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[FEEDBACK] RollPlay Live #3 - Swan Song

What about not using it all the time, but rather for the next minute or two after the latest roll? Rolls themselves tended to be fairly spread apart (not in all games of course), but people who are listening may miss a roll and want to see what was just rolled a moment ago.

What about if extra large dice were used? That would also help.

I thought about that as well but with the limited space of a dice tray it might get tight plus you have a greater chance of dice flying out of the tray.

I have not liked those angles since the first show. When we move over to the new house, I shall see what I can change.


Have you watched Blades?

The audio sounds great, and seemed like far less issues other than the few times you could hear someone breathing into the mike, and the times when the cast members would be talking while holding their hand up to their face or mouth.

Sweet. :itmejpexcite::itmejpgg:

I am indeed following Blades - and Geoff is spot on.

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First off, the cast was amazing…this show was by far the best yet. @SirScoots I think you fucking killed it.

I would like to re-iterate some of the feedback already in the thread that I agree with.

  • Player cams are a little weird
  • Dice can be difficult to see (uniform color and/or bold font should help)
  • New mic’s are massive improvement
  • Set, Production, and all the filler content (animations, commercials, etc.) were incredible. I think this will be a hard show to one-up

I’m not sure how feasible this is, but when doing a dice roll it would be cool to see the player stats. Similar to how the regular (non-live) shows are. Most of the screen space is pointless apart from the dice-box at that moment but having the specific player’s stats show up in-time is probably really hard due to how fast they can occur.

As others have mentioned, dice that shows the numbers a bit clearer would be nice. I had no issues with graininess, and that Wheat’s mic cut out for a few seconds and the zoom/focus issue with the dice cam I filed under the “shit happens” category and didn’t bother me since they got quickly resolved. So all in all :itmejp10:

Not sure if I should post this here, in the QA thread, or an entirely new topic, but the mp3 is still not up for this for the $5 tier. Only posting because a thought occurred that it is possibly in the Swan Song directory and therefore only available to $10 patrons, which I do not think would be the intent since that is meant for “past” Rollplay shows. If it’s just taking some time to upload, no worries! I can suffer one commute without it :stuck_out_tongue:

This live show was amazing all around.

Tiny bits of feedback:

I could see the dice on full screen+best streaming quality, but agree that bigger/uniform color dice would be nice so it wouldn’t be as hard.

This might just be a semantics thing, but could the “Cosplay” goal on Patreon be changed to a “set design” goal? I absolutely loved the set Aureylian created and I think it adds more to the mood/visuals than cosplay would even if you guys do go back to trying to make some sort of costumes. (Also, loved all of the in-jokes in the set, really added fun Easter eggs for long time fans/watchers.)

The sounds was so much better this time around, really glad you guys got the new mics.


i agree 100% with this one


I’ll third this one as well.

The amount of money per month is inching up there. If all the $1 patrons upped their pledges to $2 and higher we could probably hit the two live shows a quarter.

I only managed to watch the first four hours live, but as far as I can tell this definitely was the best live show so far. Only negative thing is that now I am sad that swan song is gone again :stuck_out_tongue:

The set was amazing, the sound quality and production was great and I loved the small advertisements and different videos during the breaks. Hopefully we can get even more of those in the future as they make the breaks much more enjoyable. As others have mentioned I think higher contrast dice would be better for visibility, but I had no problem with most of the dice rolls.

All in all it was a fantastic show and I’m looking forward to the next one!


  1. I had the same issue with poor grainy quality. It did not impact my enjoyment that much but considering what equipment was used, it was a disappointment.

  2. Dice colour

  3. Yes Cosplay just looks bad sitting as goal on Patreon.


Well fuck, that list would be huge. Show was amazing in all regards except 3 small negatives listed above.

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Coming in from your Patreon video @SirScoots and you saying how you’re liking the creative ideas now. I think this will depend on switching the side views to behind the DM/GM, but when Wheat was giving his speech to Pi at the end, all I could think was how awesome it would have been to slowly zoom in on wheat. So again cameras behind GM would be better for this but I’d love to see some subtle camera work like that.

I have limited understanding of how the robot cameras work but if you could programmes in for each player a shot centred on them and slowly zooming in (I’m talking really slow here, just to help focus) then you could set the zooming shot whilst on group and cut into it?

Show was great, such a small thing but a couple of times I thought to myself how awesome some slight push ins would have been.

Oh, talking of the moving cameras - I found it a little odd when the dolly cam started to move, it might be an idea to cut to another shot, start it moving, then cut back to it. Having a still image slowly start to shift was a tiny (and I really do mean tiny) bit disorientating.

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How about making holes in the corner bookshelves and place the side cams behide them? If you wanna engineer it you could make it a hatch you can open and close to give you more options for set setup.
This will hide the cameras a bit so they not are in your face.
But of course that’s all limited by what space you have to work with :slight_smile:

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I literally thought my monitor was leaning and starting to fall a couple of times.

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