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[FAR VERONA // E02 Q&A] The Yancy Incident and Other Stories


(AdamKoebel) #43

Yancy will 100% get off without so much as a training protocol reinforcement. Riley is in fairly deep shit, on the other hand. The setting agrees - Yancy did what was necessary.

(Womprats) #44

Gotcha, makes sense, I must’ve over-interpreted the utility of it the database.

Sorry, by the way, if the question came off as “Adam, I think you MESSED UP”. It was totally from a perspective of curiosity on how you would handle, as the GM, a potential ‘wrench’ introduced by the players that I could use as a learning point for handling similar situations that come up in my games. It’s rare that I have that feeling (mistaken though it was) of you being ‘thrown off’ a little bit so I figured I’d ask :slight_smile:

(ertzeid) #45

Also, the “how do we identify a Synth?” type questions help the rest of the viewers understand what’s going on. It’s been super fun to follow and even participate in all the lore creation, but it also takes a lot of time, and so filling in those fairly important details for the people who only have the 3-4 hours each week to watch the main show is generally good practice.