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I’m always listening, unless I have a prior engagement that’s of great importance. I love Blades, completely and utterly. I’ll mostly like try and get up for the Sunday shows I love it so much. My internet has been falling in and out for the pass few days so it makes Modding absolute hell… but I’m there.

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When the show moves to a new time you should see if you can do a big push to sort of re launch the show, try and make the episode a good entry point for new viewers if at all possible, some of the VoD fans like me will flock to the new time but people who have dropped out might need a push to get them back in.


Sorry sorry :slight_smile: thanks.

I fell way behind in the beginning. Trying to catch up through VODs now.

Blades is the show that I am enjoying the most, and is the one I am making an effort to get up-to-date with. But I don’t watch most shows live for the reason that I am just not currently caught up to date in the shows. Once I miss a week or 2 it can take me a while to get caught up, as I don’t have that -watching it live- element to keep me more engaged.

I am not sure, but maybe a short but more detailed recap at the start, or uploaded to youtube, would help. So that if a week is missed a viewer can still watch the next show live without the lack of context. But I could see how that would be bad in causing the youtube videos to possibly have less views; though I don’t know if the twitch live views or the youtube views are more important.


For me I feel like the shows pacing is a bit slow for my taste and I feel like the show doesnt have enough energy as it plays. when Adam played in 10.5 the show felt more engaging since he added allot more energy to the group and kept them on their toes.


As a NA -MST viewer I kinda feel it unfair if I use “it’s too late” but that is kinda how I feel. I’m able to catch most if not all of CoS while at work but many times I don’t have much time after to catch Blades. I think you have one of the greatest lineups of shows at the moment CoS, Blades, and Nebula Jazz are great in all different ways (I’m personally dying over this extended break between Nebula Jazz episodes).

Hello, I don’t watch the show. I don’t watch it because the first session really didn’t draw me in. It felt like a Knights of the round table kinda thing. That doesn’t seem interesting to me, but like I said I only saw the first session. I think also for me I just like more fantasy. I loved Swan Song, Mirrorshades was great, West Marches was good, Research and Development series was great for seeing different systems (Dungeon World one is what got me to start playing RPGS myself), and Dark Heresy was the one that really got me interested in your channel. So I may not be in the majority for this show.


for me i just don’t enjoy the watching the ruleset as much as the others, the cast is one of the best so i really enjoy that but i have now fallen behind i am working on catching up on the vods.


For me to catch any RollPlay shows live they have to air on weekends at a reasonable time (starting 3-5pm EST), otherwise I watch the Twitch vods. I simply can’t stay up that late when I have to get to work the next day.

Other than that, Blades probably is my favorite show running at the moment, as much as I love Adam, it’s very refreshing to have someone else DM and bring new things to RollPlay and all the players are fantastic.

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I am likely an outlier but for me I just couldn’t get into the show as a whole. After watching the first session, I was more confused as to the rules and how the game is actually played. Though maybe I just missed where there was a detail explanation of the rule set. I also just didn’t find the cast as entertaining as the other shows. The setting wasn’t something that draw me in. I definitely like a more fantasy setting. Or just a show that has over the top characters were crazy things happen. That isn’t to say all they people on there are not great at what they do. For me it’s just not that entertaining for me to want to set aside time to watch.


I only have time to watch 1 regular show and it’s CoS. Probably because I’m more invested in it by the time others came out. Also, I guess I’m more into hardcore dnd action right now. Though my plan to start DMing it for the first time for my friends probably has something to do with it :slight_smile:

The Time Zone is a concern for me but not only that … because I can’t watch it live I don’t watch it at all as finding 4 hours free time during the rest of the week is really hard when you work 12 hour shifts, Watching vods does not have the same feel and as much as I would love to watch this show as some of the clips I have watched are excellent I feel unless it moves to a better time I will never watch it.

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Blades is my favourite of the current Rollplay crop of shows, hands-down. So, just to get that out of the way. I love the game, I love the cast and GM, and I love the characters.

I watch it live as often as I can, I’ve missed I think 2 shows and those were due to them overlapping with games I was playing in. But there are a couple of issues that I find can be detractors:

For one, and yes it’s been said before but I’m going to say it again, the late-night start is rough. Not gonna lie, that’s a factor for many people, and it seems that maybe the Western-shifted viewers just don’t come out for games that are more friendly to their time zones like the Eastern two do?

For another, and this is specifically not a knock on the cast… to a large degree, they don’t know the rules. There ends up being a lot of “Wait, what does that mean? How can I? What just happened? How does this work? Why can’t I?” questions when the action shifts from the characters (who are amazingly portrayed, I mean c’mon, Aldo…) to the Mechanics portion of the game. When it gets beyond a very basic “I’m doing obvious-action-choice thing X, I have 3 dice, here’s my roll” scenario, they flounder. And as the system is not the very binary, laid-out apply bonuses, roll the dice, and beat NumberX to either pass/fail, it’s not as quick and simple to stop and do a 10-second “This is the math, you have no more spell slots, or you missed because you rolled one below their Armour Class” and move on. The players need to have more than a passing knowledge of the system and their character mechanics or it’s going to bog down into lesson diversions. And for people who have primarily played systems that either are D&D or function in a similar fashion, it’s an adjustment. And we’re seeing that on screen, unfortunately. I know exactly how that goes, because I see it from my players every Sunday night as I teach them more bits of Blades whenever we run into things that don’t work the way they expect. If we were streaming, then every time we once again hit the “Wait, I rolled a 5, how come that’s not just perfect, it’s not a Fail? How does load work again, I am carrying what? Wait, I mark armour and it’s gone? Where’s my loot?” questions came up then anybody watching who knows Blades would have that similar reaction of sitting through another session of “Did you read the rules?”.


That is what the schedule is for though and the @RollPlay twitter account tweets reminders.


I really like the show, initially wasn’t that into it but after getting 4 episode’s in, it started to click with me. I live in Australia so for 90% of the show’s I’m at work so there’s that. But I have found that the issues with having cast members away in the last couple of shows have taken a bit of the shine off the last episode. Not sure why that is really. The episode with Adam was cool because it was set in the past and Adam was so awesome on it. I did actually skip the today’s episode purely based on the fact that it was another episode that had a missing cast member who seemed to be pretty critical to what the party would be doing next. I am definitely going to watch the vod and will definitely keep watching the show but it does suck when people aren’t there. Everyone seems super busy which is understandable so not pointing fingers or whatever.


I guess I am in a weird position where I have alerts for it all. The schedule is always open on a tab in chrome. I have twitch extension on chrome and the twitch app with push alerts when streams go live and I have JPs twitter push alerts to my phone so I don’t miss the other streams. Also I am currently entering events from JPs schedule to my google calendar.

I have an awful memory and this is what helps me :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm, real talk i just haven’t even given it a chance. The cast just doesn’t appeal too much to me. But reading through this thread my reason seems to be very uncommon.


Like so many others, it’s the schedule. Usually, it’s in the middle of the night (3am - 7am), because timezones :confused:

Hello. first time posting here.

I like the setting, and I think the players and their characters are fantastic, but what kills is for me is the GM.

To me it never feels like he truly connects with the players.

His timing and interaction with the players always feels a bit off, enough so that I don’t feel comfortable watching the show.

My 2 cents