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Same as everyone else. I no longer have that much free time on Tuesday but even when I did watching two shows back to back was pretty exhausting/overwhelming. Several times I just consciously had to make the decision to catch the VoD later :frowning:

There’s also sometimes a feeling that it’s a bit of a less “vocal” show and being later in the day just makes it easy to tab away from? But that’s not really a negative in my eyes, just compounding the timing problem. The cast and system are both really great.

EDIT: Also, (and this does not have to mean exact parity) the difference between the YouTube views of Blades and CoS within the same VoD release schedules seems to be decently close compared to the vast gap of the live show views, so maybe that is indicative of what people are describing insofar as timezone issues? Though I know that YouTube views don’t necessarily reflect Twitch views in all respects.

Hope you can sort it! Lovelovelove the show :smiley:

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I love the show jp. The cast and Gm are great. I would want to watch it live, but some times it easier for me to get the vids and watch during the week or the next morning. I am on the east coast

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I’m in NA so the timezone works fine for me, but having 2 shows in one day is a little to much. I often feel like I have to choose between blades and court. I end up watching Court live and catching the Blades VOD later

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I usually watch the recordings as they are more convenient for me. In addition, I often don’t watch a show immediately and wait till a week or more worth of episodes have already been released so I can binge watch a bunch of episodes in a row. This is similar to how I watch TV shows. Personally I love Blades and it is one of the main shows I am watching on your channel atm in addition to the infrequent lives shows and one-shots using new systems like Masks.

While I may watch a show live once in a blue moon, I usually don’t just because I may have missed the intro for the show or I am in the middle of something else. I guess one negative with the show is it does have a different GM then usual, but personally I love John, the mechanics of the game, and the Dishonered-esque setting a helluva lot. If you do decide to cancel it, please keep finding cool new systems because this and Masks is definitely one that has almost immediately made my “must-play” for RPG systems thanks to your show.

This is interesting, to my knowledge Blades only had a delayed time once and a special side story a couple weekends ago. I’m curious what’s driving the confusion about air time? Feedback on this would be appreciated!

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for me it;s time zone and i wait for the vods to come out then watch them on youtube. but i rarely watch most things live and do 90% of my watching via vods

I know that what I have isn’t a directly helpful answer, but I think its one that could be indirectly useful. Hear me out. I’m simply not a fan. I just don’t care for the setting or system, and no offense to John but his style and pace often have me nodding off. I don’t feel like I’m the only one in this, just that the adoring fans of him and Blades are louder. Which is fine! It’s great that some people love it so passionately, and I think Rollplay as a brand has grown large enough to allow for multiple shows that are wildly different. Blades doesn’t do it for me, so I watch CoS, or Nebula Jazz, or the one-shots or live shows. Etc. Etc. Just something to keep in mind when comparing viewerships is that while yes they are all livestreamed ttrpgs, they are not the same, with more differences than commonalities, and so won’t all pull in the same audience.


Blades is my favorite show atm. But like most of the other replies, it’s the timing. Est viewing it starts a bit too late to watch entirely live. Also the day feels a little too crammed as CoS is only a few hours earlier and Blades needs it own time to breathe.


Yeah, it’s just being a European with a full time job that keeps me away. Love the show, but I’ve had to make do with VODs for all episodes but 10.5.

Like the others I’ll watch the VOD typically. I’m usually busy doing something else in the evenings and can’t dedicate the attention to watching it live. I do watch the VOD later in the week though.

For an Pst person, I generally get in most of Court of Swords in while I am working. Mostly listening, sometimes glancing over for combat situations. After work I generally have something I am doing so I have missed almost all of Blades, not because of disinterest, but scheduling. I have a bit harder time with weekend shows as well. I have maybe watched a few hours of Nebula Jazz and I love the cast, it’s just the time that makes it difficult to watch. I had a similar problem with Balance of Power. Which still I am currently involved in a SW campaign in the Fantasy Flight system made it difficult to prioritize with weekend happenings.

Even for NA, the time zone is an issue. It hasn’t caused me to not watch, but I mean, it ends at 1 AM for EST and many people have to get up early.

Another reason I think the viewership might be low compared to other shows is the audience the participants bring with them. Dan, for instance, has a big community; if they don’t really care about Rollplay but only tune in to see Dan, they’re not gonna watch the other shows. Dan, Dodger and Jesse in particular have big communities, while Anne, Zeke, Geoff and Wheat’s aren’t quite as large, so they bring less people with them.

On a personal note, I adore Blades; it’s in the running for my favorite all-time Rollplay series. The system is great, the characters are top notch. It bums me out that it doesn’t get a bigger audience.


For me personally a few things get in the way of watching it.

  1. Early part of the week is in general busy for people.

  2. It starts a bit late in the day for me.

  3. I try to watch all RollPlay content but time is limited and Blades just happens to be the hardest one to find time to watch live.

In my opinion its not a bad show at all. I don’t think any of the content is bad as for me yours and the casts personalities is what makes it great. You just have a crap load of content and because of that some stuff is going to end up being more popular than others.


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Its usually 4am - 5 am my time which is fine for me unless I’m sick or like now I am trying to fix my sleeping schedule that got messed up during the live show.

Personally, Blades is my favorite RollPlay Show. I watch the VODs 2 or three times on twitch, then once or twice on YouTube. Like others have said, it airs a bit on the late side which is why I almost never see it live. But taking that into consideration, I think you should be taking into account the VOD views too and not just the Live Viewers. I absolutely love the show and is the main reason I pay for the patreon as well. I’m sure many other people agree :smile:


The show itself is fantastic but like everyone else the current time is too late. The new Sunday time will be perfect for me and I’m sure it will fix the numbers issue.

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Gotta say a big reason for not watching the show live is timing, primarily due to the fact that on any given Tuesday night I will be A) Working, B) Raiding in WoW, or C) Studying for post grad or D) Spending time with my girlfriend. And to be honest the show is just too late in the evening, as I don’t have the same amount of free time to watch the show like I did during Swan Song’s era.

On a different note I also enjoy catching the vods so I can pause go do something, come back, and not miss anything. This goes for all of the roll play shows, because while I enjoy watching them live more often than not I will sometimes miss details or information because I tend to get distracted very easily if I am multitasking, and on top of that, depending on the day, I can’t watch the whole session because things come up.

Unrelated to timing and personal preference, the various delays/cancels here and there due to X, Y, or Z, I think, hurt the overall flow of the show. Which I completely understand, everyone has life to deal with and we can’t demand that they put that on hold for the show, more often than not these things are out of anyone’s control. However, and this goes for any of the roll play shows, I find that my interest in a show tends to diminish the more often we see episodes pushed back, delayed, canceled, etc.

In regards to my interest in the show, I love the show when the story is moving forward and we see progress toward their goals. However on the other side of that coin, when we have an episode such as in week 10.5 with just Zeke and Anne I find myself unable to really get into the story despite it being interesting and having [spoiler]Adam show up, which was a big surprise to the audience[/spoiler]. However, I do not think that it was because the show it self was not entertaining, but more of the fact that I personally (and maybe others as well) do not like watching flashbacks in general, due to the general idea that the story isn’t exactly progressing forward. What I mean by this is that while we may be learning more about the characters and the world at large, I think a there is a group of people that see those episodes as “filler” where we would much rather see the group together (Which we know was impossible that week due to two cast members being on vacation) and making progress on the “main story.” And I get it, this is probably more a of personal flaw rather than a problem with the show it self because I know the cast for that week did a fantastic job, and it is my loss that I am unable to enjoy those episodes as much as the others.

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[spoiler]This show was very slow and boring this last episode, honestly. They’ve stuck in this one downtime for over a month now. I guess John kinda gave them a free downtime during the war they’re suffering?? After the amazing last few shows, this one was just them distracted and not paying attention and just seeming to not be in it at all.[/spoiler]

That and the show has kept getting delayed or cancelled due to whatever. It really makes it hard to keep track and some probably lose interest, along with the show running super late (which should be fixed soon!)

Hope the new time slot and the return of Anne will help liven the show up, but now that it’s already low views it might be in its death knell as it’s hard to get new viewership? Maybe?

I hope not, I love Blades, my favorite Rollplay show :frowning:


As I haven’t watched the most recent episode I am not sure if this counts as spoilers or not, but you might want to use a spoiler tag for the first paragraph ><


She sleeps! :joy: