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[FEEDBACK] RollPlay Live #3 - Swan Song

Give us feedback!

Post clips if you can for examples of good things / bad things you saw!


Would it at all be possible to just have a small window that always shows the dice tray? There were some moments when the camera didn’t get switched fast enough and we missed it. Nothing that effected my enjoyment, just a thought.

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Not sure if this effected anyone else, but on my view (source, flash app) the image looked quite grainy, not sure if this effected others or not.

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I was such an emotional live show for me. There is ofc allways small things that dosent go 100% like small sound bumps and other small things. But its truly 10/10 on everything.

I must say that I during the show bumped my Patreon from 2 usd to 20 usd as I felt I could support more than I allrdy did. Imagin two live shows every 3 months… guess 20k goal is so fare away :blush:

Geoff as allways blew me away… god I miss him so much in a d & d show, and im still upset his time in CoS was so short.

I truly look forward to the next live show no matter who will be on it.

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I missed like 3 rolls in 8 hours. :wink: No fulltime dice cam as that would just be ugly for hours at a time onscreen.


I had the same issue when watching the show (source, html5) and was told by others in the chat they were not seeing this issue. Not sure if it is something on RollPlay’s end, Twitch’s, or ours. Hopefully it is sorted out by next show.

I really have nothing to add other than it looked a bit grainy to me too. Other than that this was an amazing show, and it really shows how hard you all work to get it all to look and work as well as it does. This was my first full show of rollplay, and i didn’t think i would watch 8 hours of it but it just flew by like nothing at all so i will watch a lot more in the future for sure.
Amazing work, sounds was REALLY good, the show looked awesome and even the breaks were great! And i hope we get more similar awesome sets in they future cause it looked really great and well made.
awesome awesome work, just a bit grainy for me too (tried 2 monitors and same result but it bothered me so little that i just ignored it)
i can’t wait for more

Had the same, I assumed it was due to color and contrast correction made by Scoots, thanks to the reference monitor they rented.

it didn’t bother me (the colours were much more natural than on the other Live shows) but I did notice it!

A fairly insignificant thing overall, but might as well mention:

Camera angles. The players spend a lot of the show looking toward the GM. This means the players might tend to be facing away from the camera at some angle for a chunk the show (particularly Matt with his shampoo commercial hair). Since you’ll probably be in a new house for the next live show, I was wondering if there might be a way to re-arrange set design where you could have the two side-cameras off to the GM’s sides so that there’s better face shots.

Scoots did a great job managing those side-shots for the most part, and honestly it didn’t even come to mind during the show itself. Just wondering about how you’ll maybe have more opportunities for direct face shots at those angles if you do that in the future, allowing you to capture more of that player emotion aspect (but keep the main camera where it is).

Only technical gripe that occurred as far as I can recall was an audio drop for a few seconds somewhere in the first or second hours, so pretty much perfect otherwise. Just one of those random production bugs that happen.


The issues i’ve experienced was the sound going off that one time It was grainy to me too, and maybe I would have liked more switches between the cameras, sometimes someone was talking off camera, but it wasn’t that much of a problem.
The show was great for me, all of you did a great job.
It would have been cool if the screen on the table was used more maybe with scenery of the wrecked ship or the different planets, but i know hard to plan ahed tabletop game :slight_smile:

A better view of the dice tray and uniform color/style dice would be nice for seeing dice results a little better.

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This is a thing that would be nice to find a solution too. I agree that camera angles, when players are looking at the GM is something that would be nice to fix. Not sure how to other than building a 360 degree set.

Here are a list of some positive things

  • Break, it was nice to have the little snippets and stuff about the other shows when you were on break.
  • Adam, the work he does is really good.
  • decorations, they looked really good.
  • sound, massive improvement from previous shows (well worth the money)

I had trouble seeing the dice. I would get all black dice with white numbering. This seemed to show the best. Otherwise it was great.

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Yeah, I noticed it as well. Upping the lighting so that the cameras can record at a lower ISO/Gain could help with the issue.

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A full 360 set might be unnecessary, just some clever angle/set work I feel. However, I have absolutely no idea how much of a challenge that would be with what resources they have and being at JP’s new location. It might just be unfeasible.

But, I’ll try to offer a possible solution concept with this image. Might be totally absurd on the production end, I dunno.

Basically, my thought is that you could move the side set shelves closer to the production-side “4th wall” to get a decent angle from the side cams recessed in the opened spaces beside the GM.


To echo others I had the grainy image as well. It wasn’t terribly distracting just present and noticeable. Might have been my imagination, but it seemed more noticeable on the JP+Matt iso cam.

Only other thing worth mentioning for me was audio level balance. The audio was fantastic, and 1 on 1 conversations were great. However, when there was laughing especially Wheat and Matt were able to drown out Geoff and Adam at times if they were continuing a line. It was very minor and situational but worth mentioning in the nitpicking category.

Others mentioning dice. Watching full screen I had little trouble, only d20 rolls made me strain a little. Maybe over sized dice could help? Or have a super zoom camera on the dice box and display that image onto the table monitor could be possible solutions.

Show was 10/10 for me, was a great baseline for future shows requiring only minor tweaks and evolution if desired. Thanks to everyone involved.

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Bigger dice with better color contrast (black/white, etc.) does sound like an easier fix without having to make too many technical adjustments.


Overall I think everything was expertly done and had huge improvements. The only thing that got to me over the 8 hours was the picking up of breathing on the mics, Scoots did a good job moving Wheat’s mic but it still picked it up after and that is the ONLY thing I’d look at, better PC to PC/GM mic placement to do with breathing etc.

Other than that, this was fantastic and I applaud all involved and the awesome cap this series got, hope we get more caps on other shows like this in the future!

My only issue was that I had to unfollow the main Rollplay twitter as they were posting highlight gifs during the broadcast that I wanted to avoid (I could only watch half the show live). I dunno, maybe that engagement is worth it for you, though.

Oh, and an ultra-minor point that’s nothing but a visual thing I noticed: The mikes were a big improvement, but can you get a couple of sets that sit on the opposite side of the face for the guys sitting on screen-right?

Great show, looked and sounded amazing. I have 2 minor nit picky things:

First is camera angles, which others have already gone over, so I will not re-hash that.

Second is mic placement on the players. On Matt and JP, it bothered me that their face was covered by the mic on the main cam, maybe for the 2 on that side of the table can wear the mics on the other side of their face? (Assuming the mics are reversible.)

Overall a great production, and i cant wait for the next one!

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