adding too much work.

Alternatively you could have info cards about places with facts background or history in them maybe with a graphic. So things like faction involvement on a planet, times visited, npcs we know from here or more esoteric stuff like climate or population. This would be more work and graphics aren't free.

It's also system dependent, for court of swords Roll20 and the maps were important to gameplay so the screen was really useful in but SWN isnt 5th edition. Using the screen for important stuff makes the dice tray problematic too. It was annoying that the tray covered parts of the map that the crew were visiting but when you replace that with a combat map and block stuff it's a problem.

(uncecio) #53

totally agree with you in this

(Covert_Madness) #54

Not sure if this was mentioned above.

I was watching it on Youtube on 2 devices. The first was on Ipad with headphones. The second streaming through my TV.

While on headphones sound was clear and I could hear everyone well.

On TV I found that Adam was hard to hear while the others were louder. Of course I could turn it up to a level of hearing them all but this was just an imbalance in sound and only applied specifically to my TV speakers.

Not sure if it is worth changing anything for but thought I would let you know.

But overall excellent production value.